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  1. Get in touch with Jon Bernstein..Cobrahistorian over on Zone-Five and ARC..he will have the info you need, or at least know where to start looking...
  2. 1/48th AH-1G Cobra..using the Fujimi Sea Cobra kit and the Cobra Company conversion kit...will be done in Vietnam era markings...
  3. Thanks Mark..no relations to that Mr. Self...I used to get a kick out of the old Batman shows and see my name in the credits!!! LOL Thanks for the info Dick!!!!!
  4. The last couple have been Navy subjects...not a die hard builder of one branch of the military or the other
  5. Thanks for the welcome...here are a couple of links to PB albums of a couple of my builds...have a couple in progress now, but haven't been getting lot done..the real world paying the bills kinda work is holding me back!!!! LOL Hasegawa F-14 in 48th Hasegawa F-18E in 48th
  6. Been modeling seriously for nearly 20 years and finally got off my rear and joined IPMS...primarily build 1/48th scale aircraft from WWII to current, and mostly US subjects...I have built the odd armor kit from time to time and dabble in Sci-fi also. I live in west Texas and the nearest hobby shop is a 2 and 1/2 hour drive so the internet is my major source for modeling info and supplies etc...I did manage to attend this years NATS in Columbus and had a blast, looking forward to Phoenix!!!!!
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