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  1. Ed I saw your PM that they are ready to be mailed. Thank you for helping me with this & I'll let you know when they arrive. This is one of the many things I love about being in a modeling organization, members willing to assist others with their projects.
  2. Ed, Thanks a lot for your help. My mailing address has been PM'd to you. Thanks again, Tim
  3. I just recieved my copy of the Caracal Models #CD72028 T-45 Goshawk decals and they say that the October 2009 issue of Fine Scale Modeler has a detailed article on the necessary modifications needed for the Testors/Italeri 1/72nd kit. Might anyone have that issue and could send me a scan of the article? Thanks, Tim
  4. I just use a simple Excel spreadsheet for that info. For the club mailing list, I have everyone in my e-mail address book then created a group list so to contact everyone in the club I hit only 1 address instead of everyone separately. For the vendor list, again I use a simple Excel spreadsheet with all of the pertanent info. PM me if you want a sample of the vendor listing. Tim
  5. I had to talk with the Reservations Manager (Embassy Suites Reservations Central) and he talked with someone at La Vista & was able to squeeze me into the Group Rate for the first 3 nights. Both said that the Group Rate was sold out for the first 3 days. So good luck.
  6. Nick, Yep. I called today, a Saturday. And they said that I do not get the group rate for Wednesday/Thursday/Friday nights!! Hopefully someone in Omaha will look into this. Tim
  7. Embassy Suites says they only have the group rate for Saturday only.
  8. I know we have to use the parking garage across the street from, or others near, the Convention Center. Do we know the prices? I looked for that info on the web site but didn't see it. Thanks, Tim
  9. www.grandprixmodels.com has a lot of good stuff. They are in England but you still get fast service. Tim
  10. Rob, Thanks. I hadn't though of looking there. I have it printed out for my reference. Tim
  11. Might anyone out there have Academy's King Tiger Final Production, kit # 13229? I would like a copy of the "Octopus" paint scheme page. Please PM me if you do and can scan that portion of the instructions for me. I looked on that Hobby Search web site without success; they had the kit but I could not find the instructions. Thanks, Tim
  12. I have several "pads" of wine bottle foil but to me they are too thick for seat belts. That's why I haven't tried them yet. Of course, I still add to that collection . Thank you the suggestions. Tim
  13. Might anyone know where I can find a 1/35th scale Dunkerque city limits sign? I have the very old Tamiya signs set and that has "Dunkirk" but that is not the French spelling of that City. I've looked on e-By, Archer and Reality in Scale without success. This will be used on the base for my Czechoslovak Independent Brigade M5A1. Any other ideas? Thanks, Tim
  14. Might anyone know where I might find photos of a M5A1 in the Czech Independant Brigade outside Dunkirk in late 1944-1945? I found the Black Lion decals out of The Netherlands on e-Bay & bought them, but they do not provide any diagram, etc. for the sheet. I have contacted them for information and am awaiting info, but it's been three weeks, so... I've Googled it but came up with nothing. I did find out that they landed in Normandy in August 1944 then moved to the siege of Dunkirk for the remainder of the war. I'll be using the AFV Club kit, with the Black Lion decals and Resicast British crew (I figure that they would've used British uniforms but with Czech insignias, like the Poles did. Thanks, Tim
  15. I worked on F-4s and they all had the same size intakes except as Gil pointed out, the British ones. With the American ones, you had to go in sideways to get past that probe on the wall about a yard back. Last time I "shot the tubes", about 2-3 years ago, I had a hard time getting my fat belly past!!
  16. It keeps on getting better & better each update you provide. Thanks & great work. Tim
  17. Hey guys, thanks. The Bison & Star ones are OK, but don't turn me on but the Black Lion ones do. So I'll be getting those. Rob & Mark, you guys rock as always. Thanks Tim BTW, Accurate Armour did not have anything either.
  18. You already might have seen my request for M4A4 tracks, which I now have. A big thank you everyone. Now I was thinking to put my Sherman ARV Mk. I in British Commonwealth markings in Italy, 1944. So for something different, I thought the 2nd Polish Armored Division or 12th South African Motor Brigade would be cool, but I can't locate any. I've checked Archer, Ultracast and Star without success. I have contacted Derek Hanson at Accurate Armour to see what he might have and await his response. Any other ideas? Thanks for any guidance you can provide. Tim
  19. Wow Mike, I hadn't heard of them before. Looks like I'll be spending some $$ with them soon. Thanks for the heads up Tim
  20. Thanks guy for the info Tim
  21. Rob, Just ordered them from MegaHobby, ordering from them directly was cheaper than Amazon, which coordinated the sale with MegaHobby anyways. Also bought a couple other sets to have on hand. Thanks bud. Tim P.S. How is your Pz IV J coming along?
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