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  1. Recently completed this Star Wars bandai 1:72 scale A-wing. The custom color scheme was inspired by a star wars X-wing game piece I saw online. This is also not the Phenix squadron (concept) color version. Though they share similar colors altogether. I don't do a lot of masking in my builds. So I felt this was a good way to do something different this time around. I also built a completely different base for this kit. Felt using the Death Star base would have been lazy. So I'll be saving those parts for something else. To see the rest of my photomy please check out either my Facebook or Instagram pages. Find me at CobraPla on either platform.
  2. Yea those hi mobility zakus in the film are outfitted for ground use. Kinda silly to think about but I'm sure a prelude to the Dom.
  3. Unfortunately I have to wait for pban to release those.. classic peeban Actually I'm working on my own mg equivalent to the HG pbandam rx 78 rollout version. I have a bunch of photos of the custom work on my social media.
  4. Well I can say confidentially now that the build is now complete. I also constructed a custom as well for it.
  5. Yea pban be like that though... which is weird cus they announced the new hg Guncannon as a non pban.. Face palm..
  6. So far I don't plan on having any giant rocks to be thrown 😅. But my prediction on the Hi mobility zakus is that one includes all the parts.. which in turn you got to buy all 5. I'd rather do that than one large box.
  7. Hmmm speaking of cylon... I just might have to post something related to that. Appreciate it!
  8. Just about done with this project. I took a lot of time layering the weathering on this kit. Although it is not shown in the source material I took some artistic liberties.
  9. Hi currently working on on the recently released hg 1:144 Doans Zaku 2 from Cucuruz Doans Island Gundam movie. I'll be updating my progress from start to finish please enjoy. So far the model still had a good amount of work to be done. I will also be including a base as well.
  10. Here is my build of the bandai Star Wars Snow Speeder from Empire Strikes back. Kit was painted in lacquer paints, enamel panel liner, acrylic paint and few other mediums. Really enjoyed this build when I painted it early this year. I omitted the clear canopy the plastic is too thick in my opinion. Traditionally a lit of the og props and models didn't have it to my knowledge. So it felt a little more authentic. Hope you enjoy my build
  11. Believe me I very much like this version more as well. Considering Thunderbolt is an alternate universe in the UC timeline.
  12. Such a fun model, I got one I built as well. I definitely recommend people grabbing one. Good stuff!
  13. Bandai Master Grade 1:100 Full Armor Gundam FA 78-1 Custom repaint of the Mobile Suit Variations Full armor Gundam. This is the original design of the full RX 78 before the iconic "Thunderbolt" Gundam was introduced. Originally this kit was printed in almost all blue colored plastic. I gave the kit my own color scheme inspired by other variations of the FA 78-1.
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