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  1. Love the humor of putting explosives with MRE boxes!!
  2. Would like to announce that the IPMS/USA Region 12 Regional Convention will be held 21-22June2013 at the Sumter County Civic Center in Sumter, SC. The Civic Center has recently been renovated and is very impressive now, it no longer has the "Stalag 17" look with rusty old fencing!! Anyways, for more information on the contest, please go to http://www.sumter-shawafb-ipms.org/convention/. For more updates, please go directly to our link. We hope to see you in June. Tim Darrah
  3. I opened them up and printed them in "landscape", the cigarette packs came out 8mmx5mm. They do look big, but I'm thinking that they were a different size than we're used to over here.
  4. I placed an order with Indycals, very fast service. Got the corrections for the 1/20th Fujimi Ferrari 126CK and 126C2s
  5. The cigarette pack looks great on my Kubelwagen. Thanks
  6. Can't wait to see this one done, an an IDF M-24 Chaffee next?
  7. Great, I just updated my calendar for 2014. Hope to see you all there
  8. It was a great show like normal. The only bad part of the day is we went to my favourite resturant up there, Bella Villa, & it was closed down.
  9. What kind of main gun will it have, a 76mm from a Sherman?
  10. So ya going to build one my friend? B)
  11. Masking the gauges would be a royal pain in the - - -, just be careful with your drybrushing. I think a Sharpie would be "too heavy" with the black, the white pencl idea is your best best, they are cheap at Micheals and last a long time, I've had mine for over 20 years.
  12. Richard, Sorry to confuse you, like some else said above, paint the dials black then dry brush the white onto the gauges. I wouldn't use silver as the numbers and dial arms are white.
  13. Paint the cockpit grey, use thinned black paint & use a toothpick to paint the gauges. Then dry brush the white and add the Future with a clean toothpick.
  14. I had a problem that I've never seen before. I used my Revell of Germany kit decals on my AR. E555/1 over a gloss coat and used Solv-a-set on them. One of my decals had an air bubble, or so I thought, I cut it and re-applied Solv-a-set to it, the bubble didn't go away and that area (inside the bubble) turned white. Any ideas on how I can fix it? I have a good paint job on and don't want to have to strip and re-spray that area. Thanks, Tim
  15. I dropped SAMI after 18+ years of constant subscribing, they definately went down hill and not worth the $$ in my mind Still get MMiR as it looks like they are back on track with their subscriptions Then have to get The Jouirnal and Boresight.
  16. I also noticed that our chapter, IPMS/Gamecocks is showing below Columbia, SC and were 40+ miles to the East in Sumter, which is on the map. I'm sure that it's limitations to the web site, not any fault of our great webmaster.
  17. I thought that you said that you'd do that portion of the kit for me?
  18. Well, the wife bought me the Merk in Orlando, so...
  19. Looks like I'll be getting the Merkava and Tiran 6 detail sets!! Thanks bro
  20. David, Tamiya makes a good spray(can) primer and a liquid surface primer that remind me a lot of Mr. Surfacer. I get mine at the Hobbytown. Timmy
  21. Glad to be of help, and I just e-mailed you the color info
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