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  1. Michael! Welcome my man! You've got a magnificent dungeon where you make your magic. And magic it is as seen in those pics of your incredible models! Way to go and congrats on having three generations of model builders still going strong! Dave, I gotta say, that is close to as bad as my workbench! Nice to see I'm not alone! Welcome once again to our humble home!
  2. No worries Ed. I probably should have been more specific with a link. It can be found under: "Model Building of All Kinds-Photography-Photos: On the Bench". And to answer your questions: I purchased my Silly Putty at Target in the toy section. Walmart, Party City, Micheal's' all carry it too. It does come in small eggs, I also bought my wife some L'eggs panty hose and used the big egg to contain five or six small pieces in one big ball. Yes, it can be re-used by kneading it. I've been using the same big ball of Silly Putty for about five years now and haven't needed to buy any more replacements (although I do have several eggs I haven't tapped) Given the amount of paint in mine it is getting a bit thicker and tougher to knead, but it is still good to use. Good luck my friend! I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  3. Awesome! Thank you Ed! They molded him rather well I'd say. Nice addition of lasers too. So cool! Since this kit is in 1/72 scale, I'm gonna have to pick one up!
  4. Well, this is interesting. Personally I think the E-board/NCC could have squelched all this debate when they first came out with OOB rules: the answer is in the description: NOTHING! When you start allowing things to be added, then everyone is going to try to game the system. If the NCC had held firm to 'NOTHING can be added if it wasn't packed in the box by the manufacturer', then this would not have been an issue. Oh, but what about making something look accurate? Well, as far as I've ever seen, accuracy is not judged in our contests: build techniques are. Another question squelched. These are MODELS! They are representations of real vehicles and structures (and in some cases people). There is no way anyone can make a perfect model, despite many people striving for one (and coming damned close I might add!) But the answer again is also in the name: Out of the Box. Strictly speaking, that means the parts on the sprues only! Not even parts from the instruction sheet unless the instruction sheet has a specific design that they indicate needs to be cut out and applied. In these days of kits including P/E and/or resin parts added by the manufacturer; then they can be added as they are IN THE BOX. Proof is in the instruction sheet. Can I add seatbelts? NO! Unless they are included on the decal sheet or P/E fret! Can I use decals other than those in the box? NO! They didn't come packed in the in the box by the manufacturer so those other decals are not Out of the Box. Can I add rigging to my ship? NO! Unless the kit includes a roll of thread or material for rigging! In other words.... Can I add _______? Answer: Was it in the box and/or included in the kit by the manufacturer? Then NO! Ever since joining this organization I've always understood OOB meant anything that was included in the box.... period! Because of that I seem to be the only person in this organization that has always built models to the strictest interpretation of this OOB rule as I have outlined it above. Rarely have I added aftermarket additions to my models; but only when someone gifts them to me as I would rather spend my extremely limited funds on more kits than extra parts. It always mystified me when the NCC said, "you can add this, but only this in this category". So they in effect violated their own rule by making exceptions. Since this class of models has this exception, then can I add____ to mine in this different class? So you see, buy not standing firm on NOTHING outside the box can be used, they started this slippery slope themselves. Can I add this_____? Was it in the box as it came from the manufacturer? There's your answer. Gee, I'll never understand why everyone has to make this so hard. Regardless of what people finally decide I shall continue to build my models OOB as I interpret the description and I will enter them in the contest wherever they fit. I never expect to ever win; it's all about the camaraderie and friendships and the chance to ask respected friends to check out my work. If I win, that's just cream. Stop asking "What can I add?" and just BUILD IT!! Geez!
  5. Magnificent! Are you sure you're not working in metal? I'd swear all the metal parts are actually metal! Wow!
  6. Brilliant idea! And I gotta say you sure nailed the realism perfectly! Out that in front of an appropriate backdrop and one would be hard pressed to see it as a model diorama.
  7. Excellent work! This is coming along nicely!
  8. Brilliant job on the finish of this tank! You rock man! I do hope you can do the dio; it sounds like it's gonna be a great one.
