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FINISHED Gallery 1/350 USS Wasp LDH-1

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Here are some pictures of my USS Wasp that finally got finished since starting it in 2014.  There are pictures in the "On the bench" from the beginning of this build.  I thought that this would take me about a year to build when I first started it.  A lot of things put this build on  hold for long stretches of time.  I would work on it here and there every couple of months.  I always wanted to get it done and I felt the model poking me in the back of the head when I would start something else.  I would go back for awhile and then just stop for long stretches.  I finally realized I was about 85 to 90 percent done after getting the island completed last February.  I spent three months putting PE on that section with nothing really to see that would change how it looked to me.  I finally stopped and took a real hard look and was amazed at all the little detail that was added.  I couldn't see the forest for the trees up to that point. After stepping back and really assessing what was left to do I just hunkered down and went at it.  I got burned out on making helicopters and putting decals and details on them.  I added lights to the hangar deck and wet deck.  I added more PE on this ship than on all of my other ships combined.  Was it worth the time and monotony?  MOST Definitely.  I am really happy how it turned out because it came out how I pictured it to be when I started it.  It took it's toll on me but it made me a better modeler because of it.  So here are some pictures of the USS Wasp LHD-1

Any and all comments welcome.


WASP 2016 042.jpg

WASP 2016 043.jpg











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Looks Great! Do you have more pictures that can be accessed somewhere? I'd love to see them.

I'm doing the Gallery Models WASP LHD-1, 1/350 kit with extra PE, aircraft and vehicles, but I'm doing it as ESSEX LHD-2. Got some nice decals for it too. Need to get more data on any differences in the appearance of WASP & ESSEX.


Assistant Treasurer, USS ESSEX CV/CVA/CVS-9/LHD-2 Association.

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EJ, In the photography forum under "on the bench" there are more pics from when I started this kit back in 2014.  I will add some other pictures soon.

I used the Squadron "USS Wasp In Action" book for reference and internet photos.  I don't know if thatSquadron book is still available. Thanks for looking.


Mark, Thank you.  This took on a life of it's own and I'm glad it is over.  I enjoyed most of the time on it but it did get to me after awhile.


Thanks Tony; always appreciated.




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Having seen and photographed this beautiful ship model of Bill's, I can say all the members of our Chapter were in awe as he progressed and risked bringing it to our meetings.  At one meeting near the end, we discovered a pe stair railing had popped off.  We looked and looked and looked and could not find the location.  Bill took it back home and finally discovered its location.  Had he taken it to a contest with the one missing railing, guess which omitted railing every judge would notice.

Outstanding work, Bill.


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