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Maddog Manufacturing 2017 Production Line

Mark Deliduka

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Well, here's my progress on all the models I've been working on this past week and a half. I had a major setback this past weekend when I tried to shoot a clearcoat on my Boeing 737. It got badly messed up and I did something that I never ever did before: I threw this model in frustration. It is fixable, but I'm going to wait until I am no longer pissed at this one.

Moving on to my other aircraft, I shot another more complete coat of white on the Jetstream:


Later I masked off the top and tried to shoot a coat of metallic on the Jeststream. It needs some work:


I also shot the tan color on the Dagger:


Now I just need to mask some more to add another bit of Olive Drab to this. Then I'll be able to clearcoat and decal it.

Since I was still painting, I shot a basecoat of Olive Drab on the P-40. Here it is still a bit wet around the wing roots:



Later I made a poor attempt at color modulation here:


After sufficient drying time, I masked off the top and shot the Neutral Grey underside:


After all that painting it was time to take a bit of a break. I made an attempt at assembling the five pieces of canopy on my AH-1. I started with the top piece and added the two rear pieces to it and let that dry first:


Later on I added the two forward side pieces to complete the canopy:



Finally, in my aircraft; I started the stencil decals on my F-15E Strike Eagle. I got this far before I decided to call it quits for now:



I do have to hit a few of those with some more Solvaset. I plan on doing that and then sealing these before moving on to the rest. That way I have a 'handle' for shifting this plane around.

Next, I added a number of other details to the Russian carrier Baku and started the photo-etch parts. This has been a tough model to work on lately with all the tiny parts constantly breaking every time I try to move ahead on this. Anyway, I got a lot of additional parts on this; painted some details and started to paint other parts which aren't currently on this model. It might be hard to see in these pics. The island and 'cake stand' radar are both dry fit in place:



Part two of this update showing my work on my armor is in the following post....

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And now for part two showing my work on my armor....


I did a ton of work on a number of my small scale armor models. For starters, I re-shot the basecoat of Dunklegelb on the Schturmtiger for a more even coat:



Next I painted the two other camouflage colors on the model. These colors were hand painted:



After that, I took a toothpick and added the dots for the ambush scheme on this tank:



Once that was all dry, I decided to experiment with different glues for gluing on the tracks. I took three of the indy tracks and glued them on with Tamiya glue from the orange-top bottle. You can see them on the drive sprocket:


On the other side, I glued the lower run of tracks on the wheels with Gator Grip Glue:


So far, both seem to be holding fairly well. We shall see whether they will stand up to painting and weathering.

Another model that needed improvement was the tank trailer from the USAAF re-supply set. I re-shot the OD on this to cover the patches I exposed when I sanded and fixed certain places:



Now this is ready for a gloss coat and decals.

Moving on, I completed the upper hull for the T-90 by adding the side skirts and extra armor:



This puppy is ready for paint now:


Since that was ready for paint, it was time to get the T-80 to the same level; or as close to it as I could. There is a lot of photo-etch on this after all. I started by adding more parts to the turret. The brass barrel is just dry-fit to the model:


Later on, I finished up the turret as much as I could:



Next I had to glue the two part upper deck together. I placed it here on the lower hull to hopefully get it to dry right:


It didn't, but it was easy to glue down straight later on when I added the torsion bars and roadwheels:



Later on, when all was dry enough, I added the side fenders to the hull:


Now to get all the photo etch on this model....

I wasn't ready for that so I decided to start another model; this time a Soviet ZIS-5V with a wooden cab. It was a quick build, more or less; once the parts were properly cleaned. I started with the chassis and the cab. The front of the cab is just dry-fit on for ease of painting the interior later:


I then built up the bed of the truck:


I then added the nose of the truck to the front of the cab and dry-fit everything together to see how it's gonna look:


After all that, I had done the decaling on the F-15 and when I stopped the plane; I figured I'd do some more decals on another model. I applied the decals to my Sherman with the minerollers:



Now to clearcoat this, dullcoat this; add the tracks, paint and weather it and I'll finally have this done!



And that's all I have done so far. Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Holy cow Duke! Does the EPA know that for all practical purposes you have an industrial assembly line going in your basement? :smiley2:


I'm continually amazed how you juggle so many different projects at once. Lot's of fun to watch you go!


GIL :smiley16:

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If I had that many kits going at one time I think I would have ended up with something looking like it was from the "Transformers" movies. Bits from one kit placed on the wrong one, just to finish it up.

I would have ended up with an A-10 Sherman bus. I don't think anything like that ever existed though. At least not until now.


Keep at it Bud!



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LOL! Thanks Bill! That is why I re-pack all the parts that will fit in it's original box before moving on to the next model. Keeps me from doing just that. So far, I've been doing this for 43+ years and the only time I added a non-kit part to something was when I meant to! LOL!


