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  1. The German Panzer V Panther, next to the Tiger, is probably one of the most popular and recognizable tanks of World War II. Academy has released the G version of this iconic tank in an all new tooled kit. This version is from very late in the war, about January to April 1945 timeframe. Inside the large box is five bags of sprues, two instruction sheets and a small bag of decals and photo etched sheet. The F sprue is attached to the C sprue. There are four sprues of link and length tracks and four of the D sprues which is mainly road wheels. I like that the sprue letters are molded as cut outs, not the raised letters as usually. This makes it much easier to find and read these letters. Eight clear poly caps are included, but only two used. The decals sheet is three turret number options and four German crosses. The photo etched is engine screens and bolt heads. The instruction sheets are quad folding, with 16 assembly steps and eight painting/decal options. read more View the full article
  2. This subject needs no introduction or prolonged history so I'll skip it. The kit has been around for a few years in various versions, this time as the short nosed F-4J of the U.S. Navy's VF 102 aka the "Diamondbacks". Having read a lot of great things about this kit I had high expectations and they were all realized when I opened the box. There's a whole lot of plastic in there and it's done to the highest standards. Most important is the one piece upper fuselage that eliminates the tricky gap you'd have otherwise. In fact a closer examination shows that most of the major joint lines fall in places that exist on the real thing making the builders job one of aligning the parts and gluing them. You get a full complement of missiles, iron bombs and drop tanks. The only negative out of the box are some faint mold seams on the canopy parts. Add to that a massive decal sheet with every (and I mean every!) stencil carried on this Navy bird, and you have a complete package. read more View the full article
  3. IPMSUpdates

    New Review: Scale Plans Ju-88A

    This publication, with illustrations by Maciej Noszczak, is an MMPBooks publication and is distributed in North America by Casemate Publications. MMP books are characterized as being of very high quality and this product is no different. This publication consists of scaled line drawings of the Ju-88A. There is no text other than captions for the drawings. read more View the full article
  4. Here is another great addition to Pen & Sword's Images of War series. In the past, the series had focused on specific battles and campaigns. The shift to specific vehicles is a welcome shift and this book does not let down one's expectations. The book starts out by pointing out the evolution from the M113, the original evolution from the M113, the original armored personnel carrier to the Bradley, named after the famous and well-loved general from WWII, Omar Bradley. The manufacturer of the M113, FMC, developed two vehicles- the XM765 and the XM763 which would eventually morph into the M2/M3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle. The new vehicle began its service in 1981 and variants continue to serve to this day. A total of 2,300 M2s and M3s were eventually produced. Text is in English and there are over 300 color photos in the book, many of which are previously unpublished, as well as tables with, as well as tables with general data and engine data. read more View the full article
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    New Review: Scale Plans He-111H

    This publication is an MMP Books publication distributed in North America by Casemate Publications. MMP Books are characterized as being of very high quality and this product is no different. This publication consists of scaled line drawings of the He-111H. There is no text other than captions for the drawings. Drawings: read more View the full article
  6. This publication is an MMP Books publication distributed in North America by Casemate Publications. MMP Books are characterized as being very high quality and this product is no different. This publication consists of scaled line drawings of the Mosquito Mk. VI. There is no text other than captions for the drawings. Drawings: read more View the full article
  7. This is the 5thbook in the Tank Craft series which details tanks and also covers model kits and accessories to build the tanks covered in the book. This book covers the British tanks - Cromwell and Centaur which were Cruiser type tanks. The Cromwell being one of the most successful Cruiser tanks used by the Allies during World War II. I found this book to be a fountain of information and rare pictures of both tanks. The profile pictures are a particular favorite and awesome source for modelling. The chapters on the different model builds and kits are of great interest and will provide a good resource when modelling these two tanks. I was impressed at the amount of information and history found in the pages of this extremely enjoyable book. The pictures alone are worth the cost of the book. I will find this book indispensible in my library of armor books. read more View the full article
  8. While the F-4 Phantom is the plane many people think of when they think of the Vietnam War, the F-105 Thunderchief is the one that has always interested me more. Designed to deliver a nuclear weapon in a bomb with a low-level toss bombing attack it instead found itself conducting the majority of the strike bombing missions over Vietnam. Known as the Thud, a description of it's gliding capability or lack thereof, the 105 would not only drop iron bombs on target but also shoot down its share of Migs and knock out SAM sites in the Wild Weasel mission. This 160-page softback book covers the F-105 in full detail from history of the design, it's different versions, a short time as a Thunderbird and its missions in Vietnam. It also provides all the technical information anyone who wants to know more about the plane would need. This is helped by 260 photos in black and white and color. read more View the full article
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    New Review: USS Carl Vinson

