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Columbus 2015 model numbers

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From Eileen Persichetti our IPMS Nationals Recorder (I apologize if the title is wrong):




Here is the list of the model entries by class for the 2015 Columbus convention: We didn’t set any records this year. While judging may have taken 5 hours, it was far less than previous years (say from 2010 and older). The judging process continues to be more efficient, and the hard work done by the head judges in getting their splits identified before the start of judging has made a big impact (since this work doesn’t need to get done during judging). The NCC (head judges) have really done a wonderful job in making the process as efficient as possible, managing 200+ judges and 2400+ models. What an accomplishment!


Here’s the list of the number of model entries by Class since 1986. This year’s convention was the 7th largest in terms of model entries. The highlights below show the lowest count per class (in blue) and highest count per class (in yellow) for the past 31 conventions.



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