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  1. Update--as promised the parts arrived from Moebius within just a few days of sending them the $4.95 for the new tracks and tires. I have not tested the rubber parts to see if they react to plastic but I am going to trust Moebius did their homework on the chemistry. The new chassis parts are a light grey color but thankfully not chewed up as the original parts in the box were. I want to than Moebius publicly for their prompt and efficient responses and for their fast shipping of the replacement parts.
  2. I only recently discovered Moebius Models had rereleased the 1/24 scale Lost in Space Chariot in November 2015. I had purchased an original released model from 2008 and found that the tires and track were in the same bag as the lower chassis parts and the rubber produced a chemical reaction that etched marks into the parts anywhere they were contacting the tires or tracks. Years ago Moebius used to replace the parts when this was reported but when I asked in 2013 they reported they were out of the spare parts. A few days ago I wrote them requesting new parts if they were available and tod
  3. Eric just added an additional feature to the map page. You can now put in a range of dates for when you want to see all of the shows in that date range. For example if you want to see all of the shows in the entire country on a certain weekend, pick a date on say Thursday (to catch shows that start on Fridays) and and end date on Monday and you will see all of the shows during that weekend. Test it for the weekend of November 7, 2015 and you will see where all of the shows are for that weekend--with multiple shows across multiple regions. This is a great planning tool for a club wanting t
  4. Mine arrived in Sherwood, Oregon today (Oct 14) also. Very pleased with the photo coverage. Thank you to the Journal staff for another fine edition. Now I need to find the post from months ago where Ralph Forehand was asking if anyone got pictures of the Annual award winners with the answer being yes--just look on Page 20.
  5. In theory I agree that a member should only be listed on a single club but in practice, as long as the multiple clubs are not sitting at the minimum 5 members I would not make a big deal of whether someone is in multiple clubs. It is also something that we are not set up very well to police precisely since reviewing fact sheets can happen at separate times and I for one and as well as the RCs do not have precise photographic memories for comparing all members of a club against all other clubs. Being an officer in multiple clubs is specifically allowed by all of the rules and guidance I
  6. Only a couple days ago I got the calendar to proof for the Journal. I turned it back to John Heck on Sunday so I don't think it is done and to the publisher yet.
  7. Yes, I can search the database by city or even by state and then manually pick out members in the area and send an email to them to contact Derek in Pasco. I can't just give Derek the results of of the search because that might open us up to someone using the list to send spam. Not saying Derek would, but it has happened in the past. I will say in advance, I ran a search like that a couple years ago for someone in Hermiston, OR and found the Tri Cities area was pretty thin on IPMS members. Maybe it has improved but not likely.
  8. On top of that you are actually reserving the room used for the Banquet on Friday and the Awards Ceremony on Saturday for both nights which probably means it is free on Friday for the Banquet but an additional cost on Saturday night for the Award Ceremony. Remember the food is what usually subsidizes access to a large room like that for most venues even from day to day (the hotel could probably rent out the banquet room to another group if we are not using it for a night so I am sure they would want to be compensated for using it for two nights instead of one.
  9. Yes for years there was a constitutional requirement that bids had to be rotated through the three arbitrary regions of the US from East--Central--West. In a bid year for a East show for example, if no clubs in the East provided an intent to bid by January 1, then the bids were opened to all areas of the country to assure we had a convention in some location even if it was not the intended target region. There was also a requirement the convention needed to be between July to the end of August--so with that requirement gone it is now possible a bidder could propose a Spring Break or even Chris
  10. FYI-Per the CB&L only the President receives both travel and a room for the convention. I do not know for sure but I assume that room comes out of the comped room block received by the convention but if not it is paid for by IPMS. The rest of the Eboard is expected to attend and not reimbursed at all (even the 2nd VP that is essential to assisting the host chapters). As far as I know the disposition of any comped rooms is entirely left to the local hosts. I would assume they are used for their key staff to avoid commuting and be more available to serve the convention needs.
  11. From Eileen Persichetti our IPMS Nationals Recorder (I apologize if the title is wrong): Here is the list of the model entries by class for the 2015 Columbus convention: We didn’t set any records this year. While judging may have taken 5 hours, it was far less than previous years (say from 2010 and older). The judging process continues to be more efficient, and the hard work done by the head judges in getting their splits identified before the start of judging has made a big impact (since this work doesn’t need to get done during judging). The NCC (head judges) have really done a
  12. Rusty--just a thought but perhaps the abbreviation in parentheses was a way to address his comment to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot up above rather than the expression usually associated with those three letters. I did not take his comment as a forum transgression when I read it.
  13. Here are the updated results files with the Category 112 data complete: 2015-NationalsWinners-SlideShowOrder.pdf and 2015-NationalsWinners-1st-3rdOrder.pdf
  14. Good news -- the mystery of the modeler that built the Bf-110 in Category 112 is solved. The modeler is Tim Bates from Dalton, GA. MJ was key to finding him based on the IPMS# and the result is confirmed by checking for that distinctive blue ink on other entry sheets of models on other winning models in the Slide Show pictures.
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