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Maddog Manufacturing 2017 Production Line

Mark Deliduka

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It's a new year and I'm finally getting a new Production Line Thread going for it. Right now, I'm going to be listing all the unfinished models from last year that I most want to get finished. There are several that are fairly close to being done. Hopefully this year will allow me to finish more.

Okay, let's start with my aircraft....

To start, here is number one: it's a 1/72 scale F/A-18 Hornet that has been fighting me all this time. I've had to repaint this at least four times and replace the broken tail piece five times. It's the one that is missing again....


Next is another modern aircraft that I'd forgotten about until I started cleaning up and found it. I'd started this a couple years ago and put it aside. It's time to get this finished: it's the Tamiya F-35 in 1/72 scale:


Mind you, this is only the second Tamiya aircraft I've ever built...

Next is a commission build I really need to get started on again. All I have to do is mask the lower surfaces and paint the upper camouflage pattern; then I can move on to finish it. This is the ancient Airfix Handley Page Hampden in 1/72 scale:


While we are on the subject of WWII aircraft, I also have this 1/72 scale Italeri Me-110 Zestorer to finish up. It was a gift from a friend of mine and I really should get it done:


Additional prop planes I need to finish are these next two. First up is my 1/72 scale C-118 Liftmaster for the Cargo Haulers Campaign. I don't see myself finishing this in time for that so it'll have to go into the Second Chance campaign. I'm still trying to get a smooth enough coat on it for both the white and metallic coats of paint:


She's a big one too.

Another "horse" I need to finish is this 1/72 scale B-377 airliner. I'm still trying to get a smooth coat for it too:


The last two aircraft seem to be some small and simple models but they aren't. These are my two WWI aircraft I started for my Canvas Eagles game. The Revell 1/72 scale SE-5 was almost done, but then the wings and rigging all fell apart. In addition to that, I lost one of the horizontal stabilizers:


This next one could possibly go faster if I can get the decals colored in for the lozenge pattern underneath. Otherwise this Revell 1/72 scale Fokker D-VII would be further along:


Here's one I finally got the decals on. This is my 1/72 scale ESCI F-8H Crusader:


Finally there's my Hippy Ed Tribute kit. I got the decals on this model as well. I also finally found the missing nose cone. I just haven't installed it yet:


Moving on now to my ground vehicles, I only have two right now. I put them in this one picture, but it shows my two UM Models 1/72 scale Russian Armored Trains that I still need to complete:


Next are my ships and boats....

First up on my ships and boats is this Airfix 1/72 scale RAF Rescue Launch. I just need to mask and paint this up before I can move on:


Next up is this Lindbergh kit of the President's Liner. I have a long way to go on this one:


Last ship I need to finish for the FSM Aircraft Carrier Group Build and our own Shipbuilder's Campaign is this Hobby Boss 1/700 scale Soviet Carrier Baku. I have the deck painted and clearcoated for the decals. Then after that I can add some more P/E and finish off the details:


I had an other boat to add to this but I just finished it so feel free to go check it out.

Finally, here's some things most people don't expect me to be building but I have started them anyway. These are the automobiles that have intrigued me and so I'm building them.

First is this Revell 1/24 scale Rebel Racer Corvette. I still need to get that body smoothed out and shot with another shiny red coat:


Here's another red car that I did and thankfully managed to get a nice smooth coat on this! Now all I need is to find the engine for this Revell 1/24 scale Monkeemobile:


Here's another crazy model I got from my brother's boss. It's the Revell 1/24 scale California Cruiser VW bus that I started to paint. I'm not doing the funky green color on this; rather I'm doing the white over blue color on the outside with a powder blue interior:


Finally there's a memory I'm building: the old 1/24 scale Mach 5 from Speed Racer! I got this painted white, and have done most of the interior. Time to move on with this one:


Last but not least, there is this 'horse' I also need to finish. This is the Monogram 1/72 scale Space Shuttle with Boosters. I have finally gotten a decent white on this and now I need to start masking it off and getting more detail paint on it:


Okay, that is what is currently on my workbench for the start of this year. Now let's see how many of these I can get finished!

Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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HI, Mark,


I am honored to be the first viewer of your ambitious 2017 production. I'll hold my breath as you get to some of those that reflect my model preferences. Good luck on finding your missing pieces.



