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  1. You're right. Maybe I should have said: ..attempted to fight off the Japanese..."
  2. Mark Deliduka


    I like it! Nice clean work!
  3. Thank you Carlos! I just wish I could have maintained the momentum. Two weeks ago, while moving from one storage unit to a smaller one, I dropped a 200 lb. block of wood on my foot, rendering me barely able to walk with a crutch, mush less drive. It was made worse in that it happened on the second of only three days I was allowed to move. That meant going back the next day to continue the bug out and cleanup. two days after that I was able to go to the urgent care for X-rays which miraculously showed no breaks or fractures anywhere! I'm a bit better now but with the requirement to keep my foot elevated and iced, I have been unable to work in the hobby room since there is no place to elevate and ice. Hopefully once I'm better, I'll be able to pick up where I left off. Weather has been very cold for airbrushing anyway so once I'm better the weather should be just right for airbrushing. Good thing too, I have about 12-14 models ready to paint! Stay tuned, I hope to make up for lost time very soon!
  4. You're welcome Ed! Glad I could help!
  5. I don't know anything about whether it qualifies for BKB, but I think this is an outstanding model! Wow, what magnificent work! You can feel the adrenaline of the crew as they fight off the Japanese!
  6. Mark Deliduka


    Looks excellent so far! Keep it coming!
  7. Beautiful work on a model that hates you! Looks like you've successfully beat this into submission. Ain't it great when you can throw your kids for a loop? 😜 Looking forward to seeing this with crew.
  8. Magnificent work on this unique tank! Your weathering on this is sublime. Way to go Carlos and congrats on finishing another one.
  9. Welcome Donald to the Forums and welcome back to the hobby! Yes, there are quite a few interesting changes in the hobby. I'm still trying to get used to some of them. Your preference in building is very popular here, I am looking forward to seeing your work. We encourage everyone to post pics of their finished models as well as their works in progress. We are a great bunch of very helpful people so if you have any questions or need ideas, feel free to post and one or more of us will be there to help.
  10. Brilliant job on that Jug David! Way to go! I also like the colors that stand out from the OD.
  11. James I had a blast at Columbus! It might be possible for me to attend as my brother lives there and I could save tons of money by staying with him. I wouldn't even have to rent a car as he has an extra. Now if I could only save enough to actually go....provided they get it again.
  12. You are most welcome Stuart! As for mine, I just "fake it till I make it"! LOL! I do recommend an airbrush, it may feel difficult at first but after awhile you'll be wondering how you did without for all those previous years. Cut your teeth on a Paasche single action brush ans they are the easiest to practice on. They are excellent for getting a fine and smooth overall base coat. That also applies to clearcoats; both gloss and dull as well. Later when you feel comfortable with the basic use of an airbrush; you can try a double action airbrush. That does give considerable extra control and allows for better effects too. All it takes is practice and I'm still practicing myself as I struggle to get the best effects that others do on these Forums.
  13. Welcome Mike! I thought I recognized the name as I did see you at the Chattanooga Nats. You may not remember me but I'm the one who had all that 1/72 scale armor there. I'm glad to see you here and I encourage you to post pics of your incredible work.
  14. I like this very much, it is most unique with the clear nose. That is a fantastic idea. As for the mistakes, don't feel bad; I also missed most of them. Gill is a brilliant modeler who is always on top of things like this. One thing I used to do when I was brush painting my models is to thin the paint a little. This allowed it to lay down more evenly as it dried. I also agree that this could use a dull coat on it. No, there's no category for brush painted models my friend. One idea one of my friends had for highlighting the panel lines: use a .02 size mechanical pencil on them, just before you seal it with a dull coat. Of course, you should spray a dull coat over it so as not to smear the panel lines. If you want smeared panel lines to reflect dust/dirt flying out of the seams, remember to brush from front to back to resemble the effect cause by airflow over the plane in flight. That's all I have, I'm sure more experienced and masterful modelers will be along with some additional helpful advice.
  15. Wow, incredible realism here Carlos! Who knows? Maybe you can get some time off and come to Orangecon with this. I would be thrilled to see this in person!
  16. Thank you Bob and Noel! Noel, I did see the BBC War of the Worlds already on one of my streaming services on Roku. I'll keep watch for the 80 Days on; it shouldn't be too long now.
  17. Thank you Ed! Yeah, check out spraygunners.com. They have these airbrushes. Thank you Highlander! I always thought so. I was thrilled to see the actual aircraft still in existence while researching this bird. Thank you David the Vid! I was thinking the same thing about the wing. What a huge thing it is. I do like how this turned out. As for the decals, I used the kit ones because I couldn't find any newer aftermarket ones; nor could I print my own. They were a severe challenge to work with, I used multiple coats of Solvaset that barely worked. I finally had to use light applications of Tamiya Extra Thin to get them to lay down and the edges to stop curling. Thanks James! I love having this in my collection. Thank you Kevin! I also managed to get a couple other armor models done this year too, but yeah; my year's production has come to a bit of a halt due to a foot injury I had recently. Been real tough to get to the hobby bench! Hopefully I can make up for it afterward.
  18. I did watch the four part serious of War of the Worlds on one of my streaming services. I loved the first few episodes but felt the got the Martians wrong. I also was curious about the globes, as I thought the landing craft were tubes. My favorite scene was seeing the Royal Navy sitting offshore of the beach where the refugees were gathered. Watching them all start firing when the tripod appeared was a thrill! I would love to see the "Around thew World in 80 Days" BBC version as I don't believe I've seen it. What a thrill it would be to see a great "20,000 leagues under the Sea" done proper!
  19. My condolences as well. He lived a rich and full life and was blessed throughout. My prayers go up for him and his family.
  20. James, this is magnificent! Wow, what an outstanding model! I love the way this looks and I just might have to replicate it in 1/72 scale. brilliant job James!
  21. Marcin, I would never have thought this was a scratch built effort! What stunning work! The finish is pure perfection! You are one truly masterful modeler!
  22. Wow, this was truly resurrected! What a magnificent result for such an old and damaged model!
  23. Looking fantastic as usual Carlos! Wow, this is stunning work!
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