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  1. Thank you. Please send list. Email is thommiles01@gmail.com
  2. Hi Patrick, I buy all types of titles, including those for aircraft. I probably due to more sales on aircraft titles, actually. I'm more of an armor guy myself, always messed up the aircraft canopies with glue as a kid so kinda hard to get past that! If you're interested I could definitely swing by and take a look at your books, no obligation or anything. I'm new to IPMS so would be great to meet another local member, too.
  3. Hi all, As both a modeller and a bookseller, I have a special interest in acquiring (for resale) military modelling/history related books. Typically, I am looking for buys of a hundred plus books or more (for some higher end titles I can be flexible on that). I am in the greater Chicagoland area so typically would be looking for books within, say 50 miles of Chicago; however, for the right collection I would be willing to travel further. Reply to this thread if interested in discussing further. Thanks much! Best, Thom
  4. Hi all, Just joined IPMS. I do not belong to a local group yet, but should be making that happen soon. I build 1/72 scale armor, typically trying to add at least a bit of scratch built detail into each kit. It's been awhile since my last build. One of the reasons I joined was to try to get myself back to it. Best, Thom
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