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  1. I build 1/35 armor, and am starting on a Jeep, WWII. To make a bit different, I'm adding a snow plow. To make it more different, I thought I'd do it as a airfield support jeep, possibly painted in yellow (as a number were). Then I had a panic thought -- did the US build forward airbases where snow would be an issue (besides Iceland, the Kuriles, etc.) Was snow an issue in England? Can any of you air boys give me some guidance? Thanks!
  2. Hey everybody -- been a member for a few years now, just decided to join the online community. I've been a modeler since about age 7, one of my oldest model memories was the Aurora "Panther" jet kit...I remember it because I lost the instructions and built it anyway! I got back into modeling in my late teens with the discovery of Tamiya armor kits -- such detail, so many parts! - and now have a stash numbering...well, too damn many. Way too many. I build mostly 1/35 armor, some sci-fi and ships.
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