Stay tuned, more to come.

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Here's just a small update on some of the models I have been trying to finish.

First up is my P-40. I shot a Neutral Grey coat on the bottom:


Afterward I shot a gloss coat on this and them added the decals. I later re-coated this with another gloss:



It's getting closer....

Next I decided to paint the interior of the Ludwig Areo bus to get it ready for final assembly:


That one chair is still crooked. Note to self: Fix it.....

While decaling the P-40, I also added the decals to the Sherman mineroller tank:



And finally, I did some more of the detail pieces on the Russian Aircraft Carrier Baku:



And now a couple of these are finished. Feel free to check them out in the armor and ships sections. Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well, the last week or so, I've been getting a few small things done here and there. I feel like I'm swimming up through a strong current; I may have done a lot, but I don't really feel I got anywhere! I did find some time to airbrush, but otherwise, it's been small things here and there. You be the judge....

I'll start again with the aircraft.

I shot the yellow and Olive Drab on the P-51 after masking it all up. Here's the result:


Later I also dullcoated the P-40 after the decals dried:



I should be able to finish that one soon.....

Next up I shot the camouflage grey on the bottom of the F-102:


Later on I masked that back off to finish painting the camouflage pattern on the top. I had forgotten a whole couple sections of OD. Here it is with the Silly Putty and the new paint:


This is the result after I removed the Silly Putty. There were a few places that needed some touchup here:



Later on I touched up those areas....


.... so I could gloss this for decals. Here she is ready for decals:


While that was drying, I masked off the helicopter windscreen for paint:


Moving right along....

Recognize this?


That is the Swedish Lannsen all masked so I could paint the underside:


That was the before shot... this is the after shot:


Now all I need to do is remove that mask and then I can gloss this and decal it.

Moving on, I found my HMS Daring, a Type 42 Destroyer that I had started some time ago. I got the hull color on the hull and superstructure:



Now to find the deck color and get it painted on the decks....


Part II showing my progress on my armor is in the next post. They all won' fit here.

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Part II here.


Now for my armor....

I started out with some base coats on a few of them. The Japanese Type 89 Early got a new coat of grey that was darker. This is going to be the final color. I may modulate it a bit, but I'm moving forward on this:



I then shot the tan basecoat on the T-90:



Later, when I had the Silly Putty out for the -102; I also added it to my Japanese Type 89 Late and my T-90. Here is the Type 89:



The T-90 got some as well:


Later I shot some Russian Green on the T-90:



Getting paint into all those nooks and crannies was a challenge indeed!

Later as I was looking around, I found a Trumpeter M-113 ACAV that I;d bought for a couple bucks. When I opened the box I remembered why: it had been started and comepleted except for tracks and guns! So, I figured since I have the airbrush fired up, I'd shoot this thing so I could finish it:

Here it is sporting a coat of OD:


Here's where you can see my fix of the builder's mistake. Another reason t was a couple bucks....


After that, I tried once again to tackle the tracks on the Schturmtiger. Here you can see that the CA glue was only partially successful, albeit very weak:


I couldn't get it to glue on the curved areas. The indie track parts were also barely attached:


I took a break from that for awhile and added some decals to this. I know they were mostly unmarked, but I just couldn't see not having some German crosses on this. I think they make it look more cool:



As mentioned before, I saw this stuff at Pegasus Hobbies and decided to buy it to try on the tracks for this beastie:


They told me at Pegasus that it is designed to hold the tires to the wheels on remote control cars. I thought if it worked for that kind of vinyl, it should work for the vinyl tracks on this kit since it appeared to be the same type of rubber/vinyl.

Here was my first test:

Bottom run re-glued:


Later I taped up the curved parts of the run; added the rest of the indie links and finally glued on the top run:


The next day after it dried overnight, I checked it. These tracks were solid:


Success! Now to do the other side....

Finally I decided to have some fun. I started the Berlin House; the first step was to build the interior stairwell:


Later I assembled the whole bottom floor: dry fit and taped down the second floor so the walls glued straight; and I added the second story stairwell that I had also built:


I'll keep the second story unattached so I can open this up and paint inside. For run I might even try to add some interior detail here and there some time in the future.

Okay that completes this session of what's on my workbench. Personally I can't wait to get some of these done. With Hobby Day coming up, I plan to decal a whole lotta models so I can run them over the finish line!

That's all for now. Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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A small update here. I'll start again with my aircraft.

I shot the bottom of the Dagger again since the camo grey got messed up. Now I can decal this bird:


I also did the decals on the USAF Jetstream. These were so old they kept curling, even with the application of decal solvent. I started with the demarcation lines. Here they looked okay before they started curling:


Then I did the wing walk lines. They did not go on straight, despite my best efforts. They kept sliding on the smooth wing surface when I tried to press them down. I didn't catch that mistake until too late:


I tried to loosen that one up to adjust it but it was too firmly attached. Oh well, it is an ancient 50+year-old kit....

