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  1. Steve and I will be there. Yeah, Travis is very good....so look out. Mandie
  2. Thanks Rod. It was a great show, great venue. All I heard was positive comments yesterday. Mandie
  3. I did mine and Steve's online for $124 a night mountain view king. Can't wait. Mandie
  4. Yes Rod it will be riding in my lap all the way there. See ya there. Mandie
  5. due to work I have had to abandon any real hopes of finishing anything, but that's ok. I will be admiring everyone elses and plotting next years. See you guys soon. Mandie
  6. I am suppose to build something??? I hope I can pull stuff together in time. Mandie
  7. Welcome Russ. happy modeling Mandie
  8. Steve and I always turn our trip to Nats in our vacation. In fact, 2009 in Columbus was our honeymoon. Mandie
  9. Well as one of the 3 female members Of Kalamazoo and a past president, and the one who wanted the best female modeler award to begin with. There are quite a few female modelers, we cover a wide range of interest. I focus on aircraft, anything that can be painted pink.I actually came to the hobby late actually around age 35 after my divorce from my first husband, he is a modeler, our son is a modeler and my present husband is a modeler. I need to get something finished for Nats next month. Mandie
  10. Welcome Randy. My son is in a model club in Fayetteville.
  11. Steve and I will be driving out for that one since he lived out there years ago and wants to go back for a visit. I have never been there. Mandie
  12. Hi Chris, welcome to one of the best groups of guys around. I'm in Battle Creek, a member of Kalamazoo Scale Modelers and IPMS West Michigan. Hey I'm not sure where Sanford is. Welcome Mandie
  13. Ok, 1 more week til the Air Zoo show. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. We are over 48 vendor tables. Mandie
  14. Dave I tell my husband that all of the time, but he still gets mad when I try to go zoom zoom with his airplanes, he tells me to go play with my own. Welcome to the house of nuts, if you ever make up to west michigan look us up. Mandie
  15. This will be my 8th nats...2009 in Columbus was mine and Steve's honeymoon.
  16. Hi Kurt, Welcome to our little corner of the internet. Like Clare said, you are in good hands in Warren. They put on a good show every spring. Clare isn't that your old club. If you are ever on this side of the state looks up. Mandie
  17. Looking forward to seeing all of you guys. Jeff Herne, do you want a vendors table?
  18. Thanks for the tips guys, I'm working on a nose art figure with strawberry blonde hair (same as mine). I was wondering how to do it. Mandie
  19. Hey John, Welcome to the group and to the hobby. Modeling isn't just for guys anymore. I am the president of the Kalamazoo Scale Modelers, as Clare said we have a little show at the Air Zoo every year. If you are ever in this part of the state let us know. Mandie
  20. Welcome...looking forward to seeing ya'll at Phoenix next summer.
  21. Wow, great work Mr. Wise. I especially love the phantom. Mandie
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