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  1. Arrived yesterday afternoon. Fantastic venue. everyone have a safe journey. Mike
  2. I have heard of two possible bids. Both are in the midwest. Mike
  3. Looking to bring one German halftrack and one sci-fi kit. Looking to buy alot. Mike
  4. Who is going to the "BIG" show this year. I will be arriving on Monday the 12th. Mike
  5. Blast sells to us in the USA. I have ordered from him several times and the service is very good. Mike
  6. Did anyone take pictures at this show? Doesn't the local club usually have someone taking pictures? Mike
  7. Model entry forms can now be printed. Mike
  8. I wish someone would finish up the F-4 series in 1/32. Mike
  9. I know that I will not be able to register them early, I just want to have them filled out so it will be one less thing to worry about later on. Mike
  10. Any idea when the model registration forms are going active? Mike
  11. Any pics from the convention? Mike
  12. Got the list of vendors and to my surprise, Tamiya and Z-M are not on the list! I was under the impression that both were going to be there. Mike
  13. Just wondering when a list of the vendors who are attending the show will be listed. Mike
  14. I can tell you that I am sponsoring category #140 and the special award Best F-4 Phantom. Mike
  15. If anyone from Wisconsin would like to share a ride with me to Loveland, let me know. I live in West Bend. I am leaving here either on Sunday the 11th or Monday the 12th of August. Mike
  16. Curious minds want to know: When are we going to be able to register for the convention and it is noted on their website that the banquet menu was supposed to be listed in December so when are we going to be able to view that? Any updates on the categories and are you going to list the vendors that have signed up? Mike
  17. Signed up yesterday. Looking forward to the convention and the USAF Museum tour. Mike
  18. It's a year long celebration. I hope to make both Loveland and the Tidewater shows. Mike
  19. Check the FAQ. "Can I preregister my models". Mike
  20. I was looking to preregistering my entries and according to the contest website I should be able to do that now but I cannot find anywhere on their website to do that. Is it active? Mike
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