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  1. Wow, stubby li'l plane that is! And if you're going to show some more pics, I'd like to see some more of that VF-171 Phantom! Glenn
  2. The most very cool thing about building w/o instructions is all the neat parts that are left over. Kinda like the extra screws left when putting together a flat pack of furniture! Glenn
  3. Nicely done, Greg. I really like the kicked up dirt on the undersurfaces. I'd love to see the difference in size with one parked by a P-47! Glenn
  4. Shock and Awe, Duke, shock and awe . As for the score, I turned the TV off at halftime :lol: Glenn
  5. I think that makes the score: Duke 125, Glynyrd 2 ;) ...question is, where do you display them all? Glenn
  6. Glynyrd

    Zero colors

    Thanks, David, I'll check it out. I see you just joined up...welcome to the Forum! Glenn
  7. Glynyrd

    Zero colors

    Thanks, Tim. Glenn
  8. Whoa, hold on a minute. You brushed it? Dude, that's all right! Beats masking, mixing and then purging the old airbrush after every color! I used to brush every one I did, but have only brushed a couple over the past couple of years. It's still a blast. Glenn
  9. Glynyrd

    Zero colors

    Thank you very much for your help, ya'll! I'll make a run at it when I'm done with my AC-47 and Super Bug. It's next on the list, but the colors were putting things off. I want one to go with my Grumman 'cats. Glenn
  10. Glynyrd

    Zero colors

    I have a Tamiya A6M2 Zero kit. Question is, what color do you use for the cockpit interior and the landing gear bays? The bays look blue/green, but does anyone sell the color? Thanks Glenn
  11. That's funny, it don't look like the dude on the veggie commercials :lol: I just finished a SEA scheme on the Monogram AC-47. Used lots of tape. How did you accomplish yours? It turned out very well. Glenn
  12. His last air battle was featured on "Dogfights". I could only shake my head in amazement as they described the battle. Glenn
  13. Glynyrd

    Fury WIP

    I absolutely love the FOD cover. Glenn
  14. Here's a view of mine. Yes, the desk is that cluttered (though it doesn't take the two projects going now to get it look like this). I clean it up after every project, but hardly ever during one. I also have a couple of bookcases that I'm hoping to remove in the future and install adjustable shelving along the whole wall, top to bottom. Other side of room has a recliner and my wife's corner desk, it's kinda cool when she's hanging around . I'm thinking either an OD/Neutral grey scheme for the wall, or Compass Ghost Grey, or perhaps my favorite, Volunteer Orange!
  15. Looking forward to the paint job, Gil! Glenn
  16. "Drive on", brother! Don't bury your head in the sand (it's kinda hard to watch TV that way), and it's no big deal if anyone notices; I really like what you've done. Glenn
  17. Clare, I forgot all about MM acryl flat. I've been using Future and Tamiya flat base. It works well for me, but takes time to mix it up. It would be worth the time to get the MM stuff... Glenn
  18. Looking good so far, Daniel. Which particular Mustang are you building? Glenn
  19. Man, that looks really good! Would you expound upon how you did the natural metal areas around the exhaust/elevators? The effect is spot on. Glenn
  20. Uh, I dunno, Gil. I'm kinda partial to those compressability flap thingies. When you dive towards the floor with that plane after finishing it, they might come in handy ;) Looks great so far. I love the cockpit... Glenn
  21. I rarely use them. I buy them for the seat belt hardware for my Nascar stockers, or for aircraft seat belts. Otherwise, I kitbash or scratch-build the part. I'm not knocking them, they make some great stuff out there for just about anything (especially the ship and armor goodies), but it would get too expensive for me. Glenn
  22. What really gets you is when you read an article from the stash that could have saved a lot of time and trouble on the just completed build... Glenn
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