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  1. If this book is anything like his last one, it will be a "must have" in my opinion.
  2. Cool stuff. I might have to get me one of each set...
  3. You're welcome Tim. For what it's worth, the way I look at this situation is, assuming ProArt is up front with what you get/don't get in their base conversion, I'm fine with their practice. Apparently, there were some complaints a bit back that people didn't know that the base conversion did not include EVERYTHING...
  4. Hi Tim. Have you seen the review of the 1/35 PA WarPig conversion on Armorama? If so, definitely give it a read as there is a lot of important info; specifically that the base conversion doesn't include a lot of the extra gear. Here's a link: http://www.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=187057&page=1
  5. Cool pics Dannie. Thanks for sharing. BTW, this version looks like a "typical" M706 Commando with what looks to be the T50 turret. For more info on the M706/V100 we have a lot of info at Warwheels.Net. Here's a link: http://www.warwheels.../M706INDEX.html
  6. Hey Al. I put up your pics today. You can find them via this link to WW: http://www.warwheels.net/whatsnew.html Thanks again and great job!
  7. Gotcha Al. I'll let you know when I post the pics on WW.
  8. Cool beans. Of course I'll give you full credit. I normally provide name, hometown/state and country. Is that ok? If not, let me know how you'd like me to credit you.
  9. Great job Al! :m1helmet: And, I'm glad to see WarWheels was useful to you. If you would like me to put pics on WW, let me know. I'll be glad to do so!
  10. Once again, dealing with Derek Hansen and the other folks at Accurate Armour has been a reminder of what great customer service is and should be. Not only are their products outstanding, but their treatment of their customers is even better! To make a long story short, I needed a model part for a project, which I was more than happy to pay AA for if they would only take the time to send it. Not only did I get a prompt reply (instead of being ignored like some companies do), but they shipped the part to me free of charge. Now I'm not saying that AA should or will be sending free parts to all parts of the globe to anyone who asks. But as a long time customer, they "repaid" my loyalty and showed they value my business with them. Unfortunately, some companies are quick to take one's money and to never think of their customers again. Well, not AA; they can definitely be counted on as a company that cares about and values our business.
  11. I agree with John 100% about Sprue Brothers' website; searching for products is non-user friendly compared to other companies. In fact, I rarely shop with SB due to their website useability. Now, if they improve their website to the quality of GMW's, then they have a winner!
  12. Warwheels


    Looks very nice Glen!
  13. Great Rob. Thanks. Just contact me direct via email at editor@warwheels.net when you're done.
  14. Nice job on a classic kit. Cheers.
  15. Warwheels


    Thanks for the photos and information Glen. We look forward to seeing more about the kit as it becomes available.
  16. Bingo, you got it right Rob. Although the Tiger I is one of my favorite tanks, I have more than enough in my stash. So, a new Tiger kit doesn't "do much for me". With that being said, if high sales of a new Tiger spurs on a manufacturer to produce other interesting releases, then another Tiger is perfectly fine with me.
  17. Kinetic Model Kits has announced their first ever "armor" subject in their line of Injection Molded Plastic Model Kits. That kit is a 1/35 M-ATV: MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (K61007) and is not related to the upcoming Panda Hobby kit. The tentative release date is November 2011. Please Note: Kinetic Model Kits is owned by WarWheels.Net Sponsor, Lucky Model.com. To see some CAD drawings, here is a hyperlink to our story at WW - http://www.warwheels...-ATVkeenan.html
  18. Warwheels


    Well, good news for you that are looking forward to a 1/72 Resin 6x6 Cougar. I talked to the folks at Model Miniature of France and they do intend to release a version (or more?) of the 6x6 Cougar. No release date has been set, but they said it would "be awhile" as they have other things in the pipeline...
  19. Warwheels


    I haven't heard anything from them about a 6x6 variant. However, they tend to try maximize their molds to do different versions of the vehicles they release so I wouldn't be surprised if they did a 6x6.
  20. Warwheels


    Von, Model Miniature of France is coming out with a bunch of resin 1/72 Cougars. Here is a link to their homepage; go to the "coming soon" page for more info: http://translate.goo...%2F&sl=fr&tl=en Also, speaking of MRAP kits, I've been hearing MANY whispers of PLASTIC 1/35 MRAP models (multiple vehicles and variations) in the planning stages by a few model companies. Not sure how true they are, but the sources I have are reliable... And No, I can't give any further info... Sorry.
  21. Wilky, I agree with the other guys in what they have mentioned being available in plastic, which isn't much as you've seen. Even the "between wars" period is barely covered. But, if you ever consider going into resin, there's a bit more things to choose from... but it's more expensive and hit or miss in terms of quality too.
  22. What scale kits are you looking for (1/35, 1/48, 1/72)? Also, are you only asking about plastic kits, or would you consider resin/multi-media kits?
  23. Yeah, I saw that. But, he wasn't just ANY commander, he was Ariel Sharon: A big fish then too... So, it does look like at least a few were floating around in Israel, but still IMHO you should consider that they may not have been widely used and Sharon got one as he was Big Brass. That is, until you see more info... Cool news, none-the-less.
  24. I don't think the IDF ever used the Goat. But, my answer is a WAG, so don't take it as an actual fact.
  25. Commander Models, Inc has cleared us to post some new model kit info that will be of interest to you "Wheelies". Due out in Fall they'll be releasing 1/35 model kits of the M2A1/M3 Scout Car and T5E1/M2 4.2" Mortar Carrier! Stay tuned for more info at Warwheels.Net, including some "sprue shots" (parts photographs) of the M2A1/M3 SC.
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