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  1. Just out of curiosity, when will the website be updated? Thank you, MIke
  2. What fast jet did you fly? Mike
  3. Called the Days Inn Rivergate and made my reservation with no problem. Mike
  4. Is the 2019 convention website active? Mike
  5. MRechlicz

    Any bids for 2020?

    Correct. Omaha is bidding on the 2021 convention. Mike
  6. What time on saturday is the 2020 bid presentation? Mike
  7. MRechlicz

    Awards Banquet

    Is this the only option? Mike
  8. If you are a member of ipms canada is that good for registration? Also, what is the daily entrance fee? Thanks
  9. MRechlicz

    Awards Banquet

    Where on the website is the menu for the banquet?
  10. MRechlicz

    Airport to Hotel

    I was told by the hotel that the yellow cab ride was a contracted $17.00. Mike
  11. MRechlicz

    2020 and beyond

    I have heard that San Marcos and Portland were considering bidding. Not sure how accurate it is. Mike
  12. MRechlicz

    Can anyone help PIN Badges

    Let me check to see if I have one for you. Mike
  13. This is just a meet and greet. Just to let everyone know. See you at the convention, Mike
  14. When can we send in our registration? Mike
  15. MRechlicz

    VENDOR List- updates?

    I know Tamiya said they are not coming.
  16. MRechlicz


    Thanks for the update. I have been keeping track.
  17. When can we expect an updated vendor list? Thanks, Mike
  18. MRechlicz

    Airport to Hotel

    You also have Uber and the yellow taxi. The hotel has a contract with the cab company.
  19. When will the list of vendors be posted? Thank you, Mike
  20. MRechlicz


    Thank you. Mike
  21. There hasn't been any updates for 3 1/2 months! Are there going to be any tours? Inquiring minds want to know! Looking forward to the convention. Mike
  22. MRechlicz

    Categories and rules...when?

    I am wondering what the aircraft ootb problem was? Mike
  23. MRechlicz

    Hotel Reservations

    Just made my reservations. Had trouble trying to make it from my phone but tried on my computer and it worked great. Mike
  24. MRechlicz


    Is there a printable convention flyer? Mike
  25. MRechlicz


    Is there an active website for the Phoenix convention? Mike