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  1. Evening all,What is the best clear flat coat that you have ever used? I typically use Testors dullcoat in a rattle can, but lately it seems to not be drying as dead flat as in years past. I shake the snot out of the can for a couple of mins to make sure that its thoroughly mixed, but when it dries its more akin to a satin coat. I put my Leopard 2 that was finished about 2 years ago next to a Marlet and Alfa class sub that we're flat clear coated this week and it is night and day. The Leopard is flat as flat can be and the Martlet and Alfa all have a satiny shine to them. So basically, any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? And as the title suggests, what is the best flat you've ever used? i'd like to try something else. Thanks all
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