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  1. You cannot do better than this: http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/masam32001.htm
  2. Evilbay is your friend. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Print-Scale-Decals-1-72-NORTH-AMERICAN-F-86-SABRE-Jet-Fighter/132597698951?hash=item1edf705187:g:C3oAAOSwH2Ja4J8b
  3. Ronald, YOU are the modeler/artist and you should build it to suit your desires. The youtube modeler replicated the "typical" stance of shore based Tomcats, whereby upon landing, one engine is shut down and the engine nozzle petals open. The plane taxis on the remaining engine to the ramp and shuts down with the hot engine shut down with the engine nozzle frozen in the closed (taxi) position. Whether it is "correct" or not depends on your point of view or scenario you want to portray in your model. HTH.
  4. Jerry, I think the major recognizable differences between the R-2800 A/B and C series engines is in the reduction crankcase between the cylinders and the propeller. The A/B series engines had a one-piece, smooth crankcase while the C series engines had two piece crankcases fastened together with a row of bolts. That should make them distinguishable. Thus, the Vector instruction that a C-series for the P-47D is incorrect and that a P-47M/P-47N is more appropriate. HTH
  5. Pulling what is close to hand, I took these measurements off 72nd National insignia measuring just the blue circle surrounding the white star, as follows: Airfix kit A08014 C-47 Skytrain D-Day: 18mm wings and fuselage Xtradecal X72083 C-47: (WW2) 18mm wings and fuselage Eagle Strike 72052 C-47: (WW2 with bars) 16mm fuselage/20mm wings (WW2 without bars) 18mm wings and fuselage 18mm in 72nd scale comes to about 51" in real life. HTH.
  6. Beautiful job sir. Did you accent body/wing panel lines after painting? Your Group Build was an eye-catcher in Omaha - too bad there wasn't a Boeing 247 to complete the series!
  7. NMF is an acronym for Natural Metal Finish. HTH = Hope That Helps! :)
  8. Fundekals. Good product and excellent service. http://www.fundekals.com/starsBars72.html
  9. Try Gator's Masks. http://gatorsmask.com/index.html
  10. Great job. Anxiously awaiting to see your finished piece.
  11. A quick search of Google says this about radars on the USS Essex: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Essex-class_aircraft_carrier#Guns.2C_radar_and_radios Your conclusion about aircraft fitment is accurate. Yes, Essex did have quad-40s in 1944. HTH!
  12. Hannants has in stock Airdecal sheet ADTS7228 RAF Antiflash Avro Vulcans which is what you want. (The Internet is your friend!) https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ADTS7228
  13. Bravo on a beautiful piece, Chris. Your friend is going to love it. Safe travels. cheers, Mike Quan
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