  9. Wow, what an interesting conversation here. I wasn't aware of a new BKB category to replace OOB. I didn't see where it says it, so what does BKB stand for? In my opinion poor as it is; I would say a "kit" is the unassembled model in a box as per Merriam-Webster dictionary definition. While some people may say "I entered my kit this morning", I would call that an incorrect wording on the part of thew speaker. They should say ""I entered my model this morning" instead since the resulting construction and painting of the parts in a "kit" would be considered a model instead. Then again, I'm no grammarian, so my opinion doesn't matter so much and each person has a different interpretation of the word "kit". After all this is only my interpretation of the wording used here. Maybe the NCC should define the terms used in the rules more specifically when they write up new or revised rules so that everyone understands them and is on the same page. I would think that would greatly reduce the amount of questions and conjecture about what the new or revised rules are really saying as is happening here. If the new BKB rules are saying that the only thing that can be used are the plastic parts in a box of model kit sprues, then I would say that I always understood; and built my models accordingly, that this was the original intent for OOB in the first place. Anyway, it should be interesting to see how this shakes out. Given that I don't ever expect to attend another Nationals in the foreseeable future, I don't have a dog in this show. I will still follow this closely anyway since this discussion is so intriguing.
  10. Wow Gil, that is one beautiful big bird! Way to go; I know the client will be thrilled with this!
  11. Beautiful job! I also love the look of the tracks, you did a fantastic job on such sub-par material. And yeah, I have two Japanese tanks in 1/72 scale that had the DS tracks disintegrate and I haven't been able to replace them yet. Not a good thing.
  12. Thank you John! I hope to be racking up more soon!
  13. After some time, I finished up two more armor models, my first for January. I know it's February now, but I did have these finished a day or so ago. First up is my Takom 1/72 scale British FV-432 with the Rarden turret on it. The Rarden turret was supplied by Dan Taylor Modelworks in Great Britain: Next up is my Dragon 1/72 scale US Army M1134 Stryker ATGM: And that completes my list of models finished in January. Now to find out how many I'll be able to finish in February! Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.
  14. Thank you Ed I was surprised at how well that plane went together considering it's age. I do love the cordless airbrush; it is amazing. I'm not sure who actually makes it but it is called "No Name" right on the box. I was able to get it from Spraygunners at the Nationals. I look forward to seeing the work you do with your airbrush. For a look at my cordless (or should I say "Hoseless") airbrush. here's pics of the box it came in and packed inside:
  15. William, thanks for the compliment! I don't know how I missed your comment but I appreciate you posting. Hopefully I can maintain this momentum. Ed, thanks! Wow, so much to respond to. The Ukrainian APC was simply basecoated; the pixilations were decals! That sure made it easy to do. I agree, the Condor is awesome; one of my biggest ever models I ever built. The two buses were fun, despite very fiddly parts, and I'm thrilled to have them done. All I need now is the Type B omnibus with the pigeon loft and I'll have every bus released by Roden. For the camouflage technique, see my Maddog Manufacturing thread, both last year and this year.
  16. Thank you for the compliments Ed! I use Silly Putty on my models to camouflage; even aircraft. If you check out the Maddog Manufacturing thread, you'll see these and a couple others being masked with Silly Putty and sprayed. Looking forward to seeing your spitfires.
  17. Thank you Ed. Those are all great ideas. However,I don't want to write for another propeller since the one is still hiding somewhere in the Hobby Room. I figure it'll show up on one of my subsequent cleanup sprees.
  18. Awesome. I need to get some of them for some of my decal mishaps..
  19. Way to go man! Looks like a contest contender in the making! You're doing a Masterful job on all those details!
  20. Amazing collection of aircraft Ed! Looks like you nailed the Sword model perfectly!
  21. Brilliant work Carlos! You're really capturing the essence of this tank!
  22. Thank you Ed! I do like the look of this bird!
  23. Awesome Paul! Yeah, it's amazing that Southern Cross is still around. I'm, glad it is. Thanks for the great comments and compliments. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of the flying replica!
  24. Thanks Carlos! Man it felt great to finish the year with these completions!
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