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  1. I'm working on the 1/24th Revell Porsche 911 GT-1 kit & am using the Ricambi decals for the yellow Rohr car. In one of my photos from Sebring in 98 (?) it shows a NAPA decal on both sides. I've looked through my spares bag & I don't have any. So might anyone have two (2) NAPA decals about 1/4-inch tall that I could beg/borrow/steal/pay for? Thanks, Tim
  2. I'm reading "The Fight in the Clouds" by James P. Busha and in one of the "interviews" Hollis "Holly" Hills was profiled. We flew USAAC P-51s in Europe then transferred to the Navy and flew F6Fs; he scored kills in both airframe types. My question is, might there be decals of his F6F in 1/72nd with both German & Japanese kill markings available? Thanks, Tim
  3. Gil, You crack me up. Only you would've come up with something like that :D Tim
  4. I'm about ready to start decaling my ancient 1/72nd Supermodel Macchi 202 and I'll be using the Skymodel Decals # 72-014. The instructions are pretty good, but they do not provide any information on decal placement for the stencils, etc.; just the markings for the specific aircraft. Might anyone know of a web site I can find for the placement of these decals? Thanks, Tim
  5. Bryan, Well, I have it on order, we'll see what it looks like. That Custom Scale sure has some interesting items. If the conversion is good, I'll look into buying more. Thanks again, Tim
  6. After seeing the models that Roger Wolczek has in the latest Journal (pg.66), it got my juices flowing again. Several years ago, I saw a resin conversion for the Sd.Kfz. 7 Fire/Launch Control Vehicle, (I think it was a German company) but stoopid me I never bought it. I've looked a bit for the conversion but haven't found it; might anyone remember who did it and who might sell it? Thanks, Tim
  7. Guys, thanks for the info. I have now saved the 1999 website for future reference. I didn't know I could get instructions off of the Dragon site, very cool. Thanks alot.
  8. I remember going to a web site that had a lot of instructions for numerous modeling companies, but I don't remember the exact URL. I've looked through several of the Forum threads trying to find it without success. Might anyone rember what the site is? I'll save it in my favorites this time. I'm specially looking for DML # 3535 M1A1 AIM, the commander's MG mounting info. Thanks, Tim
  9. Oh man. You gotta get back on that M-12 my friend. That thing will look so cool.
  10. Ahh, Becket in her blue blazer when she walked into the Russian Poker Room was my thrill . Also at the Sci-Fi convention, the last scene. OOOFA. Hate those shoes though. Oh the model, great work as usual my friend. What ever happened to the IDF M-12 you were working on? I couldn't find an update on it.
  11. Wow Eric, I was stunned to see the new web site. As you say, it needed for some upgrades. Once I re-learn the web site, I'm sure it'll be easy to use. Well deone and a great big THANK YOU. Tim
  12. My nearest hobbyshop is 40+ miles away and I'm not in the mood to drive for about 2 hours, there and back, just for one bottle of paint. I have X-5 Green and the instructions call for XF-5 Flat Green - are these the same colours just one is gloss and the other is flat? I've printed out both colour charts and XF-5 looks a bit more yellow. Thanks, Timmy
  13. Way cool Jim, thanks for the info. Boy are trhey inexpensive $8.79 and that includes Airmail !!
  14. I use ModelMaster #2094 Panzer Schwarzgrau '39-'43 and fade it with ModelMaster #1723 (? the # is faded on my bottle) FS36118 Gunship Grey. Both are enamels and work great. If you don't want to use the Gunship Grey to fade the Panser Grau, try adding some pink to the PanzerGrau for fading. That works as well; but I'm lazy so I just use Gunship Grey. Hope this helps.
  15. My tin of Xtracolour of Russian Wheel Green is finally dead. Is there any other alternative for this colour that is easier to obtain here in the States? I looked through my IPMS/USA (by Meteor Productions) Color Cross Reference Guide but found no reference. Thanks in advance. Tim
  16. Let's face it, where are the electrical outlets located, on the walls. Therefore, most entries that require electric power will need to be located against the walls unless they supply their own power, IE. batteries. You can't have extension cords running over the floor, just taping them to the floor is against numerous fire & safety regulations. The Fire Marshall has every right to inspect the safety at any event, and if they see something against the rulles, they can & will shut down the event. I've had our local Fire Chief come to our Regional to see things for himself. So if diorama, or any other type of modeler for that fact, wants to enter a powered display, bring your own or be up against a wall. Plus, most contests layout the floorplan by category number, so the lower numbers, such as aircraft, are located towards the front of the room and the higher category numbers, such as automotive, sci-fi and dioramas are located towards the rear of the display space. Tim
  17. Ed, The instructions arrived today. Thank you very much for your help. Tim
  18. At the Nats, I found the 1/72nd Hasegawa JASDF Mitsubishi F-1, but the decals aren't in good shape. Might anyone know of better decals out there? Thanks, Tim
  19. I was given a 1/72nd SuperScale decal sheet, #72-151 for B-29s. It has on it "Coral Queen", "Bockscar" and one other without a name. If anyone has this sheet, could they please PM me so I could get a copy of the instruction sheet? Thanks, Tim
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