    USN Super Carriers and since I wanted a water line model, I added Coastal Kits 1/700 water base that was reviewed previously. I broke the build into separate parts- hull, air wing, flight deck Italeri has released several versions of the US nuclear carriers in 1/720 scale and this latest rebox release represents CVN-70, the USS Carl Vinson which is notably as the carrier to dispose of Bin Laden's body along with supporting the current war on terror. I am big fan of the carrier too as most know as my son was stationed on her for five years. Inside the box, there are 207 parts molded in gray plastic with a large decals sheet printed by Cartograf. The air wing for the ship consists of four- F-14's. one E2C Hawkeye, one SH-3 Sea King, six SH-60's, two A-6 Intruders and twenty one F-18C's. More later one those. There is an option for full hull or waterline also. There is a little flash around some of the smaller parts but it is very minimal. read more View the full article
  10. Background Of late there has been a plethora of new WW2 German Panther tank kits in 1/35th scale from multiple manufacturers, and where there are Panther kits, there almost certainly will soon be subvariants of the Panther. Sure enough, having recently released kits of the Panther Ausf A and Ausf D, together with a Bergepanther Ausf A, Meng has added to their Panther pride with a Jagdpanther Ausf G1. The Jagdpanther was a devastatingly effective attempt to mount a more powerful 88mm anti-tank gun to the Panther tank chassis, as such a gun was too large to put into the turret of a Panther. Also, producing tracked mobile anti-tank vehicles without the complexity for the need of rotating turrets made such vehicles cheaper to produce both in terms of financial cost, and time/manpower resources. read more View the full article
  11. Guideline Publications newest release is No.117, Douglas F4D/F-6 Skyray and F5D Skylancer. This is a softbound book of 58 pages and is very well illustrated with both color and black and white pictures, line drawings and many color profiles. I love this era of aircraft with lots of colorful schemes in Gull Gray and white. This book is a great reference so let's take a look inside. The book starts with the development and teething problems of the F4D mostly due to the planned engine not being ready and the test engine being underpowered. There are several excellent pictures of the prototype which, interestingly enough, was painted over all Sea Blue. When the fuselage size was increased, and the larger engine installed, the program took off and the shape is one familiar to modelers. The program progressed through carrier trials and acceptance and its eventual deployment. One fact I didn't know is that the F4D held the World Air Speed record of 753 mph on October 2, 1953. It also time to height records and other speed records. All very impressive for what is now one of the lesser jets and especially so with the engine technology of the time. read more View the full article
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    New Review: The Colosseum

    The Kit This is one in a series of architectural models that Italeri is producing. Kudos to them for doing some really different things in modeling, with their Leonardo Da Vinci line and now this architectural one. read more View the full article
  13. IPMSUpdates

    New Review: NATO Pilot Walking

    PJ Production is a Belgian company that is self-described as a company who specializes in the creation and production of resin scale models and accessories aimed at amateurs of military aircraft kits and aviation-related dioramas in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd scale. read more View the full article
  14. Thank you to the Eduard Company for sending this detail set for review, it is always a pleasure to see what your new products bring to the scale modeling world. Thank you also to the IPMS Reviewer Corps staff members who do the hard work in getting us modeling products to review, the reviews posted, and the news spread to the world. read more View the full article
  15. The world's perceptions concerning nationalistic colonialism have virtually reversed over the course of the last century, and the impact of such behavior and its aftermath by mostly European nations on less-developed areas of the world is still being debated today. That being said, for the figure modeler this era in human history is a goldmine of really interesting military uniforms, not least because so many of them combine European and local costumes in truly unique ways. As far as global colonial powers during the 19th century go, France was certainly in the top three, having footholds throughout most of northern Africa as well as IndoChina and elsewhere. They incorporated large numbers of natives to help keep order in these regions, and in the process created some of these fascinating hybrids of dress. I can't think of any other colonial power of the period who embraced this idea quite so enthusiastically, although perhaps the British are a close second. read more View the full article
  16. Last summer Eduard released its much anticipated MiG-21MF kit in 1/72 scale. The initial release represents aircraft manufactured at the Gorky factory. In conjunction with the release of this kit, Eduard also released a separate resin cockpit set for these late model MiG-21MFs. The set includes nine resin parts, a color photo-etch fret and an acetate sheet with 2 heads-up screens and is intended as a complete replacement for the kit cockpit and ejection seat. As you would expect with Eduard, the resin parts are beautifully cast with exquisite detail and the detail on the photo-etch set is crisp and sharp. read more View the full article
  17. The Buk (Beech Tree) missile system is an integrated system of self-propelled, medium-range surface-to-air missile systems developed by the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation. The Buk system is designed to counter all manner of airborne threats from cruise missiles to unmanned aerial vehicles. This new kit from Meng represents the Buk-M1-2 transporter erector launcher and radar (TELAR) vehicle. TELAR superstructure is a turret containing the fire control radar at the front and a launcher with four ready-to-fire missiles on top. read more View the full article
  18. The Saab 37 Viggen was an aircraft ahead of its time. Its designers used an unorthodox construction which enabled the plane to meet all requirements which had been laid on it and in some parameters even surpass them. The Swedish Air Force ordered several various versions of the Viggen jet fighter, its basic design formed a universal platform which, using specialized equipment, enabled the plane to be used for different roles. The first prototype machine took off for its maiden flight on 8 February 1967 with E. Dalstrom at the controls. The aircraft was powered by a Volvo RM8 turbofan, a license-built variant of the Pratt & Whitney JT8D with an afterburner and thrust reverser which, in addition to the double-delta wing design, enhanced the plane's performance the takeoffs and landings on short airstrips. The avionics of the Viggen was state-of-the-art at the time, the Viggen was the first type to be equipped with a computer with integrated circuits. read more View the full article
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    New Review: Spitfires Part 1