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Thanks Ed! I also appreciate you posting too. I'm sure more people view this but very few post. Seeing comments like yours helps keep me motivated to work more on these. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the missing parts.


Thanks again and stay tuned!

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I have the same markings on my 1/48 Trumpeter "Viggie". I like the "Hoot Owls" logo on the tail.


Now that you've shown us the production line, we all await the final results. Good modeling sir!



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Thanks Bill! I chose those decals since this plane was a tribute build for a friend who passed away. He was doing the same plane for his Uncle who flew it in the 'Nam and so when he passed; I and several other people decided top build one of these each as a tribute to him.


Now that it's raining here, I do hope to get something completed soon. Stay tuned.

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Here's a very small update just to show I'm still building.

After hours and hours of additional sanding, I finally managed to get an acceptably smooth metallic coat on this C-118. I even shot a clear gloss coat over it to protect it now. I can finally move on with this and add the white on top:



I also move in with the Vigilante for my Hippy Ed Tribute. She got legs and a bit of a belly on her now:


Later on I managed to finish both this one and the F-8 Crusader. You can catch them in the Aircraft Forums.

Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Here's another short update showing the last five to six hours of work. I managed to get some progress done on a few of my Shelf Queens so enjoy this latest update.

To start with, I masked off the C-118 Cargo plane so I could start the white flowing:


Next, I got some Wal-Mart 96-cent can of white and shot it over the top of this model. This is the first coat; I think I'll be adding a few more coats. It's a little hard to see in this pic, but I assure you it is there:


The white came out grainy; probably because I was trying to 'mist' it on and shot from a bit too far away. I'll polish it down before adding further coats.

Next up, I masked off the Hampden to prepare it for the camouflage pattern:



I'll try to shoot that tomorrow as it got too late to fire up the compressor to airbrush it. We'll see, but at least it's ready to move on.

Finally, while I was trying to get a great coat on the Liftmaster, I figured I'd also try to get a better coat on the B-377. I sanded down all the blemishes and filler, sometimes even getting back down to the bare plastic:


Next I shot a Mr. Surfacer 1000 primer on the bare areas and buffed it smooth:


Afterward, I shot the bare metal finish on this again. In this pic; it is still wet so it is really shiny here. Because of that, some of the reflections look like blemishes, but this turned out fairly smooth this time:


Later on I went back to look at this and I did see a few very minor blemishes, but not nearly as many as I found before. I should be able to buff them out well enough to shoot a clearcoat on this later and then start decaling. By then, hopefully the C-118 will also be ready for a clearcoat and I can decal both of these at the same time. I might even get the Hampden ready for a clearcoat as well.

That's all for now. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get further along on these yet again. Until then, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, I was able to find some time to work on some more of my shelf queens so here is my latest work....



I took some time to remove the masking from the C-118 to see how things look. I was very pleased with the white cover, but a mite disappointed at the slight setback of lifted paint. Some of the Tamiya peeled off with the tape, so I'll have to re-mask this again to get the silver/aluminum coat re-shot.

It's a bit hard to see, but a close look will will show where things peeled:



While I was airbrushing, I finally shot a coat of light tan on the Hampden for the first color:


I saw the seam above and got it fixed. Later on I masked off the tan with Silly Putty to prepare for the second color:


Finally, I got the dark green shot on this:


Afterward I peeled off all the Silly Putty to see how well things look. I'm fairly pleased at how this looks now:


Now to clearcoat this and apply the decals. I did coat them with a liquid decal film before hand to prepare them for the application.

Finally while everything was drying and setting up, I pulled out the Mach 5. I painted the engine with Oily Black first:


Later on when that dried, I dry-brushed it with Steel to bring out a metallic look to this:


Now I assembled the whole interior into the body and closed it up inside with the chassis. That way, I can fix the seams on the front of this model and make it smooth and white:


The engine looks pretty good in there now:


That's all I have for now on these. Not sure when I can get back to these, but at least there's some progress done so far. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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  • 2 weeks later...

LOL! Thanks Gil! I had to scroll up and look at my pics again to see what you meant. Seeing the Hampden in Silly Putty made me laugh. Thanks for the great comment, "Samuel"!!

