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  1. Reviewed by: Ben Morton Company: Casemate Publishers Wargames Terrain and Buildings: WWI Trench Systems is one of Casemate Publishers latest offerings. View the full article
  2. Reviewed by: Blaine Singleton Company: Frontline Books About the Author Jim Moran has been a student of the history on the United States Marine Corps, amassing a huge collection over the past forty years. He has assisted Hollywood productions on uniform and equipment details for Flags of Our Fathers, The Pacific (HBO miniseries) and Windtalkers. View the full article
  3. Reviewed by: Blaine Singleton Company: Aviation Collectibles Aviation Collectables is a company based in Italy that has several books on aircraft printed in Italian and English. The books contain several color and black and white high definition photos. View the full article
  4. Make sure we have the right email address! IPMS/USA Members, our new membership system is off to a good start, but like everything new, there are some new things to be aware of. Here are a couple of things that have come to our attention: View the full article
  5. Reviewed by: Bob LaBouy Company: Detail & Scale, Inc. Overview from the author and publisher: View the full article
  6. Reviewed by: Jarrod Booth Company: Hobby Boss The Chinook helicopter needs little introduction and has been a mainstay transport of many armies, air forces and navies around the globe. View the full article
  7. Reviewed by: Frank Landrus Company: Valiant Wings Publishing View the full article
  8. Reviewed by: Dana Mathes Company: Value Gear Value Gear has produced a complete line of stowage items that are useful for adding those finishing touches to armor projects or dioramas of all types. This set contains 25 cast resin stowage items for armored vehicles, although some of these items could also be useful in aircraft, sci-fi, or automotive dioramas. View the full article
  9. Reviewed by: Dana Mathes Company: Value Gear Have you ever needed some items, like cardboard boxes, to add that finishing touch to a modeling project? Value Gear has just what you need. This company has produced a complete line of stowage items. They are great supplements for armor projects or dioramas of all types. View the full article
  10. Reviewed by: Chris Smith Company: Helion & Company On May 1, 1960, an ex-USAF turned CIA pilot named Francis Gary Powers flying a Lockheed U-2 at 70,000 feet 800 miles east of Moscow felt and saw the results of a Soviet SA-2 missile removing the tail of his aircraft. Thus ended the first round of U-2 overflights over the Soviet Union and the time frame covered in this volume. View the full article
  11. Reviewed by: James Kelley Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez View the full article
  12. Reviewed by: Chris Smith Company: Aviation Collectibles As with most fighter aircraft, they tend to get heavier as the user needs more capability than the original design can deliver. In this case, the light weight G-91 needed more range, loiter time and weapons. Enter the G-91Y. View the full article
  13. Reviewed by: Hub Plott Company: Kagero Publishing This is volume 118 in the Topdrawing series. This is a thin book with brief text in both English and Polish. The book contains very nice 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale drawings. There are also ten color profiles of various B6Ns. The drawings contain useful information on the various ordinance carried and its layout as well as engine and propeller information. View the full article
  14. Reviewed by: Tom Pope Company: Scale Publications Richard Marmo’s latest installment in his “The Marmo Method Model Building Guide” series is booklet # 14, Building The 1/96 Scale Atlantis Moon Ship. These booklets are a great reference for scale modelers of any experience level. I would like to thank Mr. Marmo and Scale Publications for providing a copy for this review. View the full article
  15. Reviewed by: John Shimek Company: Aeronaut Books Volume 2 of the Medal of Honor series documents the 6 aviators who earned the Medal of Honor during the interwar years 19191939. This book of 80 pages has 215 photos and color profiles of 10 aircraft relating to this period. View the full article
  16. Reviewed by: Ron Bell Company: MMP Books This book is from their Orange Series that specializes in particular aircraft types, in this case the Gloster Javelin. There are 208 pages of mixed text, photos, line drawings, charts and tables of info about the aircraft starting with a rather detailed recounting of the conception and initial design of the aircraft and how that design evolved into the final version. View the full article
  17. Reviewed by: Dekker Zimmerman Company: Academy Models Boom. And just like that a Academy Panzer II model kit landed at my door. So The adventure begins. I have built many models of armor but was not a fan of early German subjects. This kit looked interesting and as a new molded kit I was curious what new technologies have been used on this kit. This review will read like bullet points for easy reading. View the full article
  18. Reviewed by: Allan Murrell Company: Croco Models Croco Models from Latvia produces some very interesting and unusual kits and this one is another great additional to their line up. The Kit is resin Included is: View the full article
  19. Reviewed by: Marc K. Blackburn Company: Editions Heimdal Heimdal is a prolific French Publisher of military history and is distributed by Casemate Publishing. It is a large book at 520 pages and hundreds of black and white and color photographs as well as contemporary drawings and profiles done by the author. View the full article
  20. Reviewed by: Brian R. Baker Company: Kagero Publishing BACKGROUND: View the full article
  21. Reviewed by: Dave Morrissette Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions One of SAC’s (Scale Aircraft Conversions) latest gear is set 48402 for the wonderful Tamiya F-4B in 1/48th scale. The set has wonderfully cast metal parts to replace all the gear struts, retractions cylinders and other parts. They are drop in replacements and was I ever glad to get them for review and here’s why. I recently moved for work including 400 built models. View the full article
  22. Reviewed by: Dave Morrissette Company: Helion & Company The Vietnam War, in my opinion, is not covered as well as many other conflicts both in the written word and in some cases modeling too. Arrigo Velicogna covers one of the parts of the war not talked about frequently and that is Operation Attleboro. This operation was not well detailed until recently and as late as 2018, it was poorly covered. View the full article
  23. Reviewed by: Michael Novosad Company: Aviation Collectibles Federico Anselmino is the author of several books dealing with modern Italian Air Force aircraft. View the full article
  24. Reviewed by: Gino Dykstra Company: Pen & Sword When Napoleon Bonaparte first began his rise to power in France in 1799, there already existed a private armed force dedicated to protecting the person of the King of France. After the French Revolution, this force became known as the Consular Guard, intended to protect French politicians – sort of a personal secret service or bodyguard force on steroids. View the full article
  25. Reviewed by: Ben Morton Company: Hauler Brengun One of Haulers latest diorama accessories is a 1/72nd scale poster column. (They also offer a 1/48th scale poster column.) These advertising columns were ubiquitous throughout Europe during the early portion of the twentieth century. View the full article
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