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  1. I must agree with the other comments, congrats on "slaying the dragon" so nicely! Kind regards, Robert
  2. Seeing this just makes it more sad it is OOP... R/ Robert
  3. Nice job, Gil! Glad to see you're still whacking away at that stash... Cheers! Robert Beach
  4. Many thanks and congrats to the whole 'club', Mike! Having worked the four conventions here in Tidewater (aka 'Virginia Beach'), I really appreciate how you "guys" did an outstanding job. I also appreciated the opportunity to help the vendors Wednesday morning, it kept me busy and it was fun! Seeing a lot of old friends, meeting new ones and taking in a whole lot of great models really helped to recharge the creative 'juices'. And isn't that the whole point? I look forward to seeing you all again in 2025 (six year rule!) In the meantime, have a 'Naked River' Moonpie Stout for me! Regards, Robert Beach
  5. Hank, CAD is probably a less useful tool than a vector graphics editor. One option (assuming you don't need to pass the artwork to anyone as a graphics file) is to use the open source drawing tool in OpenOffice (available from "http://www.openoffice.org/".) The learning curve for the 'Draw' component isn't too steep and can result in some marvelous graphics. Also, it can integrate with any fonts you might install as well as decompile font characters so you can treat them as graphics. The advantage of vector based graphics is they can be output to any scale without distortion (aka the 'jaggies') or pixelation effects. An example of this level of work can be found on the IPMS/Hampton Roads Scale Modelers website: http://hamptonroadsscalemodelers.com/star-wars-a-wing-decals-of-the-studio-model/ That aside, one trick for designs that incorporate white areas is to apply a border color compatiable with the intended application background color so when printed and closely trimmed, the white areas will be sharply defined without having to trim the boundary exactly. For the ship's numbers example, the white shadow can be outlined with a light gray color. Then, when trimming for application, you can either cut at the white/gray boundary or just trim so the gray will outline the white area (almost like a mask) while blending into the hull color. I always recommend test print runs on regular paper to 1) check the color results since printed doesn't always match what you see on screen and 2) to allow for a 'proof' to allow inset of a sized bit of decal paper into a full page of paper (use thin "Scotch" type tape on the back to hold the decal paper in place... and not too much) so you don't use any more decal paper than necessary. This technique may not work if your printer has a 'loop back' feed path however, unless you are able to secure the seams thoroughly so they don't "peel". Hope this of some use! Regards, Robert
  6. That is one sweet bit of plastic, Gil! Outstanding work, pal. Making me want to crack open that Mercator again... Congrats! Regards, Robert
  7. I've even used the good ol' open source, OpenOffice DRAW program to create decal artwork. Mastering the graphics part of the process is the hardest piece but it isn't that bad, just takes a bit of practice. One recent project was to create accurate decals for the old MPC Star Wars A-Wing model. I shared the graphics file on our chapter website: http://hamptonroadsscalemodelers.com/star-wars-a-wing-decals-of-the-studio-model/ Because DRAW creates vector graphics, scaling up or down has no impact on the appearance of the artwork (though the printer's capabilities will!) Only problem with DRAW for my purposes is the output isn't portable into other graphics programs, at least not directly. The best I can do is a PDF... but since OpenOffice is available for anyone to download, I can share my work natively which gives the best result for other hobbyists. I need to check out your sites Richard! Cheers! Robert
  8. Welcome aboard, Bob! Attractive automotive models... thanks for sharing 'em. Regards, Rob(ert)
  9. Gee! After all that effort tracking down FM Cougar kits... well, whatta you gonna do? Cry over spilt milk? '^P Robert
  10. Sweet! Good going, Gil! Regards, Robert
  11. Chris, again with the public outreach "thang", wouldn't it also be better to have some publicly accessible content to 'hook folks' a bit? Restricting content to membership only on one hand does increase the 'value' of a Society membership. However, on the other hand it also makes it invisible to prospective members! The old 'test drive' theory; FineScale Modeler does it on their website, if looking for an example... If we had permanent content archived as "member only" and "general audience" 'libraries', fully searchable, then we'd have something. If it also consisted of organized, balanced coverage, then even better. Sort of like my FSM back issues DVD... yes, my precious! R/ Robert
  12. How about this for a stereotype: Of course, it's pretty much true... ha! R/ Robert
  13. Yes, well said, Robert Foster of Pensacola, FL. Nice to have the feature available, Chris. Thanks for taking it up. Regards, Robert Beach of Norfolk, VA (Married to Diana of Pensacola, FL...) ;^P
  14. Of course, Master Box may have one in their farm animals set... well checking it, no. But there is a small dog in one with modern US tankers and (what appears to be) Iraqi civilian woman with children. Pix at Cybermodeler in a 'preview': http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/mb/kit_mb_35159.shtml R/ Robert
  15. It sounds as if there is some confusion between hosting 'gallery' images, and inserted images in posts (as different from "linking" 'em to external hosts.) You can't abuse the 'storage' in a post since the images must mesh with the content of the topic or risk 'moderation'. The main problem with relying on external image support in forum topics (as we've all seen - the little 'this has been removed' square) is retention of the images is at the mercy of that external host. It all comes down to the expectations for the integrity of the forum archives. Putting an image directly into a post impacts the storage requirements of the forum directories but also ensures the image will be available down the road (unless purged locally.) An alternative would be to link the user's post images to their forum account, visible if desired in a gallery format, so any images from a user could actually be reviewed (but not directly added to), or linked from, as a 'gallery'. Also, it would behoove us to ensure that forum 'quote' functionality would not also 'grab' previously posted images, unless via linkage. One more thought on topic: Much of the WIP type work in our club often ends up on the club website, not here. Any ideas how such content could be 'indexed' and publicized through the National sites, almost like a 'portal'? Perhaps we can go full 'manual' and recruit club webmasters to post links to their new content here as well... as a courtesy. Would help everyone's traffic stats! Regards, Robert
  16. Plus, we're all looking at time for the workbench! R/ Robert
  17. Ah, the "joys" of building on a gigantic scale! R/ Robert
  18. Ah, I see now. You're looking at the metrics and feel, compared to the overall membership count, that the 'traffic' should be greater. You feel that perhaps a bit of revamping and re-org will have a positive impact on the numbers. Do I have it right? R/ Robert
  19. Chris, why to you say it isn't working - specifically what are you seeing? Regards, Robert
  20. I'm happy for that - no, really! ;^P R/ Robert
  21. A feature of being a certain vintage ourselves, Jim! ;^P R/ Rober
  22. Scratchbuild it! Bwahhhhaaaa! R/ Robert BTW, the same can be said for the C-46 (Combat Models) and C-54 (Esoteric vac kit - better quality than CM releases, but is male molded, so... includes the RR engines [like a Shackleton] for a Canadian North Star)
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