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  1. HOLY recoiless rifles, Batman.....it's a M50A1 ONTOS
  2. Does it involved snowmen in the street? I saw a recent video were a bunch of UofWisconsin students made a bunch of snowmen in the street and a couple of snow plows came by....... Snow plow kills Frosty
  3. Rob, are you sure that was done during WWII? I thought that was post war - I can't find any pics in my references showing it that way. SSgt Poole's Sherman bumper codes read "3 triangle 3 triangle" and "I-35" during WWII.
  4. Well, IF St Nick delivers it, the M61A5 MBT. If not, my Steyr Sanitäts vehicle.
  5. K&S Engineering sells a "Tubing cutter" (stock no 296), IIRC, it's about 5.00USD. It also works great on plastic tubing.
  6. Try adjusting the needle. What psi are you spraying at? Are you using canned air or a compressor?
  7. Tim, for the WWII time period, it could also read 99-394I (on the left hand side as your looking at either front or rear) star (front only). On the right hand side should be HQ-# (or ##) for a headquarters vehicle. I found a pic of a 372 Field Arty, 99th Inf Div vehicle showing 99-372F on the rear. hope this helps
  8. Tom, Dunkelgrau (sometimes referred to as dark gray/german grey/panzer grey) should be fine, as these weren't front line vehicles.
  9. Contact Tamiya USA customer support @ 1-800-TAMIYAA (1-800-826-4922), you will need the instructions and the item number as well as a credit card - they may be able to help you.
  10. Mark, the title does say "luckymodel.com." If the item is posted as "in stock" on lucky model, it will usually take about 11 days to get to the US Midwest. If it's listed as "Available" it means that the item is not in stock but can be ordered from the manufacturer- which will take longer. If you ordered the Mr Hobby Procon, it's listed as "available." Also, the shipping method will also determine how long it will take, air is faster and "surface" is quite a bit slower, because it's sent by ship. Personally, I don't ordering anything that's not listed as "in stock."
  11. if you're talking about the raised "FORD" lettering, use a sharpened artists colored pencil.
  12. Thanks, Tim. I'm hung up on the indy tracks - I hate them....
  13. THe best thing to do is open up two windows - one wiht your album and the other here. Then you need to copy & paste the URL of the pic from your album and then post it in the topic using the button just above the posted message window. If I recall correctly, you can post up to 5 or 10 pics per message window. I hope I made it clear enough.
  14. Your welcome, always happy to share armor information. Yes, the E-25 was to be armed with the PaK 42 L/70, as used in the later style JgPz IV's built bu Vomag & Alkett.
  15. The E-10 series of Jagdpanzers were semi-based on the Pz38 chassis. The 38(t) chassis was enlarged and redesigned. This new design was to be called PzKpfw 38 (d), d standing for Deutschland as opposed to (t) for Tschechoslowakei. The designs based on this new chassis would all be in the 10 to 25 ton weight class. The name "Hetzer" was at the time not commonly used for this vehicle. It was the designation for a related prototype, the E-10. The Å koda factory for a very short period confused the two names in its documentation and the very first unit equipped with the vehicle thus for a few weeks applied the incorrect name until matters were cleared. However, there exists a memorandum from Heinz Guderian to Hitler incorrectly claiming that an unofficial name, Hetzer, had spontaneously been coined by the troops. Post-war historians basing themselves on this statement made the name popular in their works. It was never the official name like the other animal names were.(source: Wikipedia) I believe the E-10 was to be armed with the same 7.5 cm Pak 39 (L/48) as the JgPz38(t) and would have used the same 75 x 495R ammunition as the 7,5cm KwK 40 and 7,5 cm StuK 40 guns.
  16. Yes. I use PhotoBucket, since it has free account set up & is very easy to use. hope this helps
  17. On Dragon's MDFC forum site, there was an "in house" character code named Blogger Hiroshi that would regularly bash the DML competition (Bugler/Trumpeter, Lizard/Tamiya, etc) and also Terry's (aka Fosters) reviews of DML kits. Well, about 1-2 months ago, Terry decided not to review DMLs kits and Hiroshi was not happy. Not sure of the issue between Terry & this Brian Balkwill clown. EDIT: This just in from our on-the-street correspondants- Here's a link to Brian Balkwill's blog - it appears that Terry Ashley, or I should say Jon Bailey, wrote a less than raving review to one of his DVDs & then Brian found out Terry didn't write it & started a flame war. Ho-hum
  18. Uhmmm, Mark, Terry is NOT a member of IPMS/USA, you're wasting your time posting here. After reading his blogspot, I went over to FSMs forum but could not find the offending thread, too bad Terry didn't link to it in his blog.
  19. What I luv is when the rivet counters bash a kit before it's hit the shelves (base on sprue shots) or just on seeing the box art.
  20. Lindbergh/Hawk are also doing a Dodge Charger police cruiser- it was due out this past April. I thought PANDA released an F-35 about 5+ years ago?
  21. They probably captured one of Gerry's Gulasch Kanone.
  22. "Steal" your granddaughter?! Will we see you on FOX News afterwards?
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