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  1. Very nice job Rick, especially in such a quick build.
  2. I'm looking for a Tiger Model ERC-90 F1 Lynx Armored Car Kit (4632) preferably for trade, although I'm willing to buy if the price is right. I have tons of armor and aircraft kits/aftermarket for trade. US only for the obvious reasons. You can contact me at Warwheels AT gmail DOT com .Thanks.
  3. Nice job on a unique subject Ron. And thanks for the pics, I'll be posting them on Warwheels very shortly. 🍻
  4. Wow, that's Tiny Ron. Great job on a such a wee model.
  5. Nice job on a fun project.
  6. Very nice job Dennis on what appears to have been a difficult build.
  7. Hi. I'm looking to trade for a complete and unstarted 1/35 IBG Models KTO Rosomak APC "The Green Devil" Model Kit (35032). I have tons of armor kits, accessories and books to trade. I also have some aircraft and Sci-Fi items as well. US only due to high shipping costs. Contact me at patrix1@sbcglobal.net. Thanks. Patrick Keenan Mundelein, IL
  8. Very nice model Ron, especially on a kit requiring more work/care than with a plastic model.
  9. Thanks Thom. What I can do first is send you a list of my books and if you're further interested, we can go from there. How about that?
  10. Thom. Are you also looking for titles covering aircraft? Btw, I do have a bunch of armor books as well. I am in the Chicago area too
  11. Nice job on a rough kit Ron.
  12. Very nice build Ron; even though it's tracked. 😉
  13. Maybe if you use a bigger base it would work better? However, if you do it right, it still might work out too.
  14. Nice job on a less than stellar kit Ron.
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