Here's a couple shots of the decals after I got them all applied:



You can see the curling more effectively here. I'm gonna see what I can do about that later. If I can't do anything about it, oh well; it's an ancient 50+year-old kit.......

Another ancient kit that gave me some trouble with curling decals too was the Heller Saab J-32 Lannsen. These decals behaved a little better though once I brought down the boom:


Later I dullcoated this and then removed the masking. This just needs undercarriage and gear bay doors and she'll be done:


That's all for my aircraft, now for my latest on my armor.....

Since I was decaling, I decided to finally get the decals on my USAAF re-supply vehicles. All of the vehicles have most of the decals on them. Some simply disappeared from the bumpers after I applied them and hit them with solvent:






I also added the decals for the tiny Japanese Type 89 tank....


.....and later dullcoated it:


After the dullcoat dried, I dry-brushed this with a lighter grey:


This one is getting close. Just a little further to go.

Now it was time for some painting. I shot the black lines on the T-90, but forgot to take pics before I masked the black lines with more Silly Putty:


After that I shot more green to take care of the overspray. Now this is completely camouflaged:


I also started to modulate the color on the ACAV:


Until I got to the other side and saw that square of roughness. I decided that it was time to fix that. I sanded it down even more and then applied some Mr. Surfacer 500 to the spot:


Once that dries sufficiently, I'll sand it smooth and then re-paint that side.

Finally, I started the Hobby Boss Merkava IIID (LIC). The turret was the first thing to do. I assembled almost all of it here, leaving off a lot of the breakable detail bits:


Next was the upper hull. I added all of three pieces to this:


Here it is sitting all together on the lower hull to show how it looks:


Later on when I was painting, the next thing to happen was the basecoat of Green Drab on this Merkava:


Later when that was dry, I modulated the color with an over spray of Israeli Armor Sand Grey:


And that completes my small update so far. Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's my most recent progress.

I got the landing gear on my P-40, at least the main gear. The tail wheel is missing. Then again, the whole sprue with the landing gear and doors is missing so I used the P=51 gear:


I have spare P*-51 gear to use on the P-51 so no big deal. I'm just tired of things like this sitting so close to being done and not being able to finish them! Maximum utilization of available resources!

Moving on, I also completed the assembly for the Berlin House. Now this is ready for paint:


Later on I'll add the window glass. I'm also going to add some sheet styrene behind the walls of the roof...

In my armor, I finally competed the tracks on the Schturmtiger. This beastie is ready for final weathering:



I also got the decals on the Russian T-90. Even though the instruction sheet shows no markings for this tank, I just feel that it is too naked without some kind of markings. So, I added this one to my Guards unit:



Finally, I got the decals on the Merkava IIID LIC as well:



Well, that is all I have for this small update. Enjoy!

Some of these have been completed too. Feel free to check them out in their respective Forums.

Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here it is at the end of the year and I've been trying to finish a few more models in 2017. Here is the progress I made on the last few models I worked on for this year.

First off, I added the tracks to the Japanese Type 89 early tank:


Here they are completed on the other side:


While I was working on Japanese tanks, I applied the second camouflage color to the Type 89 Late and then covered that color (once dry) with more Silly Putty. Then I shot the third color:



Later on I removed all the Silly Putty. This pattern came out better than I expected:



Moving on from that, I started to work on the body of the Ludwig Areo bus. I re-shot the cream color:



After applying the glosscoat, I tried to pinstripe this and failed pretty spectacularly:



Well, that seems to be the best I can do so it's staying that way. After that dried, I applied a wash to the grill to bring that out better:


Before that, as you can see above, I had painted the underside to get this ready for finishing:


As that was drying, I added the windows to the body and painted the luggage rack area:



And that completes my final progress for this year. Later on, I'll post those finished models I did complete, as well as my Year in Review. Stay tuned....

Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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  • 11 months later...

Well, it's been over a month and I finally have some time to post what I've gotten done in all that time.

Let's start again with my aircraft.

Some time ago I got some extra decals for my Boeing 737. I then added some decal film to them to help insure they don't break up too much. Finally, I managed to get one side on to repair the damaged ones that were already there:


That has also been clearcoated for protection, and later I'll try the other side. I was surprised at how long that decal took to loosen up!

Moving along, I did the radar dome on the night fighting Hellcat I'm building for someone:


I need to clearcoat those parts and get the decals on this model.

