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  1. Done?! It's only been an hour!-Doc Hudson Looks great, Gil! Glenn
  2. Looks great! Gotta love the bent-wing birds. Glenn
  3. Hi all, Finished this one right before New Year's for a Christmas gift for a friend. It's the AM 1/48 Tuskegee version of the kit, found on clearance for $15 at the local Hobby Lobby! I was going to do the Tuskegee scheme, since the gift was for someone from Alabama, but I couldn't really get into it. So I went for a Checkertail Clan aircraft, and found a sideview drawing of Major Roy Hogg's (six kills) a/c. I don't believe the nickname is in the right font, but everything else seems to look ok. I couldn't get decals for the tail in time, so I painted them on. I am not a big fan of the Mustang (I believe the Corsair is better ), but it is a good looking a/c and I really enjoy the AM kits! This is the second of their Mustangs that I've built (their F-6B is the other one). Thanks Glenn
  4. Please give him my thanks as well. I also have that kit in the closet and his build saved me a lot of headscratching! It is a really well done build. Glenn
  5. Glad I panic bought last year Glenn
  6. Really nice! I built the Tamiya kit a few years ago and was very happy with how it went together. It seems the Finemolds kit is the favorite with others I've talked with. How do they compare in your experience? Glenn
  7. Gil, Was that the P-38 the Confederate Air Force had in the '70's? I seem to remember it in a red/white/blue scheme. Glenn
  8. I've been using the Future/Tamiya combo. I haven't been able to come up with the ratio, just trial and error on an old piece of plastic. Cool thing is that it's acrylic and works great with the hair dryer. Glenn
  9. Glynyrd


    Which particular Sabre are you building? There's a lot of great schemes... Glenn
  10. Well done. I really like your builds of the older kits...a little TLC goes a long way. Thanks for sharing Glenn
  11. Nuttin like flat black to make a project swell! Looks great, Duke! I've gotta build one someday... Glenn
  12. You painted the markings? All I can say is Glenn (I'd have added more, but the forum won't let me!)
  13. Glynyrd

    p51 mustang

    Mike, BBD is a great aircraft. If you use the kit decals, they have the words "Big Beautiful Doll" in black on the sheet and then again in white. The white letters are supposed to be red, and that goes on first, then put the black letters over it, with a underneath/to the left red shadow (what you see on the box art). Also, be prepared to use a lot of decal solvent to get the checkerboards down! The decals are accurate otherwise. I just glued the nose panel on and decaled over it. Good luck and I can't wait to see it! Glenn
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