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  1. I have not received an issue of the Journal since December/January. I sent MJ an email but have not heard back from her. Is there someone else I should contact to get my issues? Thanks Mike
  2. Where is the 2013 Nationals going to be held? Thanks Mike
  3. What color are USN aircraft handlers on USN aircraft carriers? Thanks Mike
  4. How would you guys recommend mounting an aircraft to the base for travel? I am thinking of not permanently mounting it because of travel. Just putting it on the deck when I arrive at the show and let the judges know that it is not attached. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks Mike
  5. Is IPMS considered a non-profit? Thanks Mike
  6. I would like to contact someone from the IPMS Israel club. Who is their contact? Thanks Mike PS Merry Christmas and Happy New Years
  7. Gentlemen, I am going to be doing a caricature of the F4 Phantom Spook. What category would that be entered in? I looked at the categories and I am unable to determine which one it would fit in. Thanks for you help, it is greatly appreciated. Mike
  8. A 1/32 F4E "Chico the Gunfighter". I hope to have it done for the Nationals in Omaha. Mike
  9. My idea is for two deck vehicles and one A6E or S3A plus 2 or 3 figures. Thanks Mike
  10. I am starting a 1/48 aircraft diorama for the 2011 Nationals in Omaha. What constitutes a large diorama and a small diorama? Does it have to do with the figures, aircraft or accessories that go along with it. Thanks Mike
  11. Welcome, if you have any questions about shows in Wisconsin let me know. Mike Verona, Wisconsin
  12. I have a set of 1/72 and 1/48 that will be available at the Region 5 Convention this weekend. Mike
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