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  1. hi guys they are now ready to ship Glen Coleman www.KittyHawkmodel.com
  2. hi all i mailed a F-94C to Dick Montgomery. i hope he will do a review for all of you i will have a manufactures table at Roanoke Va. IPMS show 07/14/12 Glen Coleman WWR www.Panda-Hobby.com www.KittyHawkmodel.com
  3. Kagnew

    New Kit coming

    hi guys over in the armor section you can see our first kit. the 1/35 M-ATV. now i need help on the second kit. it will be a F-94C Starfire. i need help with paint schemes. the one at Wright Pat has been photo done by Don Schmenk for me. i need other markings now. any help would be greatly appreciated . Glen Coleman www.Panda-Hobby.com
  4. Kagnew


    PCM and Great Models have my kit now. but is selling fast Great models is now on there second order.. Glen
  5. i will tell type of plane on PM or email. to many spy's out there not to. as with my M-ATV, as we went public a few days later another co. put out a crude CAD saying they were doing the same kit. they wanted to be our Dist. when we went wit another they pulled a stunt. Glen
  6. hi everyone i need a photographer to do detail photos of a plane my company plans to produce. both these museums have the plane i need. if you are interested please PM me or email at gunlover1@juno.com thanx Glen Coleman www.Panda-Hobby.com
  7. Kagnew


    1st one put togther Glen
  8. Kagnew


    i might be persuaded to send a test shot to someone on this forum. if they do a picture as they go build here Glen Coleman Panda-Hobby
  9. Kagnew


    first build
  10. Kagnew


    new Logo Glen Coleman Panda-Hobby
  11. Kagnew


    more teasers Glen
  12. Kagnew


    hi it is injection with over 350 parts, plus 80 + FE. retail will be $45.95 US Pacific Coast models is my North American dist. www.Panda-Hobby.com Glen
  13. Kagnew


    hi my name is Glen Coleman i represent Panda-Hobby. we are a new company. our first kit will be a 1/35 M-ATV i hope to post more information soon thanx Glen
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