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Here is my latest progress I was able to do a few days during this week, as well as at Hobby Day.

I'll start out with the Speed Racer car: I shot another coat of white over it. You can see how rough that coat is so there's going to be more sanding smooth and re-coating in my future:


Now on to some of my Shelf Queens. Earlier this week I tried to shoot a new coat of Gloss Aluminum on the C-118. The paint cracked. I'm guessing I was shooting too close. It's kinda hard to see in these pics, but it's there:



So, I sanded the cracked paint smooth again and then shot another coat. Since I'd gone down to bare plastic in some places, this coat turned out blotchy:


Again, kinda hard to see in that pic; but it was very obvious in person. So, I sanded smooth again, then applied some Mr. Surfacer 1000 from the spray can. When it dried, I buffed it smooth and re-shot the Gloss Aluminum. Much better; I can move on with this now:



While I was working on my large planes, I pulled out the B-377 and applied the decals to the fuselage. What a challenge that was! They broke a lot, and also didn't fit where they were supposed to so I did the best I could. Finally, I had them more or less acceptable. It even took a few applications of Solvaset to get these to lay down right:



A few days and a clearcoat or two later, I applied the decals to the wings. Not nearly so difficult as the fuselage, but there were a few challenges. One frustration I had was the globe portion of one of the front decals disappeared. I have no idea where it went and I have nothing available to fix it so this will remain that way. Despite that, I'm thrilled with the way this looks now:


Now to shoot another clearcoat to seal everything once again and I'll be able to move on and finish this. I can't wait!

Speaking of models I can't wait to finish, I also applied the ancient Airfix decals to the HP Hampden in order to move forward on this. These took copious amounts of Solvaset to settle down well, but I'm happy with the results so far:



Now this one is ready for a clearcoat before I start the finishing on this. That makes three clearcoats I have to apply; The C-118 will need another before I'm comfortable with any further handling of that model.

Finally, I felt the urge to start something new. Simple and easy was an appealing notion as well. With that in mind, I pulled out this Hobby Boss 1/72 scale Israeli Cobra and started it. I don't have one of these yet in my Israeli forces so it was time to fill that gap:


I started with the cockpit and the exhaust shroud first. Easy stuff:


Later on after painting everything, I closed them up inside the fuselage:


Now that was set aside to dry a bit. Since I had a little more time, I started my 701st little vehicle. This is the Roden 1/72 scale FWD 3-ton ammunition carrier from WWI. I started with the Chassis:


That was pretty fiddly but looks great I think. I also got that assembled pretty fast ; much faster than I expected. I was on a roll so I kept going. Before I knew it, this little beastie was done:


I gotta say, I love the little hand crank in the front that starts the engine! This thing has a pretty funky camo pattern that will take some Silly Putty and patience to do so I'll have to wait till I have a long modeling day to work on that some more.

Until then, that's about all I have done so far in this short update. I hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for more; there's some rainy days coming that will allow me to get more done.

Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Hello everyone and welcome to my newest small update and another exciting episode of "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back"! Yes, in trying to finish these two large aircraft I'm working on, I have encountered even more setbacks. It's as if these two refuse to be completed.

Let's start with the big B-377...

I had finished re-coating this and set it aside to dry and later picked it up to start removing the window masking. That's when I found this. It's hard to see in the pic, but it is a blemish on my perfect upper fuselage from running clearcoat:


So, after masking as seen in this previous pic; I sanded this smooth and re-shot it with the now-decanted Tamiya Gloss Aluminum. I think I got it close enough to how it was before:


Finally, I felt I could move along on this. I decided to remove all the window masking to prevent my breaking the landing gear and gear doors (among other things) later on. It seemed to go pretty well at the start:


Then I got to the other side. You can see how windows 1,2 and 4 fell inside the plane. Now I have a wonderful little high-pitched rattle inside this plane! Yippee!


Well, they weren't coming out so I did the only thing I could. Out came the window making fluid and now I have new windows:


My apologies for that poor pic, I was so frustrated with those three windows!

