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  1. Interesting product. I'd like to know if anyone's used it as well.
  2. Thanks for the head's up. This one is definitely on my "to buy" list.
  3. Looks nice Al. Did this vehicle with the mods see service?
  4. Thanks for the kind offer Jim. However, I'd feel better doing a trade instead. Incoming PM.
  5. Hey Jim. I'm glad you find WarWheels useful. Thanks. Also, thanks for providing a link to your Plus Model Conversion review. Although it has its weaknesses, I still would like to get one of those conversions. And... if you want to get rid of one of yours, let me know. I have a TON of stuff to trade. Pat
  6. Nice Job Jim. I always wanted to build the M38. I believe Plus Models has/had a conversion as well. If I can pick it up at a reasonable price I'll get one.
  7. Nice job Federico! The Holzgas conversion really makes the Kubel look quite different and more interesting imho.
  8. Great pics Mark. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Cool. If you can get more pics of the M274 Mule with RR and M38 Jeep, that would be great. No need for any M3A1 SC pics as I have a TON of them already.
  10. Hey Mark. Sounds like a fun time. If they have any WFV's or Armored Cars, can you take some photos for WarWheels?
  11. From what I understand Rob, yes. Those "good ones" include the American Jeeps and the subsequent DML SAS Jeep too: SAS 1/4 Ton 4x4 (Jeep) Commander's Patrol Car Model Kit (6724). FYI, they also just announced another version as well: SAS 1/4 Ton 4x4 (Jeep) Patrol Car with Crew Model Kit (6745).
  12. If my memory serves me correctly, the first SAS Jeep by Dragon was by Cyberhobby and that's the one that got slagged. All others have been corrected from what I understand.
  13. You are correct Mark. I have the Bronco Jeep with Trailer and it appears to be THE standard as you state. Coupled with the fact that a buddy of mine, who is a Jeep "expert", states the same based on a comparison with the Tamiya kit (which is still really nice).
  14. Yes, I've heard of it. In fact, there is s small write up in Fred Crismon's book "US Military Wheeled Vehicles".There are only two pics in the book, one being of the engine. The vehicle was tested in 1963 by the US Army but not adopted. It had a 6-Cylinder Corvair engine; Yes. The same Corvair highlighted by Ralph Nader in his book "Unsafe at Any Speed". As far as I know, there are no kits of this beast, although you never know about some little known resin company doing one.
  15. Nice job Al. Although Tamiya's "normal" HMMWV's (legacy vehicles) are better in my opinion, for the price you can't go wrong with the Academy kits. I especially like their "IED" Hmmwv with the "hillbilly" armor suite.
  16. Nice job on this kit as well Al. I have one of these in my stash as well and hope to build it soon. Those Live Resin sets are incredible and I have a few myself for assorted projects.
  17. Nice Job Al! It's still a nice little kit, especially considering you can get these kits dirt cheap these days.
  18. Hey Sign me up for two! Just kidding. :Smile_sceptic:
  19. Follow the link below to my WarWheels.net review of another great WFV-related book titled "Israeli Improvised Armoured Vehicles & Jeeps: 1947-1949" authored by John Myszka and published by Mouse House Enterprises. Enjoy. http://www.warwheels...dACsKeenan.html
  20. I've done some poking around on the net re: the vehicle Rusty initially identifies. It is called the Mobile Land-Based Phalanx Weapons System (MLPWS) - AKA: Mobile Centurion. It consists of a modified Raytheon Phalanx Mark IB weapon system mounted on an Oshkosh Defense 10-Ton HEMMT A3 Diesel Electric Truck. Although similar, this vehicle shouldn't be confused with the Centurion LPWS which is tralier bound. Regardless, I've not found any info one way or the other about the MLPWS being accepted into service or not. More later; if I can find anything.
  21. Awesome vehicle! I never knew anyone fielded the Phalanx on vehicles. Where did you get the pic Rusty? By the file name it looks like from the US Army... but please confirm. Now I have to start thinking about how to model one of these. I already have the 1/35 Hobby Fan Phalanx and could mount it on a converted Italeri HEMMT, but that would be too big... I might have to consider using the 1/72 Academy kit instead. But where to find a 1/72 CIWS? And thanks Chris for the info!
  22. Oleg. I'm glad you've 'visted' the forum from Siberia. Welcome. Also, great work on the diorama!
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