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  1. I did an old Hasegawa 1/700 USS ESSEX kit. No hangar bay or open doors, so had to do all that first. this was before led stuff, so it is a 3 volt grain of rice bulbs, wires hidden in the base and under the flight deck in a channel. I liked the result. EJ
  2. WOW! Amazing work. Thanks for posting. EJ
  3. Understood. ☺️ I'm using the Tamiya Missouri kit, Pontos PE and the wood deck, White ensign paints. I've been struggling with all the fine detail involved with using the aftermarket stuff, but seeing your work has fired up my enthusiasm for completing this kit. I'm gonna get it done! My interest in the pics is really in the way you have presented the fine details, (pe, rigging etc). Your execution is exquisite in my opinion. Sure gives me ideas and something to strive for, for sure. If I can make mine turn out half as good, I'll be satisfied, but if I can come anywhere close to your
  4. Very very nice work. I'm struggling with a 1/350 Missouri, but seeing this work encourages me to continue on. I've saved all the pictures for guidance. Thanks for posting. EJ
  5. I use two. These are the one's that work for me. 3M blue glazing putty for larger fills. This is the stuff auto body people use for fine scratches and stuff. Sticks tenaciously, dries harder and sands out very smooth. The other, my most used for general filling is Perfect Plastic putty by Deluxe Materials. I have tried all of the standard modeling puttys and this is my favorite. Some guys have said it dries out in the tube, but I've not had an issue. My tube is about 2 years old and is just like when I bought it. The tube is designed to be set on the bench with the cap down. This ke
  6. Now, that's tiny. Nice job. EJ
  7. Thank you. Will be looking for those pics. EJ
  8. Looks Great! Do you have more pictures that can be accessed somewhere? I'd love to see them. I'm doing the Gallery Models WASP LHD-1, 1/350 kit with extra PE, aircraft and vehicles, but I'm doing it as ESSEX LHD-2. Got some nice decals for it too. Need to get more data on any differences in the appearance of WASP & ESSEX. EJ Assistant Treasurer, USS ESSEX CV/CVA/CVS-9/LHD-2 Association.
  9. Unfortunately, I lost most of my pics in any build logs I had going due to the Photobucket fiasco. I do have the photos, but they are stored in a portable hard drive. There are several thousand in there and I never saved them in folders, so they are all random, thousands of them. The time to sort them would be significant and the time to repost them to a new hosting site, then repost them to the various forums would take even longer. I'd rather be building, so, the only ones I have taken the time to update are threads that I'm actually working on at present and posted on various forums.
  10. Nice. How can I update meetings for West Mi IPMS? EJ
  11. I agree. My most satisfying builds have been subjects selected because it means something to someone else, such as a ship a veteran served on or something like that. These models are treasured by the recipiant instead of stored by the builder. A few pictures taken remind me of the story behind the build and the joy of seeing the face of the recipiant light up. That's more than enough for me. EJ
  12. Could also be a marketing thing as MM / Testors / Lines are now owned by the paint giant Rust-O-leum corp. Instead of product being driven by a corporate structure entirely devoted to modelers (Testors) it is now a very small part of the corporate entity. The Rust-o-leum family has many different brands they own now such as Zinzer and others that I'm sure have a huge, huge percentage of the corporate sales in comparison with the teeny bottles of model paints. Because of the large volums of coatings they produce, it is easier for manufacturing methods and materials throughout the entire produ
  13. Is it OK to post Grandkids stuff? My kids are in their 40's, but my grandson and I build. He's 11. EJ
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