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  1. Nice job, Texas. How'd you do the red rings on the wheels? It's a nice effect. It's still odd seeing a Petty car without "STP" slapped across the hood... Glenn
  2. Nice looking Mustang. I'm especially impressed with how the canopy turned out. Glenn P.S. - Dig the whitewalls ;)
  3. That's purty! Nice job on the Alclad. Glenn
  4. Mark, Sometimes the pursuit of perfection can kill motivation. I can't build for a contest; it kills all my enthusiasm for building. I end up fussing over every little detail, like seams and mold lines, and then I start putting off making decisions on the build sequence, technique, etc because I'm worried about how it will affect the outcome for the contest, and eventually it goes back into a box, and I end up in a funk. Right now though, I'm building a Mustang for a surprise Christmas gift (it won't be completed in time, but he'll get it anyway). For some reason, building one to give away as a gift keeps me enthusiastic. They aren't looking for it, mostly they appreciate the effort put in it, and it's usually something that they have an interest in. It's not anything like a commission build, knowing someone is going to possibly take a pen light to it in order to haggle on the price. Anyway, it is Christmastime...grab some hot chocolate and watch Ralphie shoot his eye out Glenn
  5. Would it be better if I just made the excuse now? Glenn
  6. Very well done, Adam. It's also a very interesting scheme; you don't see a lot of folks building '70's military aviation. Glenn
  7. There's a lot of variety in your subjects, Pablo. Very nice. Glenn
  8. Great job. I really like the machine guns on the 'Cat. Glenn
  9. These little 1/350 plane packs are a lot of fun! I bought these a few years ago at the LHS, and decided it was time to build them. I still have to finish the base. I put them in a tight "finger four", I was going to do a "Black Sheep Squadron" echelon formation from the opening credits of the TV show, but the blue I used didn't turn out right. Then I couldn't get it to fit right on the base. I tried a "diamond" formation next, but that didn't look right either. Next up, find some Zekes in the same scale and get some furballs going.. Glenn
  10. Hmmmm, wonder it we add a little here and take a little there, we can reconfigure the XF-88 mold to look like a F-35? :D Actually, they released some car kits in the late '90's that were very good. I think it'll be a rebadged kit of someone else's. Glenn
  11. I don't see any problems with her, Gil. Well done. Glenn
  12. What a collection of rare birds. From a rare manufacturer. I especially enjoy your work on the Whitley. They all look great. Glenn
  13. Hi all, I know it's not actually a model, but it is about aircraft. These two were at the Olive Branch, MS municipal airport last weekend. The B-17 was the EAA's "Aluminum Overcast", but the cool one for me is the Sea Fury! He gave us a flyby on the way out. Even cooler was a veteran who was a bombardier on one in WW2 who was shot down on his tenth mission. From what I understood, it was the first time he had climbed into one since that day... Glenn
  14. Very well done. I love the detail. Glenn
  15. Glynyrd


    Thanks for the comments, ya'll. Greg, tell your friend that it really is a simple kit to build. Glenn
  16. That's pretty cool, Don. I've never built a Finemolds kit, how was it to build? Glenn
  17. Glynyrd


    Hi all, this is the latest I have finished. I'm gonna catch you some day, Duke! It's the Monogram 48th kit, built box stock except for antennas from stretched sprue. I airbrushed it with MM enamels and used the kit decals. It's a typical old Monogram kit, good detail, simple assembly. I loved the miniguns. The decals spooked me ( ;) ) though. As I was putting Micro Sol on them, the carrier turned really milky in color, and I was afraid they'd stay that way, but it was gone in the morning. It almost didn't survive the young 'uns as it was knocked off the desk as they spun my office chair around. Thus it ain't perfect but looks great from 10 yards away as you can see in the third picture. Glenn
  18. Actually, the egg shape of the Zero was for pilots of an ex-Sumo wrestler squadron. Heard it took a mighty big rubber band to slingshot 'em off the carriers..... Glenn
  19. Glynyrd

    Zero colors

    Hey Mark, That is an intriguing tip. Do you brush it in or shoot with an airbrush? Glenn
  20. How did I know that you'd win the speed building contest :lol: I really like your 102. Its a great scheme, and you've done a good job with it. As for the Snowbird, the tail is on backwards Glenn
  21. Glynyrd

    By Request

    Truly fantastic, dude! Glenn
  22. Glynyrd

    By Request

    Greg, I absolutely love the phantom. Is the F-106 the Monogram kit? Thanks! Glenn
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