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  1. MWS

    Newbie Academy AH-1Z Build

    Thanks to all of you for the encouragement. My family wants to know how come the rest of the internet aren't as nice and positive as you guys. Thank you
  2. MWS

    Newbie Academy AH-1Z Build

    I used testor's model master guards red on the tip of the hellfires then cemented the lenses. I had used the sensor mask to cut a holographic "decal" from a holiday bag but in the end decided not to. I colored the inside with a purple sharpie on the large lens and a yellow one on the smaller lens. The guts slipped while drying so the projectors did not line up properly.
  3. MWS

    Newbie Academy AH-1Z Build

    I am not sure if you can see the guts I put into the sensor turret. I cut some sprues and hollowed them and then cut some clear sprues and made lenses.
  4. MWS

    Newbie Academy AH-1Z Build

    Finally finished. I now know the meaning of "fiddyly bits". Let's see I broke the hell fire assembly, the low air speed sensor, the inspection handle on the tail, the main rotor control rods, and a sidewinder. I want to thank Chris for his advice and encouragement.
  5. MWS

    Newbie Academy AH-1Z Build

    Almost done, decals, touch up, panel wash and dull coat.
  6. Holy that is amazing work! WOW!
  7. Hello from Miami Shores, stared out with MPC, Monogram and Revell kits. Graduated to Tamiya. Not so good at painting and decals. Now discovered airbrushing. Need a lot of practice. I am so glad I found this forum.
  8. Is this the same process for acrylics? I just airbrushed the acrylic should I be afraid to now touch it?
  9. MWS

    Newbie Academy AH-1Z Build

    Cockpit pic not very sharp though.
  10. MWS

    Newbie Academy AH-1Z Build

    Thank you for he encouragement Chris
  11. This is my attempt at the Academy AH -1Z. The added pictures are pretty late in the construction and paint. I found this forum looking for reference on the door hinges, exhaust and under wing ordinance. Please do not be to harsh as this is only my second attempt after a near 30 year layoff.
  12. Awesome, build and detail are top shelf. I am almost near completion of his same kit, ( first chopper, second build in about 30 years). I will upload when complete, I only wish it comes close to your level of detail
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