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  1. Fellow Modelers: I am building the Tamiya 1/48 V1 kit. There are plenty of color references for the V1 but so far I have found none for the transport cart that is part of the kit. Does anyone know what color the cart is supposed to be? Help appreciated, thanks.
  2. I know that Future has a new name , I believe it is Future Clear by Pledge? I read yesterday in a recent issue of one of the British Model magazines there is a rumor the forumula has changed. Now it is now longer "Model Friendly". Can someone confirm or deny this rumor?
  3. Fellow Modelers: I am fortunate to have one room in my home just for scale models and my other hobbies. I am getting ready to redo this room so I became curious how other IPMS members have their own modeling "environments"! I would be interested in people who respond to this post explaining how they have their own model rooms, what works, what doesn't, items that are essential, items that are optional but great to have. As a final addition to this post any pictures you can supply of your own location would be very welcome!
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