    If you're as big a fan of Spitfires as I am, you're going to REALLY love this product by Fundekals. Labeled "Spitfire Part 1" this product is actually two and a half sheets of decals, packed with markings. Frankly, I've never encountered a more useful decal sheet for Spitfires than this one. Twelve different sets are included in this package (as well as numerous extras) covering everything from Spitfire Mk. 1s from the Battle of Britain to late-war Mk. XVIes. Not only British Spitfires are offered in the mix, but American Eagle Squadron aircraft are included as well. It does NOT, however, include walkways and stenciling, although it does include the gun patches associated with each aircraft. read more View the full article
  20. The KTO Rosomak is a Polish 8x8 wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicle. This smoke grenade launcher upgrade set is made for the IBG Models KTP Rosomak Polish APC - "The Green Devil", kit number 35032 and for kit number 35033, the basic Polish APC. It is designed to be used with any Rosomak that have the 30mm turret. This aftermarket kit consists of a resin plate, six brass launcher tubes, two types of resin tube covers and five very small brass rivets. The kit is very well packed in clear plastic bubble pack that is stapled to a backing card. There is a one-page instruction sheet that is inside this backing card. The parts are housed in cutouts in the foam backing, so they are very well secured and easy to see while still packaged. read more View the full article
  21. Steven J. Zaloga was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts to John and Muriel Zaloga on February 1, 1952. Steven earned his undergraduate degree cum laude in history at Union College and his Masters' degree in history from Columbia University. He obtained a Certificate in International Affairs from the graduate program of the University of Cracow. He has worked in the aerospace industry for some twenty years as an analyst specializing in missiles, precision-guided munitions, and unarmed aerial vehicles. Steven has served with a federal think tank, Defense Analyses. He was the writer-director for The Discovery Channel's "Firepower" series from 1987 to 1992. He has authored many books on military technology, especially in armored warfare. Steven is a noted scale armor modeler and is a member of AMPS (Armor Modeling and Preservation Society). read more View the full article
  22. This is the Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC) white metal landing gear replacement option for the Wingnut Wings 1/32 LVG C.VI kit. If you have built in 1/32 scale you have probably wondered at some point if kit provided plastic landing gear will adequately support the model's weight. These SAC items are primarily intended to address strength concerns but there are two other major advantages to using their white metal landing gear: First, it is possible to very slightly bend the strut pieces and attached wheels into perfect alignment once installed - to fine tune your alignment after gluing. With plastic, "once glued you're screwed" so to speak. A second advantage of SAC landing gear is that oleos in white metal (although not applicable for this set) can be fine sanded to a very shiny and realistic finish - so no fiddling with bare metal foil or painting is necessary for SAC oleos. Observations These LVG C.VI landing gear pieces match very closely the kit molds. Cleanup is minimal. read more View the full article
  23. This is the Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC) white metal landing gear replacement option for the 1/32 I-16 type 24/28 (ICM/Rev/Has) kits. If you have built in 1/32 scale you may have wondered at some point if the kit provided plastic landing gear will adequately support the model's weight. These SAC items are primarily intended to address strength concerns, but there are two other advantages to using white metal landing gear: You can very slightly bend the main strut into perfect alignment once installed, and oleos (if applicable) can be fine sanded to a very shiny and realistic finish - no need for applying bare metal foil or painting oleos if you're working with white metal. Observations These I-16 landing gear pieces match very closely the kit molds. Clean up is minimal. read more View the full article
  24. Eduard's new dual combo Reichsverteidigung (Defense of the Reich) profipack combo set is the newest way for Eduard to show off their new tool Fw-190A and Bf-109G kits. This dual combo is a perfect way to experience the new tooling and as a bonus you get an Eduard print of an fw190 racing away from a pursuing p-51. read more View the full article
  25. The Vietnamese use of the Skyraider during the conflict is much the same as the US. It used the Spad, or Sandy, in close air support and Combat Search and Rescue. The Tamiya kit has been out for quite some time now and we've never really had a wide variety of options to mark it with. Well AOA has fixed that. This is the second sheet designed for the Tamiya Skyraider. These decals will fit any model of the Skyraider with just a little bit of trimming on the fuselage stripes. They are purposely slightly longer to work that way and you may need to trim them to fit. read more View the full article