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  1. Any idea when the website for the convention will go active? Inquiring minds want to know. Mike
  2. I was with the 6 ACCS next door to the 48th from 78 to 82. Mike
  3. You must ask for the "in house" reservations. Mike
  4. Reservations are now open, but you have to ask for the "in-house" reservations. That is one tour I would like to go on if they have it. Mike
  5. I made mine this morning. At the time they couldn't put mine on line yet but the assistant told that mine will automatically be transferred when the block goes active. I booked August 12-17. Mike
  6. Who should I contact in regards to some sponsorship? Mike
  7. I understand the BEST diorama was one call "Casualties". Do you have a pic of that one? Thanks Mike
  8. When does their website go live? I know they are still traveling home, just want an idea of when. Can we start making our hotel reservations and if so what is the code we need to use to get the convention discount? Really looking forward to the show. Mike
  9. Mark, Glad you are having a great time. Would it be possible to get some pics of the 1/32 props and jets for me? Thanks Mike
  10. When do we find out about the 2014 convention, it is Friday or Saturday? Mike
  11. Is the venue the same as to where they hold their annual show? Mike
  12. Just curious should the show be in the East or Midwest? I would love to see something around the USAF museum. Mike
  13. I went a few years ago and had a great time. It is worth going to. Mike
  14. Thanks for the information, really appreciate it. Mike
  15. What is the name of the hotel/convention center that the convention is going to held? Mike
  16. Which club (s) is hosting this event? Thanks Mike
  17. Problem solved. Contacted MJ and the journals are on the way. Thanks Mike
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