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  1. I'm moving ahead on the project. I will post pixs on the progress and finished photos Joe
  2. Gil, Thank you. I was kind of guessing in those directions, but it is a hard subject to verify or at least have some back up on ideas. I think colors along these lines will definitely work for a self sitter parked with other classic Cold War heavies.
  3. Russian Tu-142MR Gray Maritime Color Scheme Questions I am building the Trumpeter 1/72 Tu-142MR Bear and I want to paint it in the Gray Maritime colors. Does anyone have suggestions as to the grays that Russia uses? · Topside and overall gray? · 2 different trim grays on the vertical stabilizer? · White or light gray on the engine nacelles? · Radome whites or grays? · Wheel well colors. Recent pictures show a light pea green color? I’m looking forward to moving on with this project. I first started it 13 years ago and the build ended up in the box and put back in the stash. Seeing the newer gray scheme has relight interest in the Bear and I am going to finish the project. There is not much out there on building this one and nothing on painting it other than a lit of Russian airshow pictures. They are great, but don’t answer all the questions that I have. Thanks in advance for any information that folks might have. I will post pictures of the project when it is completed. Joe Rivers
  4. Thank you for replying. I've come up with a couple of ideas and let you now about them as they pan out. I'm just starting this project, but I'll keep you informed of my progress. Joe
  5. I am in the process of building my second Hasegawa 1/72 Scale Shinmeiwa PS-1. (I built the first one in 1974, and it has long been retired to the Boneyard). As you would guess, the kit decals are not that good. I am looking for suggestions as to sources for 1/72 Japanese decals suitable for modern JSDF aircraft. There is lots of WW2 stuff out there and some for smaller more modern Japanese A/C but I can’t find anything for larger aircraft.,, Any suggestions where to look? Thanks for any help, Joe Rivers, President - Willow Run Bomber Plant IPMS, Ypsilanti, Michigan
  6. until
  7. I agree with the danger of shelf life. I have old Pactra paint that my Dad bought in the 1960's and it's still usable. The worst paint that I have seen for long term life is Humbrol. I have Model Master's that are 15 years and older that are still good as new. When the stocks dry up... then it's time to move on to something new. I am interested in trying the new True North paint line. Any news about this new line? Joe Rivers
  8. I am putting this information into our Willow Run Bomber Plant Chapter newsletter with credit to you. Thank you for this information for those of us that still use Testers enamals. Hopefully my stash lasts me the rest of my lifetime. Joe Rivers President - WRBP IPMS
  9. We have created the new WRBP logo and will present it at the January 2019 WRBP general meeting. The logo is based on an origional 1943 felt patch fron the Willow Run Ford Plant. The origional had "FORD" where we placed "IPMS". The styalized B-24 is for the planes built at Willow Run. The colors Blue and White are those of Ford Motor Company that built the Willow Run Plant and the 8000+ B-24's there. Joe
  10. A 1/32 scale Michigan Air National Guard F-101 and F-106 would be perfect with my 1/32 scale collection!!! Joe Rivers
  11. Our Web Site will be up soon. We will announce once it is up. Joe
  12. Our WRBP Membership is proud to announce the establishment of the IPMS Willow Run Bomber Plant Chapter on December 11th, 2018. Our Chapter is located in Ypsilanti Michigan – home of the Willow Run Bomber Plant and “Rosie the Riveter”. The WRBP Chapter name proudly reflects the history and heritage of Henry Ford’s famous Willow Run Bomber Plant, in Ypsilanti Michigan This plant built over 8000 B-24 Liberators in WW2. General meetings are held at the UAW Local 898 Union Hall located at 8975 Textile Rd, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. Meetings are held on the First Thursday of the Month - Next meeting - January 3, 2019 Meeting time is officially from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, E-mail us at wrbpipms@gmail.com Visit us on Facebook at Willow Run Bomber Plant ipms
  13. Thank you for the positive responses! This Roden An-12 kit was a "Filling Nightmare! Nothing fit, the for and aft fuselage sections were a 1/16" off from each other! The engine nacelles fit was from another planet. This was one of those kits I built more to show it who was boss then anything. Oh, and the decals, there weren't enough stripes for the whole fuselage on both sides, . I am also a model railroader, so i found some Santa Fe blue locomotive stripes that matched and that saved the day. But, I must agree, that the finished Cub was a very nice looking transport aircraft and it is a real attention getter because of it uniqueness. Joe.
  14. New to the IPMS and I found your post reading through the messages. I tackled the Cub back in 2011. I feel your pain on that beast. Mine sits next to a Canadian CC-130 in UN markings. See pix attached. Joe R
  15. My Dad was stationed at Offutt AFB from 1963 to 1970. As a kid, we would ride the shuttle bus from Capehart Base Housing over to the north end of the flight line near the north gate to Bellevue. This is where all the museum planes were originally parked. We would spend many hours wandering around underneath them out in the open marveling at the size of them. I had the opportunity to stop at the new museum in 2010 and it was wonderful to see all of those A/C now inside and protected for all time. Thank you for the pictures and the reminder. Joe
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