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  1. Rick, I hadn't thought of that kit & I have one on the shelf. Will have to see if it has what I need. Thanks for the idea. Tim
  2. TimDarrah

    Fug 10 Radio ?

    I was reading the old Squadron book "Blitzkrieg" in prep to build a BEF Matilda and I saw a cool photo of a Luftwaffe Sd.Kfz. 223 with just WL on the number plate along with the 7th Panzer Division markings on it. Doing some research on the vehicle I found that I'll need a Fug 10 radio for this vehicle (the Hobby Boss kit I have ordered does not have any radios in it at all according to the reviews I've read). So might anyone know if any aftermarket company makes the Fug 10 sets? I'm sure that I can scratchbuild them but I'm lazy and would rather just buy a set already made up. The vehicle actually had a medium-range radio, the Fug 10 and a long range one and I'm almost 100% certain I have an extra in my spares box. I'm going to get the Tank Workshops interior set to use for this vehicle. Thanks, Tim
  3. Ralph, You know that I'm lazy :-) John, Thanks for the info, I'll see what I can find. Rob, I've used Cavalier before and love the way they look and ease of use as well. Thanks all. Tim Mind you, since the Pz IV I want to build was destroyed in early 45, who knows if the zimmeritt was even on it? We ll know that was discontinued in mid-44.
  4. Thanks Rob, I forgot about them & I've used their stuff before!!! Don't you just hate the "Can't Remeber S---" syndrome? I'll scope them out
  5. Hasegawa is coming out with this http://www.hasegawausa.com/product-pages/hsgs2238.html the last USAF F-4 to fly. It's supposed to be out this month. I'll have to get one, even though it's $60, as I handled the jet at the 2016 Shaw AFB Open House. It's always nice to have a model of something you worked on. Tim
  6. Besides Cavalier, who else makes resin zimmerit? I know there are other manufacturers, but right now I can't remember who. I'm looking for a set for my DML #6022 Pz IV, Ausf. J, Late. I'm going to be using my Bison Decals #35041 "Battle of Balaton Hungary, 1945". I've looked on e-Bay on only found the Eduard metal zimmerit, while I haven't used those, I just don't like the look of their zimmerit. Looks too flat. Thanks, Tim
  7. According to my Vallejo paint list, they only do the smaller bottle. If you want/need a large bottle of white, why not try the Tamiya version, their small bottle is 10ml and they have 23ml bottles as well. Tim
  8. TimDarrah

    P-26A ?

    Gil, Thanks bud, that's what I thought but couldn't find it during my search. The kit prop actually isn't too bad, good enough for my purposes. Thanks again, Tim
  9. TimDarrah

    P-26A ?

    Might anyone know what type of propellor was on the P-26A? I'm building the old Revell kit for the upcoming 55th Fighter Squadron 100-Year anniversary. Thanks, Tim
  10. Our club decided at our meeting yesterday, 12 March, to shutdown our web site and go with just a Facebook page. It'll save us about $200 a year. It's an open page so anyone can post but have had no problems with SPAM postings or anything like that.
  11. Thank you all for the suggestions. Next time in at Hobbytown, I'll pick some Tamiya and Vallejo up to try those out.
  12. Hey, I need some assistance. What is the best Dull Coat out there? And what do you use? I've been useing Testors (spray) for the longest time and never get a truely dull coat, even after multiple coats. One of the guys in the AMPS club I belong to told me about Windsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Matt Varnish. That gives a great true dull coat, but when I spray it through my airbrush it "spots" on me and my T-34/76 Mod 1942 Fact. 112 at the AMPS/Atlanta show two weeks ago got low marks for it. I have tried Krylon Matte Finish 1311 in spray form, and it crazed my Airfix 1/72nd P-40B, can't tell if it did it to the just the paint or if it effected the plastic undernieth. So any tips/hints recommendations are very welcome. Thanks, Tim
  13. Awesome work my friend on both this and the Crusader!!
  14. I am part of a group making 1/72nd aircraft models for the upcoming 55th Fighter Squadron Centenary Anniversary/Reunion to be held 23-25 August of this year at Shaw AFB, SC. I am building both the P-51B and P-51D and need two sets of the black/white stripes you see in the attachment. They can be found on Super Scale sheet #72-774 P-51D Aces and I have found a couple sheets on e-Bay but they are in the $15-17 range which is a bit much since I don't need the entire sheet, just two decals from it. So I was wondering if anyone might have this sheet in their stash that they don't need the cowl stripes that they might be willing to part with? Thanks, Tim
  15. Xtracolor has/had one as well, sorry I don't remember the number. I used it when I was stationed over in England and Hannants was my local hobbyshop :D
  16. That info is spot-on. Thanks for the link and what's great, I have Vallejo 814 on hand :D Thank you all for the info and ideas. Stuff like this makes IPMS a wonderful organization. Tim
  17. Keith, thanks for the photo. That really helps. Gil, I hadn't thought of car colors. I'll have to look there.
  18. TimDarrah

    Maroon 18 ?

    I'm working on the 1/72nd Airfix Hawk H-81-A and useing Starfighter Decals #72-134 Pre-War USAAC P-40B for an upcoming display for the 55th Fighter Squadron Centenary in August. Mark says that the backside of the prop is Maroon 18 and according to the IPMS/USA Color Cross Reference, that codes out to be FS10076. Might anyone know a model paint that is close to this maroon? Thanks, Tim
  19. I use very fine clear thread that I bought at WalMart, I think, for my 1/72nd aircraft and attach it with just a drop of "super glue".
  20. I am looking for the portion of the 1982 Nats decal sheet for the55th Fighter/Pursuit Squadron P-12B in 1/72nd for a display at the 55th Fighter Squadron 100 Year Anniversary/Reunion in August of this year. The kit will be built and donated to the Squadron for permanent display. Thanks, Tim
  21. Yep, both of those two aircraft are so "funky" I had to get them. I hope you can find one
  22. Yes it was and your stock number is correct. I have one & the Nord 1402 Gerfault I (kit # 7202). I bought mine from Squadron several years ago. And sorry, I don't want to part with them. But at least you know they exist. Tim
  23. Mark, I lost your e-mail, that's why I didn't contact you directly as I knew you'd be the "ever-so knowledgeable one" . I have found several photos on the Net and I will definately scope out Mr. Modelbau. Thanks again Brother, Tim
  24. Might anyone know of a conversion/detail set, decals & what color green was used to build a Syrian Pz IV or Jagdpz IV? I know Star Decals has a sheet of Syrian T-34/85s and T-55 used in the Six-Day War but nothing for the Pz IV or the Jagdpz IV. AEF Designs used to have a conversion for the Pz IV but we all know how bad AEF stuff was plus they are out of business. Thanks, Tim
  25. That is way too cool :D
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