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  1. "Hans! The citronella isn't vorking! Go get me the 88!" Very nice Mosquito! Thanks for sharing. Glenn
  2. Thanks for sharing your tip, Bo. I really like the effect. Glenn
  3. Very nice, however, I think with that orange color, there should be a white "T" (for Tennessee) on it :D Seriously though, it's beautiful. Glenn
  4. A C-5...wonder if it was one of the Memphis, TN birds? Kinda hard to tell. Glenn
  5. Glynyrd


    Looks great, I really like the guns. Any fit problems? Glenn
  6. I like it, Bo. Did I notice that some of the panels of your X-15 are different in color and sheen? If so, what did you use to get the effect. Thanks Glenn
  7. That Revell kit is wonderful to build. You did an excellent job. Especially with the paint and the engine bay. Does that car on the cover really have red wheel wells? Glenn
  8. Looks great, Gil. I really like the aluminum pieces, very well done. Glenn
  9. Very nice! The finish is excellent. I wonder what would've happened if one of the post war air racers had gotten hold of one of those.... Glenn
  10. Congratulations on the awards! It's well deserved. Glenn
  11. Nice recovery on the Phantom, Mark. I'd have made flak bait out of it. Glenn
  12. I don't believe I've ever had the chance to walk around a Skyraider. Hope one comes to Millington when the Blue Angels come back. Glenn
  13. Glynyrd


    Nice work. I especially like the netting. Glenn
  14. Phantastic! I love it, man! Dittos on the shading, how'd you do it? A Phellow Phantom Phreak, Glenn
  15. It looks good, Chris! Man can those Brits design some interesting airframes, LOL. Glenn
  16. Did I notice that you also deleted the tail hook? Very well done Corsair, Gil. Glenn
  17. I have never heard of an explanation for the scheme. Robert Trimble speculated in the caption of the picture from the old "Air Combat" that it was made up of several aircraft, but noted that the markings were changed to comform to the colors. Then the owner of Cutting Edge decals put a sheet out of it when he confirmed that the USNR actually used the aircraft in that scheme. It was also not the only aircraft from Olathe that flew with those colors. Seems someone meant to do it, but I don't know why. Thanks, ya'll for the kind comments! Glenn
  18. Figured I'd update this one. Finished the wings, and cowl flaps (whew!). Got the base done as well. Since I took these pics, I added more wing fold detail, such as the rods that operate the flaps, painted the olive drab panels on the port side (some panels had been replaced or painted over on the real one at the time), and I still need to add some scenery detail, wheel chocks, antenna wires, and weather it some more. Oh, and the rocket rails as well. Glenn
  19. Very nice, Tim. The finish looks spot on. Seeing it in US markings reminded me of a story I read a long time ago in either an "Air Combat" or "Air Classics" magazine about an Italian pilot using a captured P-38 to shoot down bombing raid stragglers and how an American crew in one of those uparmed B-17's (was it a YB-40?) took him on. Not sure how true the story was, and I wish I had the magazine to reread it. Thanks for sharing, Glenn
  20. Sometimes, I build a kit just to try out a new technique or practice up on an existing one. I recently did this with an Airfix 72nd Spitfire. Only about 20 parts built box stock just to practice scribing. I've been using a sharpened straight pin in a pin vise, lightly scribing the line about 4-5 times, then sanding down the ridges and cleaning out the lines. Gettin ready to go after that Monogram 1/48 F-106! Glenn
  21. Glynyrd

    Hasegawa Val

    Very nice build, Steve. I see what you mean about the cowl flaps, those look great. Thanks Glenn
  22. Glynyrd

    Cowl Flaps

    Hey Gil, It's the Hasegawa 1/48 F4U-4 kit. I've been trying coke can aluminum, but it's been really difficult and it hasn't come out right yet. Steve, I'm saving that tip for the next time, I cut those flaps out about two years ago when I started building it, thanks for sharing it. Thanks Glenn
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