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  1. Hi guys, I am going to be building in 1/24th, the Brun "Memorex" Porsche 962C as raced at the 1986 Norisring 250 and Fuji rounds of the WSPC. As you can see in the attached photo, it has the front wheel covers but with the BBS gold spokes painted on the black disc. Might anyone know of where I can get decals for this? I'll be using Tamiya #24233 "Shell" Porsche 962C, this kit has the discs molded onto the front wheels and the 6-spoke wheel for the rear (I'll add the rear disc from my spares box). I checked my 956 (kit # 247A), it has the actual BBS spoked front wheel. In Tamiya's "Canon" 956 (kit # 24232) it has those decals but I really don't want to raid a virgin kit. I think I remember a decals sheet that has the gold spokes over black disc, but don't remember who it was; might you? Or might you have the "Canon" sheet in your spares box and would be willing to get rid of the gold on black decals, which are decal #33. Thanks, Tim
  2. Aeresome work my friend. And you just gave me a tip, I never thought of spraying the Blue over Silver. I'll try it on my BT-13 that flew out of Shaw back in the 40s, whenever I get around to building it.
  3. Might anyone know where I could find the old Studio 27 decal sheet # DDC206C Jaguar XJR-9 "Castrol"? I always use TNT Hobbies/Only Race Cars but Tom doesn't have any. And none are on e-Bay right now. Any other suggestions where I could get them? Thanks, Tim
  4. TimDarrah

    LVTP-7 ?

    I found the Hobby Boss kit #82409 that is the correct version I need and it looks like it even includes the decals I'd be using.
  5. TimDarrah

    LVTP-7 ?

    I'm thinking of doing an Argentine Army LVTP-7 used during the Falklands War. It looks like I might be able to convert AFV Club's AAVC-7C1 to what I need. Any suggestions of an easier way of going about what I want to do? Thanks, Tim
  6. ... then let us know how they reacted. I do remember seeing them in the late 70s as our club up in Grand Rapids, MI had a multi-week display at the local museum and someone brought in a bunch of those for display
  7. Rob, Thanks for the info. That photo will really help convert the AFV Club kit when I get it. Tim
  8. Hey guys, I want to convert the new AFV Club M113 ACAV into a M113A2 based in Germany in the early 1980's, in time for the AMPS/Atlanta show in February. I plan on doing it in the DUALTEX scheme. From what I have learned so far, exterior wise as it'll be closed top, the A1 & A2 had diesel engines, and the A2 had a different location for both the engine fan & radiator. The A2 also had a higher ground clearance. So my questions are: 1) are those the only differences? I won't be using the external armored fuel tanks 2) would the cooling fins on top be different on the A2 as opposed to the basic M113? 3) how much higher was the A2 ground clearance? Thanks, Tim
  9. I have used Vallejo Model Air 71.043 US Olive Drab FS 34087, just like every reference suggests, and giess what? It works!!
  10. Gil, Thanks. I know about, & have, the US Army Helo Drab, that might work, but I know that it is the modern helo color, not one for a Loach from 1970. I haven't had any luck with HATAKA paint, their British WW2 AFV colors are way off, so I'm very reluctant to try them again. Tim
  11. I'm working on the 1/72nd Italeri OH-6A for an upcoming group project, and the research I have so far says they were painted FS 34087 Olive Drab, but the Model Master paint I have looks too light as opposed to the images I have seen of the helos used. So it just doesn't look right. The images in photos & video show them a bit darker - I know the imagery from back then wasn't as good as it is now. See the attachment if you wish as this is my main reference. Might anyone else have an idea on what color I should use? Thanks, Tim
  12. Rick, Thanks. I have the Tank Workshops complete interior for the 223 and it comes with the radios. I was doing the research before I bought the set. Thanks, Tim
  13. I can't make it this year and none of my local club members are going either. Is there a way I can get the welcome package with the pin & decals? I normally do the proxy registration and one of our members picks it up for me. So could I still do the proxy registration and the committee send me the stuff? Just wondering Thanks, Tim
  14. OK, now that I have your attention :smiley2: . I have a model with cured Tamiya acrylic on it and when I removed the masks, it peeled up the paint bigtime - I failed to use a primer (stooped me). So I need to strip the paint off and try it again. Any suggestions on how to do this? Thanks and now back to your regularly scheduled pole-dance. Tim
  15. I have an image that was drawning 1/48th hat I need to resize down to 1/72nd. Anyone know the ratio or percentage, or whatever you want to call it, in order do this? Thanks, Tim
  16. Jim, Thanks. I was looking for the decal sheet that had the entire markings. Found it, it's an Afterburner sheet. Thanks, Tim
  17. Hey my friends, I am looking for decals, hopefully in 1/72nd but would take any scale, for a 55th Fighter Squadron F-16CJ/CM stationed at Shaw. I looked at Two Bobs, Fightertown & Furball without success. Any ideas where I could look? Thanks, Tim
  18. Nick, Thanks, I'll have to look that up. Tim
  19. Might anyone know of a good source of camo schemes used by the 27th Pursuit Squadron's P-36s at the 1939 Cleveland Air Races? I've always been interested in those schemes and want to try to do some.. I have the "newish" Scale Aircraft Modelling Colours Combat Colours #3 The Curtis P-36 and P-40 in USAAC/USAAF 1939 to 1945 and the Aviation Workshop's On Target Special Wings of Stars, US Army Air Corps 1919-1941. Both have just one 4 view drawing and several side views, but I'd like more info. I looked at Amazon and Google with very little success. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide. Tim
  20. Guys, Thanks for the tips & hints on how you paint your tracks and I'll try them all. As a modeler, you always want to try out new techniques. Thanks again, Tim
  21. TimDarrah

    Track Painting

    OK guys, I want to try something different painting tracks. Right now I'm finishing up Tamiya's old King Tiger and am useing the Hobby Boss plastic link-to-link tracks and would normally prime them with flat black then paint them RAL 8017 Schokladenbraun and finally weather & mud them up. What do you guys use? Thanks, Tim
  22. Welcome back to the hobby. Have you found a local chapter yet? If so, join them as it will help you grow as a modeler. Tim
  23. Vallejo sprays nicely as well, I thin it with Tamiya X-20 thinner. Make sure you put a clear coat on it to protect the paint as it is very fragile during handeling. But don't let that bit of info put you off on trying it. Tim
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