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  1. Bill, Thanks. I hadn't even thought about equating it to replicating seas. Mike
  2. Mark, Thanks a bunch. Glad to be back. I used to be on here quite a bit about 10 years ago and then let my membership lapse. I was thinking about how you described. I made the flames similarly with multiple thin strands of wire and use clear caulk to make the flames. Because I didn't need the structure I pulled the wires out and painted the flames with clear colors to give it some translucence. I wasn't sure if there was an easier way to do a long stream of water. Thanks again. Mike
  3. Evening all, Has anyone ever done a diorama/vignette with fire fighting effects? I’m trying to do a crashed Bristol Blenheim with one engine on fire and fire fighters battling it. I’ve got the flames done and I think they look pretty good, but I’m struggling with two items. 1-how to model the water/foam being sprayed from the hose over the engine and wing. I’ve thought about using minimal expanding spray foam insulation or silicone caulk, but haven’t done proof of concepts yet. 2-finding good 1/72 RAF fire fighters. I’ve looked at model railroad scale fire fighters but they all seem t
  4. Evening all,What is the best clear flat coat that you have ever used? I typically use Testors dullcoat in a rattle can, but lately it seems to not be drying as dead flat as in years past. I shake the snot out of the can for a couple of mins to make sure that its thoroughly mixed, but when it dries its more akin to a satin coat. I put my Leopard 2 that was finished about 2 years ago next to a Marlet and Alfa class sub that we're flat clear coated this week and it is night and day. The Leopard is flat as flat can be and the Martlet and Alfa all have a satiny shine to them. So bas
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