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  1. Rusty is correct but trace amounts of toxic manufacturing chemicals can remain behind. See my slides below to see Lead contaminated factory Swagelok brass compression fittings. I ran a materials characterization research center. I always wash parts even after factory cleaning with IPA.
  2. Brass rod will work available at local HW store.
  3. I would not worry about it the spray pressure depends on your viscosity and media etc.
  4. Got a Elelgoo Mars Pro resin printer coming today.
  5. Pressure drop is normal to characteristics of inexpensive compressor, not a high flow one assuming it has no storage tank on it? Should still work fine. Good upgrade is a carbon dioxide tank or a shop compressor with tank on it. I have an old Craftsman/Sears compressor which is bulletproof and inexpensive to maintain.
  6. He has an active Facebook page I would message him there.
  7. I second the use of watercolor pencils and or a set of colored Sharpie pens to color dials etc.
  8. Welcome back Dave. Post your work here and have fun.
  9. Here is a link to my old website on the pinhole macro photography techniques I improved. It was submitted via article to Fine Scale Modeler journal a long time ago. Table of Contents I will migrate site sometime I been saying this for a decade now. See sample images below.
  10. Welcome! Do not be afraid to post.
  11. Look on eBay for Coastal kits, main site is down to Covid.  Still can be ordered on eBay for same price scales are from 1/35 to 1/2000 I believe.  Many designs and concepts.  

  12. it is 8 by 12 inches in 1/72. Comes in 1/48 too.
  13. Got my diorama base from Coastal Kits in GB. Looks great.
  14. I have built in bookcase/shelves in my study which I call the war room. Hard to keep a certain feline from patrolling on them.
  15. I believe that a switch to online subscriptions or free with ads may be the savior especially with the pandemic and people staying at home. A virtual magazine can be wonderful, people can upload their work. Good way to save wood pulp and the environment too. One of the reasons we are in this pandemic mess is the destruction of the buffer zone between man and animal.
  16. Nick here is the pdf from the CDC website now public domain.

    CDC Testing procedure

    1. Mister300


      Here are two old images I took to demonstrate the size of the virus(125 nm)

      Fire Ant.jpg

      Fire ant head


      Resolution Au Target.jpg

      Gold resolution target

  17. I live in a city of 120,000 pop east of Houston,Texas. We are under a stay in place order. No gatherings or non essential business. If the City of San Marcos or the Gov. of Texas issues an order it will shut down the convention period. Houston is now pretty much shuttered through May. The hosting club has zero say on this. I know this stinks but this is a new reality folks. My son supervises a valet service at a resort in San Antonio, the resort is closed. It might not reopen if this epidemic continues through the summer. We have not peaked yet and we as a country are science ignorant. I am a retired Research Chemist/ Center Director with a specialty in nano characterization (XRD and Electron Microscopy) and I am dumbfounded on what I hear and read on the news and social media. The majority including the WH have no clue on how complex this pandemic is. I do not mean to sound negative, but a lot of folks are not going to their jobs back when the pandemic slows, it will be a rude awaking to all. I will be there if the conditions improve and look forward to meeting everyone. Isolate and take care , most cases 80% recover with no ICU etc. Stay positive. I will be happy to discus some of the science through PM if anyone wants, no political rants are helpful, just the science please.
  18. The Hakko has a huge line of replacement tips with specialized shapes and sizes and it heats instantly. Here is the owners manualSoldering instructions.pdf Manual has part level troubleshooting and replacement part list for everything built into the station. Not engineered to be a throwaway tool.
  19. https://www.amazon.com/Hakko-FX888D29BY-ESD-Safe-Digital-Soldering/dp/B00OSM27T8/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=hakko&qid=1585680150&sr=8-5 We use this one for our business, be careful if price is too low (ebay) it is a counterfeit station. Yes these are so high quality they are counterfeited alot in the marketplace. We got ours locally through an industrial electronics store.
  20. Finished Black Dog 1/72 mech crane walker for Ho 229 diorama
  21. I plan to use the crane to hold up the cockpit frame or the wing, I should be able to rig the dozer height and the stance if it sits too low. Will do Hanger 18 or area 51 setting
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