Moving on to Episode Two of "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back", we have my efforts to fix the aluminum coat on the C-118 which cracked. As you recall, I had shot the plane thusly:



Later I peeled off the Tamiya tape and lo and behold; it pulled a little of the white off with it, despite my clearcoating efforts! Okay, no problem; I was able to hide most of it under the 'cheat line'. Still some of it remained visible:


I primed it with a brush, masked it off again using the same technique with the B-377 and then decanted some white again. Here it is ready for me to spray:


Later on after spraying a couple coats of white and clearcoat; I pulled the Tamiya tape off and was gifted with a pain free and complete finish:



Finally! Now I can move forward on this.... again! Given the difficulty I've had in the past with this and with the B-377 decals, I pulled the decals for the C-118 and applied Liquid Decal Film to them. I just don't want to take any more chances!

Time to move on....

I added the remaining clear parts to the Hampden after dipping them in Future, along with the guns that are supposed to stick out from them:



Later on, I'll be masking them, dullcoating this plane and then painting the clear parts. Maybe then I can call this thing done.

After all those frustrating issues with all these previous models; I wanted to work on something more easy and fun. I pulled out the AH-1 Cobra and completed almost all the assembly on it. Now I'm ready to mask off the canopy and start painting this:


After this, I still wanted to work on something fast and easy. I then saw my Hasegawa 1/72 scale A-37A/B kit and decided to do that since I still have no Dragonfly in my collection. I started with the 'cockpit', such as it is. Since there wasn't much (not even control sticks!) I added the pilots to give this more eye candy:


After awhile, when they were dry I painted everything:


I had also built the wings while the cockpit glue was drying:


Since this little bird needs some weight in the nose; I added some cut up fishing weights to the inside of the nose:


Later on, when everything was dry, I closed up the painted cockpit inside the fuselage; added the wings and the tail, as well as some other detail bits and finally the canopy after I dipped it in Future:

Just need to mask those windows and then this will also be ready for paint.

That's all I got done for now. I hope you like it. Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Hi, Mark,


What was the caliber of the round that went through the Dragonfly's co-pilot's chest? That was a big one! :smiley11:




Must have been a .50 caliber that was captured by the NVA... Alert the medic and crash trucks...


Yes, I'm making this an -A model with the SEA camo pattern. Once the canopy went on, that got harder to see.


Stay tuned, more to come.

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It's been a rough couple weeks, but here is what I managed to get done whenever I had the time.

I'll start with the last couple things I did on the B-377 when I finished her up. First off, the decals on the nose had all cracked, so I took some Insignia Blue and painted over as a touch up. You'll also note here one of the the decals that had cracked off and disappeared. I didn't fix that as I have no decal to match that:


I had also built the propellers and painted them up. I used Chrome Silver on the hubs just for fun:


After that is when I installed the landing gear and the gear doors. Later, I found out that this bird still didn't want to sit right. So, I had to add some more weight to the forward end of it. The best stuff I had was some birdshot my friend had given me so I first stuffed some in the forward landing gear bay:


Once that was filled, I glued it with a slightly diluted Modge Podge glue which held it fine. But it still wanted to sit on it's tail. So, I re-opened one of the popped out windows near the front, poured in some more birdshot and then followed it with some more slightly diluted glue. I stood this on it's nose the whole time and left it that way until the birdshot stayed glued. Some is still lose inside, but it's no biggie; she at least sits properly on her landing gear now. Afterward, I re-added the window using the Micro Crystal Clear window-making glue, added the propellers and called her done. Again, you can see the final model in the other Thread.

Moving on, I tried again to get some languishing projects finished. I finally started on the P/E screen for my T-14 Armata tank. It was tough; I didn't get very far:


You can see how much more needs to be done; but that took me about 45 minutes or so to do as it is. And I have one more of these to do.....

Okay, it was time to move on to something simpler. I pulled out my Soviet Carrier Baku and started to decal the deck. These are some delicate decals indeed and they don't lay down very well. However once I got started; I realized that I still needed to paint a yellow strip down one section of the deck, some of which has to be covered by decals. That put an end to this task right here:


Yes, later on I did apply some decal solvent to eliminate the silvering. The yellow stripe is now painted and I can hopefully move forward on this again. Pics forthcoming...

After this, I puttered around doing some detail stuff to the Hampden which I did not take pics of. That bird is practically done anyway; I might as well wait and post pics of the finished model.