Moving on, I worked on my two helicopters. The Nigerian Hind was first. I assembled the main rotors first:


Then I added the landing gear and gear doors:


This is a test fit to see how it all sits. All I need is a bit of paint touch up; the ordinance and eventually, a canopy:


I also worked on my Australian HAP Tigre; getting the main rotors done and the whole thing clearcoated for decals:


Here it is with the decals on, and the canopy masking off:


Later I noticed that the little beastie wasn't sitting right; she was leaning to one side. So, I turned it over, cut one of the landing gear and added a shim to the strut. That is the white thing you see here:


Finally, this one was almost done. I added the ordinance, the main and tail rotors, and a tail wheel from another kit since this one had gotten lost; and then touched up some of the paint. All that is needed on this is the "eyeball" on top of the cockpit and the gun beneath the nose:



That completes the aircraft, now to bring it down to the ground....

To start with, I base coated the M-992:


I was going to fix the tracks some, but I'm tired of this thing sitting on the bench. I'll be hand painting the camo pattern on this later.

Next I decided to get the tracks on the Russian BREM. I started by adding some links to the drive sprocket and then cementing that on the hull, as indicated by the instructions:


After some more work, I got one run of tracks done:


One more run to do and I'll be ready to close this up and paint it.

Next I primed the Italian Lince:


After that dried, I shot it with a coat of pale OD as a base:



The back roof brace broke off, as I was sure it would, so later on when I'm almost done, I'll make a new one from styrene rod.

Next I went to work on my WWI MACK truck. First I shot the green back on the roof of the cab where I'd filled and sanded the seams:


Next, I was not happy with the looks of the tilt. I started by doing some sanding to remove some seams and then brought out my putty and filled all the seams, sink marks and gouges I'd made before:


Some time later, I got everything as smooth as I wanted:


I then gloss coated the chassis and cab for decals and shot a new Field Drab color on the tilt. It all looks much better now:



Now I just need to decal this, dullcoat it, then assemble the last detail parts and weather it and I'll have another MACK truck.

Since I was dabbling in WWI subjects, I finished painting the pattern on my WWI 8-inch artillery gun:



This just needs some weathering and it'll be done. Finally!

Since I was hand painting camouflage patterns, I decided it was time to finish the armored train engine too. I had started with the green before and now I finally got it all done:



After that, I added the brown:



This one just needs a bit of weathering also and I'll have it finished. Hopefully soon.


Moving on out to my shipyards, we find the Izumo getting some attention. I had masked off the flight deck so it was time to shoot the lighter grey:


It's almost impossible to see in those pics so you'll have to take my word for it. Here's the island after I finished painting it too:


Later the masking came off. I was extremely pleased at how well this looked:


I dry-fit the island to see how it looks:



I was most impressed with how seamless the join was on this. Excellent molding!

After that, I decided to build the lower hull. I added the sonar dome, rudders, strakes and screws to the underside. I'm still not sure I'll add this to the model, but at least it will be completed if I do:



Later on, I painted the funnels and then cemented the island down on the deck. I then added most of the detail parts to the deck and island. I left off all the tall, thin antennas and masts that would end up breaking off as I worked on this further. Now this is ready for touch up paint and clearcoat for decals:



That completes the run of progress I've gotten done so far. I hope to finish up at least four of these in the next week, and possibly another few by the end of the year. Here's hoping!

Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Small update for now, just showing the last work I got done in my attempt to finish a few more models for 2018.

First of all, I had gotten the decals on both sides of the 737, and when I tried to fix something, I gripped the fuselage in the wrong place and too hard:


Fortunately, I was able to fix it. The wrinkling however, is permanent; I had no way to avoid that or fix it so, I just have to live with it:


I had so many issues with these decals curling, all attempts to get them to lay flat failed. One side of the fuselage looks like someone's burnt face it is so wrinkled. So, since I couldn't get them to lay perfectly, I just continued on with this, clearcoating it with several more gloss coats, then installing the wings and landing gear and gear doors. "Old Burnt Face" is now completed and can be seen in the Aircraft Forums.

Moving on, I was so close to finishing the Lince armored car that I went ahead and added the wheels and re-built the roof brace:



Despite my best efforts this turned out to be quite a wonky little beast where nothing is aligned. I did manage through some finagling to get all four wheels to touch down. This one can be seen in the finished armor Forums now.

This third one is the M-992. I started the camouflage pattern on it; painting the flat black first as well as painting the tracks:



You can see I hand painted it; I was too fed up with this thing sitting on my bench to deal with Silly Putty. Maybe in the next one.

Later I painted the brown color on this to complete the camouflage pattern:



I then detail painted this and then glosscoated it; added the decals and dullcoated it. This one is now on the completed armor Forums as well.

That closes out my 2018 production line. I may get some work done on other models before the year's end but it would be so minor that I will save it all for my next year's Thread.

Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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