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  1. Hobby time too limited for lousy kits--but they're fun, aren't they?

  2. Painting the pilot figure in Hasegawa's 1/32 J2M3 Raiden.

  3. Calvin Tan, who sculpts and paints figures, including many available from Alpine Miniatures, has a little tutorial on his blog: Representing ACU in 1/35 by Calvin Tan
  4. The camo scheme is well done. I like it. I especially like that this is the ESCI T-55 and your results defy the prevailing attitude that this kit is just a dog and not worth the effort.
  5. FJCook

    M3 Stuart

    Yours definitely looks sharp with those AFV tracks and the barrel. I like your vignette. I used Tamiya Olive Drab (XF-62), lightening the center of panels by mixing either Desert Yellow (XF-59) for areas closer to the tracks or mixing in Deck Tan (XF-55) for higher areas of the tank. I used Sin Industries (available from MIG Productions) filter Brown for Dark Green (3837), which darkened the paint considerably, a result I didn't like as the olive drab paint was essentially darkened too much, almost as if I mixed in black or gave it a filter using black paint. Semper Fi.
  6. The Australian ASLAV is an LAV-25 (also known as an LAV-II to the Canadian manufacturer), manufactured by the same Canadian company that makes the USMC LAV-A2 and LAV-III serving with Canadian Forces. The major visual differences include camouflage paint pattern and markings, no guard around the marine drive (used for fording; they're not fully amphibious), and an elongated exhaust with no cover. Many upgrades used by the Australian Army are mostly internal such as a new motor for the turret, a/c for the crew compartment, although some laser targeting stuff on the turret's exterior might need
  7. And here are ASLAV-25s in service with the Australian Army wearing "BAR armour."
  8. Chuck, Check out individual USMC LAR BN unit websites and look at their galleries. Also, go to Marines.mil and use their photo search. 1st LAR BN. Deployed in Afganistan. You see photos of their foot patrols and at least a couple variants of their LAVs as well as use of the MRAP. The vehicles are often used by different units as they rotate in; it's cheaper to just sign the equipment over to the incoming unit. The LAVs retain their NATO tri-color schemes with a heavy layer of dust and dirt. The MRAPs are painted in a desert scheme. Due to the mission of Marine LAR units, you wo
  9. Working on Trumpeter's stuff. Not bad. Not bad at all.

  10. FJCook

    M3 Stuart

    Not trying to hog the Armor forum here. These re-issues are often complained about, but I really enjoy seeing them on the shelf and checking out the box art as well as the original year of release. They're old, inaccurate, but stand the test of time because they're fun to build and lend themselves to improvements and honing your modeling skills without breaking the bank. This is Tamiya's 1/35 M3 Stuart light tank (Item 35042) I finished in 2010. It has motorization holes in the hull, open sponsons, clunky vinyl tracks, funny tabs that are supposed to be handles, inaccurate shape, sof
  11. FJCook

    Panzer II Ausf. G

    Thanks, guys! @Chris: nice work on yours. I actually saw it and thought about picking up another one to paint up in DAK livery, maybe even add a figure or two! I agree it's one of those kits that's just fun to build, not slog through like the more recent giant boxes of 30 sprues, photoetch, etc. Those have their particular brand of fun and historical interest, but I think this little panzer II kit is a definite "oldie but goodie," and easily lends itself to honing your modeling skills, whether it's scratchbuilding or working with photoetch or painting. You're not afraid to make erro
  12. Enjoying a 1/72 Bf 109 G-14 from Academy! Lots of fun, good fit.

  13. FJCook

    Panzer II Ausf. G

    This is Tamiya's old Panzer Kampfwagen II Ausf. F/G (Item 35009). It costs $13.50 off the shelf, cheaper online. The hull tub indicates this kit was originally released in 1971 but I read somewhere it actually dates back to 1969. Comes with a DAK crewman for the turret hatch (holding binoculars) and four DAK infantryman advancing. You get several marking options. The decals are thick and took a little work to settle on the kit, even its flat surfaces covered with a smooth gloss coat! I weathered it with a couple of oil paint filters and MIG Pigments. Some soft details, the vinyl tracks are
  14. Renewed IPMS membership! Working on a golden oldie from Tamiya!

  15. Calvin Tan's "polymino technique" produces convincing results. No doubt you can use the same technique to paint US Marine MARPAT as well as modern Canadian Forces. (Image courtesy Calvin Tan and Alpine Miniatures)
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