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  1. What a great figure set. Really like the painting as well - well done
  2. Well I live south of ("the real") San Marcos- California- and have lived (?) in Texas -El Paso . So I guess if I combine the two and come to your San Marcos convention it'll be a break even. I know Ya'll have gotten more modern an' all, but is sit still OK to tie up in front of the hotel?ðŸĪĢ Sorry, guess I'm being â€Ķ.. doofus.ðŸĪŠ Seriously Best Wishes on the convention, sounds like you are getting a good running start.👍👍👍
  3. Wow The spoiler shots are impressive. The shine is killer too; though I believe I sat too close. Oh well
  4. Thanks Mark, though it has only been since November '15, I feel that this is indeed "good Company" as I enjoy the builds of our members. Happy New Year to you and yours
  5. Ah, Yes, to pun or not to pun that is the question. Oh and your welcome to all
  6. I have tried PPP and it does amazing stuff, not everything, but darn good at what it can do. Not having to crush the dried residual off the Milliput to try to get enough to mix-eventually- is a very good thing. ( and yes, it is the new box ) The trick of keeping the syringe tip in a bit of water has allowed me to keep the PPP on my bench ready at a moments notice-I gets lot of those moments, 'cause I make OOPs Anyhow used with in its few forgivable, limitations this is a good solid product to have available.
  7. OK, OK Right on. Perfect solution to ease your worry about how to paint ( ) the finder....uh ...thingies. One thing though, because they're so shinny they don't show up in the photos all that well -they reflect the surroundings so good they just disappear. I have the solution just give 'em a shot of clear dull coat - then they be better able to be seen..............OH, wait I missed the point-again- didn' I? Anyway to get back to the real world: Seriously cool idea of polishing the metal- gives the model a new dimension. The emblems are "emblematic" of your skills to date
  8. So, I guess you not going to worry, too much, about the soda company's logo showing through-eh? :P Seriously: like the inner fender wells they will make this great model even great-er- er
  9. Sounds like the answer to my crying an' sobbing and teeth gnashing as I fill my seams. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Winner of an Idea. June is always a fun show. Sometimes I even get in and see the contest (someday I'll realize my stash is full enough.......Naw not in this century-sigh).
  11. Many thanks to all of you for the warm reception. Mark, thanks for the invite (I assume for next year ) -never mind I'm being silly. Seriously though; As I'm in the San Diego area, I'll have to pack a lunch and fill the water bag, to hang off the radiator ornament, and make plans to get up there one day.
  12. Like most modelers, I too have a reasonable case of AMS or OMS (old modeler syndrom) in my case. I have a data base program with all of my paints listed. The key thing in the future is that we will have to be more careful when we shop to replace a color or add a new one. Model on. BTW, I like the idea of buying all of the greens or grays to make sure that you have the right one but have you seen the price of paint? ;-) Thanks Clare, for reading my drivel. With the silly-ness that is me, I couldn't resist a bit of tongue and cheek, before feelings veered too far from the original posts bit of well meant information. As to the system you are using; it does sound like a very workable one. Having forgotten (again) :lol: just which colors I Do have, your system certainty minimizes that dreaded "bottle #5 of 5 situation" . Model on my friend
  13. Good looking job, on an interesting subject (another something I had no idea about--sigh)
  14. Well if he's just takin' a break while on the front lines, then helmet on. If he's in the rear, just back from the combat zone, helmet OK to take off He does and will look good either way.
  15. I for one, know all the paint I have in my stock pile....it's all in bottles, it has the name of the manufacture, the color inside, complete (as of dated printed) safety data, a cap apon which I put a salvaged price tag from a previous purchase with the name written by my own hand with an environmentally sensitive marking system (The stub of a twig, from my yard, I burned to make a charcoal tip for writing) . As to the new more challenging labels I have devised a "work around". As I need to replace a color and the labels make easy reading too difficult or requiring mechanical aids; I shall simply buy one of each color in the range I need (i.e. if I need a dark gray), I will simply buy all the medium grays to nearly black grays. This will assure me I have: 1) gotten the color I wanted and 2) I will have a more complete selection of colors for my future needs. So, I do not have to worry about the label readability. I will gain a host of, no doubt, future needed colors. p.s.
  16. Interesting and unusual; Well done on the whole thing. The base has a very "other world" feel to it.
  17. Say, would you mind me coming over and "helping" you look through you basement some more? Good luck on the build it should be a blast :lol:
  18. Very nice. I especially like way you handled the leather coats. Nice staging of the layout shows each element to its best advantage.
  19. Why here's " another" red, flamed, lowered, tubed, '56 F 100 Looks like one I have enjoyed on another site; and by golly I have enjoyed it again, here! Great job Joe, on the truck. I have been bookmarking your threads so I can use some of your techniques. If I can figure out how to get the cap off the glue bottle
  20. ... whether I have introduced myself on this forum or not. I'm a retired guy, I like to build planes, cars, trucks, armor, but not yet ships or Si Fi. Started modeling when I was knee high to a Testers tube. Slipped out of modeling to enter collage, the world of work and didn't pick it back up for 45 more years. When I did get back in the changes were amazing, frighting and wonderful. As to building, I am slow, trying new (to me) techniques and seeing how I can make the build better, is ever on going. Fortunately the web and sites like this have given me great lessons, things to try and new friends to interact with.
  21. PropDuster

    need tips

    Z All the previous advice is good and should get you started constructing your diorama. If I may, before you begin to spread materials and glue stuff down, you may want to sketch out a plan of what you want to have, all concrete?, any grass siding?, elevation changes?, tree?, bushes?, rocks? figures?, etc. I'm not saying make a drafting blueprint, just a rough sketch , full size of the base, of what goes where. How the model will be placed, will all the things fit? Can you cut out somethings? Need to add something? Pencil and paper sketches are easy,cheap and quick, to do. That way you can visualise the dio and solve any composition problems, before committing time and effort constructing something.
  22. At my advanced age, my Dr. says a 1/35 scale beer is all I can handle. Boy, you wait 'til He gets this old....
  23. Have to say Duke, the "fit and finish" on those models is first rate.
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