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  1. Dak I was responsible for the placement of the Diorama class in Chattanooga (and played a role in placing categories for Atlanta in 2005) and James is spot on. The only way we were able to get decent electrical connections was against the wall. The reason that this category seemed jammed in (and it was) was due to two factors - higher than anticipated model turnout along with the tables that were delivered were smaller than what we planned and ordered. Most categories would like to be arranged so that the attendees could see all sides of the model. Unfortunately, this is not possible for ever category (usually) and knowing that a number of dioramas are built to be viewed from a certain side such as the box dioramas also factored into the room placement. Have fun modeling Mike
  2. Richard, with a couple of these A-37 kits in my stash, I'll buy a copy no matter how you publish it! I developed a fondness for the SuperTweet when I would watch "The Boys From Syracuse" do touch & gos at Hancock Field way back when. Have fun modeling! Mike
  3. "That's a possibility that I hadn't considered Nick, but 400 rooms sold out means an attendance of at least 400. What was the attendance in Chattanooga last year? I can't seem to find it. That would give us a decent yardstick." PeteJ: I was the contest coordinator for Chattanooga so here's some numbers for you: Convention registrations - 961 Contest entries - 3100 Display only models - 1680 Total models - approx 5000 (remember that we had quite a few collection and group entries, all of which only count as one entry, but contain multiple models) Note that there were a lot of single day walk-ins during the convention and these are not counted in the registration numbers. One thing that should be considered when looking at the hotel reservations for any Nats is that a certain number of these will not be used. Quite a few modelers make the hotel reservations "just in case" and plan on deciding whether or not to attend in the months before the convention. With the ability to cancel with no charge before the start of the convention, this becomes an easy option. BTW, it was cool to see that you are from San Marcos, CA. I worked in San Marcos for 9 years before moving East to the Atlanta GA area. Have fun modeling Mike
  4. In addition to Dave's good advice above, I strongly recommend that anyone who has or is considering buying a liquid resin 3D Printer like the Elegoo download the following fact sheet on the safety and handling of this resin. https://www.radtech.org/health-safety/proper-handling-of-uv-resins It is free and was written to be useful. In the spirit of disclosure, I am heavily involved in the 3D printing industry and I am the principle author of the fact sheet. Enjoy working with your 3D printer! Have fun modeling! Mike
  5. Speaking of T-38s, some markings for one of NASA's Houston based T-38s in 1/72 would be greatly appreciated! Other than an unusual set of markings for a NASA T-38 on a very old Microscale sheet, I don't think these have been done in 1/72. This decal would get the interest of both aircraft and space related modelers and it is Texas focused! Have fun modeling! Mike
  6. Great work and idea Kev! Definitely a change of pace from real space modeling. Have fun modeling Mike
  7. Interesting discussion! For those who will be in Phoenix next week and have some time to kill on Thursday afternoon, I'll be giving a seminar on 3D Printing. The focus is an overview of the different types of 3D Printing (technology that is used) and how it relates to scale modeling. Basically, I'll be covering the basics! I am in the 3D printing industry and also teach a course at SUNY on 3D printing technology. Some of the confusion comes from the different ways 3D Printing can be used (make individual parts or the complete model). Being deeply embedded in the industry, I am not too concerned that there is a problem yet with 3D Printing and IPMS contests. Hopefully, I'll be able to answer any questions on this topic on Thursday! Have fun modeling Mike
  8. Interestingly, I received my January/February Issue in today's mail and I also had the insert that this was my last issue. My membership expires on 12/15/15 so unless we will be stretching out the Journal to 1 issue a year ;-) , I should not have received this insert either. I'll drop MJ a note also but this looks like a trend! Have fun modeling Mike IPMS# 14354
  9. This has been a great thread, and has reminded me of a lot of movies that I have enjoyed over the years. It also had me thinking as to what movies would be my all time favorites. I guess I gravitate to the more realistic classics with my top choices being: 2001 A Space Odyssey (#1 in my book!) Blade Runner Silent Running While I have enjoyed the entire Star Wars series and Alien(s), I do have a soft spot for the original Star Wars. This is mainly due to the fact that I worked with Ben Burtt's dad at the time and he would bring in photos from his son showing us this SF movie he was working in. They were Ben's personal photos of around the backstage areas of different scenes. They were really cool, but as this was some time before the movie was even getting some press (well before the Internet days), none of us thought about the impact that this "little" movie would eventually make. You should have heard our group cheer Ben Burtt's name when it came up on the credits when we went as a group on opening weekend. And the rest is history..... (and I really wished I had thought of asking Ben's father if I could have copies of the photos at the time) Mike IPMS # 14354
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