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  1. I am no pro but I would love to see your dio. I too have problems with figure painting as these were my first figures to get proper attention. They are not the best as I am still trying to learn the ways of the Masters. I will get there, only slowly.
  2. Thanks Bill. My regards to your friend for me. I will see if i can get my hand on a cat or dog. Know of any ready made ones?
  3. Haha Robert. Yeah i know. When this photo was taken, I had forgotten to add him. I was moving the placement of the figures around because I was indecisive of where O actually wanted to place him.
  4. I have now added the US figures. Again. I am no figure builder. I still need lots of practice but I had to add them to give the dio a more atmospheric ambience. ยด
  5. Thank you. Send 'em. I'll be waiting. :) Thanks Robert. Being my first time working with pink foam I am really amazed how it turned out.
  6. tiking

    Quick fix Dio

    Hi Gil. The sign in the window is written in Swedish. It says. ' For Sale'. The owner of the truck, who is working under the truck, is trying to do last minute fixes before a potential buyer comes by to look at the truck.
  7. tiking

    Quick fix Dio

    Thanks. No. The container is from Italeri.
  8. tiking

    Quick fix Dio

    This is a 1/24 scale dio I call 'Quick Fix'.
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