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  1. Actually my anti-tank gun will be a standalone and not being towed.
  2. I am building a 1/35 anti gun and it is a BKB build. What category would I enter it in. Mike
  3. Any word on who might be bidding for 2024 convention?
  4. Ok, I have read the rules and would like to clarify one small item. The kit I have selected has a small piece of screening for two small vents. If I read the rules correct, that would be allowed. There is no pe or other material other than plastic in the box. Thank you for your help. Mike
  5. I have already finished one of my builds for the OOB category before the new rules came out. The kit has pe in it but I did not use it. I built it under last years rules. So now what category does it go in? I agree with Barry on this change for this show is ill advised! Mike
  6. So, if the box says included BUT I do not use the parts I cannot enter it in the BKB category! I personally do not use pe when I do not have to. That is why I enter the BKB categories. Mike
  7. I have a question concerning the new rules. What if you do not use the pe, metal barrel or anything other non plastic parts provided in the kit. Can you still enter it in the OOB category? Thank you, Mike
  8. I would like to see Columbus, Ohio get another show. Mike
  9. Is there a list of which vendors are coming to this years convention? Mike
  10. What does it take to add a new category at the Nationals? I think a multi engine category for the 1/32 scale aircraft is something to look at. Mike
  11. Yes, I am reading the rules on the convention website. Mike
  12. I have read the OOB rules and I would like to verify that I can place my armor model on a base and still be in the OOB category. Mike
  13. This was one of the best conventions I have been to. Went on several side trips before and during the show. I hope you guys do another convention. Mike
  14. What is the website for the convention? Mike
  15. Looking forward to this convention. Mike
  16. There is no hotel shuttle to the Austin airport. There are numerous available rides (like Uber) to the airport. An estimated cost is around $70.00. I am sure you can find a cheaper ride.
  17. What is the date that they have to make the decision for either go or no go for the convention? Mike
  18. Move the next 3 conventions back one year, Texas next year, Las Vegas 2022 and Omaha 2023. Mike
  19. If I want to sponsor a category where do I go to see what categories are available? mike
  20. Just registered for the convention and trip to San Antonio. I could not order the t-shirt. How do I get a name tag for my wife? mike
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