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  1. I thought the two different instrument panel decals were neat. One for lights on, and the other lights off. Glenn
  2. I've seen that myself before. It does take multiple coats to cover completely. Here's what I do, maybe it'll help. I thin the paint a little to help with the flow, especially if it's an older jar that's been used before. When I lay the paint down, I use very few strokes to spread the paint, no more than 3-4 strokes, any more will "stress" the paint and cause huge brush strokes to appear when dry. Lay it on thin, using multiple coats. I also give it 12-24 hours to dry out before recoating, sometimes the paint underneath hasn't dried yet, and will pull up when you apply additional coats, which can also cause the streaking you've witnessed. I learned that the hard way. Start with the lightest colors first, working towards the darkest. Hope this helps, and I hope you'll post some pics of your project when you're done! Glenn
  3. Glynyrd

    Otaki 1/48 J2M

    Otaki, that's a name that isn't heard much. Excellent job on the build! Glenn
  4. I wonder if it buffs out gloss finishes as well? Anyone try it yet? Glenn
  5. I found one more bottle at the LHS. It was in a pack with a TouchnFlow, and two packs of microbrushes for $18. Buys me some time anyway. Glenn
  6. Kudos on the camo! First time I've seen one in East German markings. Thanks for sharing! Glenn
  7. Nicely done. How do they compare to each other in size? Glenn
  8. The cockpit looks great, especially the instrument panel. Glenn
  9. Thanks guys for the tips. I'll try them out next time. I got one of those bottles in a pack with a TnF and Ambroid, and never knew what it was good for. The things you learn Thanks again Glenn
  10. Hi all, I love this Touch n Flow glue applicator. I have one problem though, I can't seem to get it to reload after running it dry as I'm gluing the parts together. Seems it has to totally dry out before I can use it again. Has anyone else experienced it, and if so, is there a way around it? Thanks Glenn
  11. I enjoy using the Tenax, it didn't seem to evaporate out as quickly as the Ambroid. Especially when I load the Touch n Flow with it. Ralph, how long does the Ambroid take to fully cure? How does the Plastruct glue compare to the Tenax? Glenn
  12. Wow, that intake looks awesome! Anyway, I thought that was an airplane, just with the wings upside down! Glenn
  13. Wings folded as ordered, sir! I really like the wing braces, how'd you make them? Excellent build! Glenn
  14. That's very nicely done, Ralph. Those markings are too cool. Glenn
  15. You might also try Aleene's Tacky Glue, found in art/craft stores. It's water soluble, and dries quickly. I also like Jimmy's idea of the raised clear surface with a slanted mirror. That's a nice look. Glenn
  16. Very nice! How long did it take? Glenn
  17. Glynyrd


    Hi, This is my latest project, still some work to do, of an AM 1/48 Avenger. This particular aircraft is one a deacon in my church, a WW2 era naval aviator, actually flew. He showed me a picture of him flying it in formation with a couple of other TBM's, and had their names written on the back of the picture. He was plane #12. I had given him a Dauntless model a couple of years back, and he still has it, and talking one day, he mentioned he would like to have a replica of one of the Avengers that he flew. No need to ask twice! I hope to have it to him by Independence Day. He couldn't recall much about the unit, he was in several, but the tail code looks like VU-7. Let me know if it's otherwise. Glenn
  18. Hi all, Figured I'd update this thread since I'm pretty much done with this, except for the rocket rails. I noticed from internet pics that the wings had braces on them, which I made from brass tubing and a straight pin. The wing fold detail is all kitbashed. The weathering looks better in person, it fades out when the camera looks at it. It scared me to paint those OD panels, but it really had them, so...take a deep breath...I'm really happy to have her on the shelf, I've always wanted to build it. Thanks Glenn
  19. Glynyrd

    Big Sky Days

    Thanks for sharing those great pictures! Quite a few that you'll never get to see up close anymore. Glenn
  20. Excellent job on the build! Thanks for sharing the one from back in the day. Hard to believe it's 20+ years old. Glenn
  21. Thanks for sharing the great pictures! We had a Prowler in Memphis at a Blues show a few years back. It didn't fly, and I'm kinda glad it didn't, cuz' it had a lot of liquid leaking from it. That should inspire confidence for the next cat shot! Glenn
  22. Wow! I absolutely love the checkerboards. How about a picture of the ol' vacuformed one? Glenn
  23. Nicely done, I didn't realize Peru even had an airforce, much less one with jets. Glenn
  24. That's very nice! You don't see many of those at the tables. Thanks for sharing, job well done. Glenn
  25. Great job, man! You don't see many '84's being built, that one looks great. Glenn
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