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  1. I came across this in my parts box and always meant to research. Can’t find a thing. Some kind of reverse Trike like a Can Am or something, but the steering levers are like those on the kid’s vintage Green Machine toy. Looks like modern production, poss Japanese? Any ideas? Tks!
  2. Stripped and restored this original Aurora. Missing tree and snake but I’ll find originals for it. First pic is what I started with.
  3. Made this for another modeler friend. Not perfect, but I’m learning.
  4. I took a Monogram Illuminators Frankenstein Kit and made a darker Frankenberry than the cartoon drawing on the cereal box. I was going to have him either holding a box of the cereal, or make a big cereal box in place of the tombstone. Then I decided to let the model tell a story and have a spray painted “X” through the “stein” part of Frankenstein’s tombstone, and a spent rattle can lying on the ground.
  5. Hello just joined. I’m a retired and disabled US Navy veteran and I do model building for therapy and of course fun. I will build any scale really and sometimes even mix. I like to do unique one off projects, mostly monster and Sci fi builds. I scratch build a little and really enjoy the challenge. I’m getting away from cars, but I’m currently doing a ‘49 Mercury Coupe for a friend. Looking forward to this forum and learning.
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