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Found 6 results

  1. This thread will have a narrowed purpose as a knowledge base in helping IPMS members to understand the lore from which Gundam model kits draw their source material and how you can use that to to foster events for your Gundam community. Note that this is not intended to be a hyper detailed series because there are lots of articles about Gundam and Gundam model kits, but they are generally more for the casual person on the street and not the model community, as such there will be aspects that will not be comprehensive but hyper focused. Since there's no save draft feature, I will be continuously adding to this with images and what not. What is Gundam? Gundam is a sci-fi anime franchise that began in 1979 with the Mobile Suit Gundam TV series. It has spawned numerous sequels, prequels, spin-offs and alternative content in video games, manga, novels as well. While all the content does feature giant piloted robots fighting, the characterization of how the robots are portrayed whether as proxies for traditional military vehicles like tanks/aircraft or super robots varies with the themes and content of the specific Gundam series it's from. Within the Gundam franchise, the giant piloted robots are referred to as Mobile Suits , and a Gundam being a special type of Mobile Suit. A Gundam could be a one off prototype, special performance experimental machine, cobbling of spare parts or whatever as needed to make it to special to the plot for its respective story. The studio that created Gundam, Sunrise, was acquired by the Japanese Toy Manufacturer Bandai in 1994, but it did not fully acquire the full Gundam IP rights until it bought the other controlling IP owner, the advertising and media agency Sotsu in 2020 which it could only do so when Bandai merged with video game company Namco in 2005. Sunrise, (now called Bandai Namco Filmworks) is a fully owned company of the Japanese Toy Manufacturer, videogame and entertainment group Bandai Namco and holds the complete rights to Gundam on their behalf. An important distinction to note is that Gundam is not a catchall term for any Japanese anime robot. There are hundreds of other unique Japanese robot series out there and those subjects would get lost if just unceremoniously lumped in together with Gundam. You would be doing the equivalent of confusing Star Trek and Star Wars. What is GunPla? GunPla-Gundam Plastic Model Kit Those of you familiar with the term Brunch know it's a portmanteau of Breakfast and Lunch and so GunPla is one of Gundam and Plastic Model kit (Plamo, is also itself a portmanteau interestingly for Japan). Officially, it collectively refers to anything within the Gundam franchise that is an injection model kit produced by the Hobby division of Bandai Spirits, a company of Bandai Namco. For fans, GunPla means any model kit from the Gundam franchise including unlicensed stuff made by no name companies, bootleg copies of official products, fan made models that are made of other materials like 3D Print or Resin, or even assembly toys produced by other divisions of Bandai. It will be quite common to encounter differences between officially used terminology and those that have been interpreted differently by fans. This is due to a combination of language use and also lag time when someone may have been exposed to Gundam depending on when Bandai started offering products and content officially in your country. As such you will have fans that learned things on their own via word of mouth and Internet camping vs those who may have encountered official marketing materials by Bandai.
  2. Hi here is one one of my completed builds I did late last year. The base model is the MG RX 78-2 Gundam in the rollout color scheme. I have info relating to my build process linked here. There is a lot of info so linking it to my Instagram is much easier. Hope you enjoy the build https://www.instagram.com/p/Ck82CI8vJst/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  3. Bandai Master Grade 1:100 Full Armor Gundam FA 78-1 Custom repaint of the Mobile Suit Variations Full armor Gundam. This is the original design of the full RX 78 before the iconic "Thunderbolt" Gundam was introduced. Originally this kit was printed in almost all blue colored plastic. I gave the kit my own color scheme inspired by other variations of the FA 78-1.
  4. Good day fellow builders Sunday I completely another custom build for a group event I'm running. My process is simply this: Assemble the model Take it apart and organize the pieces in a container for prep. Scribe some panel lines to bring out a few fine details. Prime the model all in black primer followed by sparying white on certain pieces. This is to allow the vibrant colors to keep their shade. Paint using various lacquer paints(modo hk, hobby mio, and sms. Enamels and acrylic were used for fine detail work. Assemble the model again with the painted parts. Apply a clear gloss top coat Apply water slide decals in both 1:100 and 1:144 scales Once that was finished I top the model off with another gloss coat. Finally I mask off several secrion with ak camo putty. Now I normally like this stuff but due to the very warm weather it's been a challenge to remove. Especially in spots at the head. The model then is given a final top coat tying the whole project together. I am now working on a display base to really make the model stand out.
  5. This is a two in one model kit is project. The Gouf is the hg Revive 1/144 and the Dodai is an old 80's kit. Both have been installed with magnets for better stability. Both kits have been black based, airbrushed filled by decals and other details. Wooden base was made with wood filler, foam, modeling trees, rocks, and the small hovercraft from another kit.
  6. Ok, so this little gem (in 1/100 scale), is a kit I won as part of the Gundam Grand Prix event that was sponsored by the local anime-japanese-otaku yearly convention "San Japan", here in San Antonio, Texas. I won the kit thanks to the famous Odaiba diorama y'all saw on the latest IPMS Journal. It is a limited, exclusive and special edition of the originator of all the Gundam things: the RX-78-2. In this case, the plastic sprues are clear and translucent, and some parts are colored (the original plastic is colored, not that Band ai colored them after the "imprint"). It is only sold at "The Gundam Base", the Gundam mega-store in Japan. But you can buy it on-line, or buy the regular version with normal plastic sprues. Just look for "Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 3". Enough. Now photos. Photo of me, the Odaiba diorama and the RX-78-2 kit.
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