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  1. Finished. It is all original except for the tiny snake head and lizard tongue are from the Polar Lights Customizing Kit repop. The snake tongue I had to make because they’re nearly impossible to find.
  2. Refining my technique here with the face and hands. Learning more and more each time I do one of these old monsters! Unfortunately all of the built ones I got were not good dismantling candidates, so I try and fix gaps and misalignments as best I can.
  3. Those kits are called Illuminators. They did several monsters, a few cars and airplanes.
  4. Thanks much. Yes the glow versions came later and all versions of these original kits are expensive.
  5. They’re a lot of fun and I’d done right, you can really appreciate the expert sculpting by Bill Lemon on those Aurora kits of the 60s.
  6. The Creature Brothers. One on left is my first and a keeper, and I may put the other and future ones up for sale at some point...I don’t know. Neither is finished but I’m happy with the technique so I can reproduce it a couple times.
  7. Here’s another save from someone’s childhood (before pic at end). Stripped, fixed in spots and 100% hand painted back to glory...no airbrushing here. Here’s a few progress pics. Tks for looking and your comments are welcome.
  8. Here’s another save from the attic. He’s been stripped and reassembled where necessary and primered then hand painted. No airbrushing in this piece. Last pic is what I started with.
  9. Here’s an original that I stripped and rebuilt as best I could, then re-painted.
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