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  1. Chris, the details on that fa 18 are incredible! i think i can smell the jet fuel
  2. My hat off to you sir, I looked at your pictures then went to where i have my models displayed and compared them to a couple of 1/43 Corgi cars. I don't know how you do it. awesome
  3. Thanks Joseph! No apologies needed
  4. Very nice looks like Ole Seb is ready for multi 21
  5. Sweet, paint is killer deep. very very nice
  6. Ok all finished, thank you guys for all of your positive support
  7. Thank you Joseph. I just added some more pics almost done.
  8. Well I had some free time and decided to catch up on this project. It is almost done so here are some updates
  9. I added the pics to the original post
  10. It has been a while since I have done anything on this project. A four letter word got on the way, (WORK). Anyway I decided to paint the frame metallic blue, Tamiya. Added a distributor, sparkplug wires and boots. Wired up the coil and plumbed the vacuum line from the distributor.
  11. So that was the original wet paint look? man seriously got to up my finish game. it looks like a HOTROD magazine photo shoot. well deserved awards congratulations!
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