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  1. You also have Uber and the yellow taxi. The hotel has a contract with the cab company.
  2. When can we expect an updated vendor list? Thanks, Mike
  3. When will the list of vendors be posted? Thank you, Mike
  4. When can we send in our registration? Mike
  5. There hasn't been any updates for 3 1/2 months! Are there going to be any tours? Inquiring minds want to know! Looking forward to the convention. Mike
  6. I am wondering what the aircraft ootb problem was? Mike
  7. Just made my reservations. Had trouble trying to make it from my phone but tried on my computer and it worked great. Mike
  8. Is there a printable convention flyer? Mike
  9. Is there an active website for the Phoenix convention? Mike
  10. The email I get from IPMS does not have a good link. I am now disabled I need someone to enable me so that I can try for the 5th time to get a new password. Make that a 6th time. mike
  11. Just made my reservations. Looking forward to the convention. Mike
  12. What are the dates for the Pheonix and Chattanooga conventions? Thanks Mike
  13. I am really looking forward to this years convention. I know that Omaha has next years convention. Does anyone know who might be bidding on the 2018 convention? Thanks Mike
  14. I just received my January/February issue of the Journal. It had an insert saying that this was my last issue, my membership runs through 08/15/2015!!!! Who do I contact about getting this straight? Thank you Mike
  15. Everyone, Needless to say I received my new membership card today. First of all I would like to thank MJ and I hope she gets well soon. Mike
  16. I mailed my membership renewal on 08/18 and I have not heard anything if my check was received or not. I sent an email to the secretary and I have not heard anything. How much longer should I wait to hear if my membership has been renewed. Is there someone else I should contact? Thanks Mike
  17. We will be arriving on Monday the 4th. Looking forward to this convention. Mike
  18. Is there going to be one shirt offered by IPMS and another from the convention organizers or just the one shirt? Mike
  19. How do I cancel my reservations to the Thursday night BBQ social? Mike
  20. Have the registration packets been mailed out yet (inquiring minds want to know)? Mike
  21. Are there going to be any tours for the "better half" at the convention? Mike
  22. Save yourself some $ and use embossing powder. It works really great. Mike
  23. Do we have a release date and cost yet? Mike
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