So, with all that done, I decided to start a couple more models. One is the British Type 82 destroyer HMS Daring. I started with the main superstructure:


After that was the hanger structure:


Pretty easy compared to the main superstructure. These look good together:


They look even better on the almost completed hull:


This ship is almost ready for paint now before I detail it out.

Moving on, I started one of two projects for the Micro Modelling Month Campaign which you can follow over there as well. This one is the Hobby Boss F-15E Strike Eagle that I'm building to replace the one that was stolen back in 1996. I started, naturally; with the cockpit:


Gotta paint and decal that next. Meanwhile, I assembled the whole rear fuselage of the plane, getting it ready for the forward part to be added later:


I might even get this to the paint stage in a few days. That would be nice.

That's all I have for now, like I said; it's been a rough couple weeks. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Okay, I managed to get some things done this past week so here's my latest update. First off, all of this is work on my Micro Modeling Month campaign subjects that I'm doing on another Forums. Then I did some work on a SPAModeler's review of the Hasegawa F-14 Tomcat Dual Kit. I won't be showing that here until I complete the review so that it gets shown over there first.

I'll start with the MMM campaign models. I installed the completed cockpit inside the forward fuselage first:


Then I closed it up with some weight in the nose, just in case:


I also puttied and smooth out some seams that I had seemingly all over this model:


Just for fun, I put the two sub-assemblies together to see how this bird was coming along. Here they are dry-fit together:


Later on, I cemented the whole thing together and added the canopy after I dipped it in Future. This bird, once the canopy is masked; is ready for paint:


I also worked on my Hasegawa AH-1S Cobra for my US Army. I had a devil of a time with the cockpit decals. After 45 minutes of sitting in water; they still looked like this:


Finally, I just decided to let them dry and later on I simply cut them out with scissors and cemented them to their respective parts of the cockpit and instrument panels:




I was finally able to close this bird up:


After a few touch-ups and then some added details, I closed up the canopy on this bird as well:


After masking the canopy, this bird will also be ready for paint.

That's all I have for now on these. I also completed a commission build which is also a Modeling Resolution model that I will be posting later.

Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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  • 3 weeks later...

It's been awhile, but over the course if the last few weeks I've been able to get more done a little bit at a time. Only recently I've been able to get some airbrushing done.

Okay, let me start with some of my aircraft and helicopters.

I shot a coat of OD over my Dragonfly, only to find that one of the grid patterns on the wing root wasn't fully filled in:


So I filled it some more, sanded it, smoothed it out and then re-shot the OD green. Looks better now:


While I had the OD green out, I shot the two helicopters, first the Israeli Army one...



... and then the US Army one:



Finally, after a clearcoat I was able to apply the decals to the two Cobras:

US Army:


For the Israeli Army Cobra, I needed to remove the landing skids, so I took them off and applied the decals:


That snake decal was really hard to do. I also noticed that I need to remove that emergency triangle there. I had moved it to get the snake decal on and forgot to move it back into place.

Moving on, I also added a grey basecoat to the F-15E Strike Eagle using Euro Dark Grey first. Then I tried to modulate the color with Gunship Grey but it didn't look good. So, I tried to tone it down and blend it all with a misting of Neutral Grey. I might just have to re-do this whole plane as it doesn't look good at all:


The inside of the tail is not black; that is a shadow. This pic taken in a different locations hows that more effectively; as well as how bad the rest of this looks:


That is all I got done with my aircraft. I had also tried painting up the engine to the Monkeemobile. I'm not quite done; there's more I want to do to this:


Moving on, I had also painted my little FWD 3-ton ammo carrier when I had the OD out. Now to mask this and paint the camo pattern on this:



After that I couldn't do much more so I started a short-run Russian fuel truck from Military Wheels. First was the engine and radiator:


Next I did the upper cab, followed by the lower part:



I dry-fit these together to see how they fit. You can see now how short-run this really is:


After this I added my Mr. Surfacer 500 to this:


Gonna try sanding that later.

I started the chassis but didn't get very far at all:


Got tired of that and started the tank. It also had a rough assembly that I'll have to fix:


Oh well, it was only a $3.00 kit....

That's all I have for now, comments are welcome. Thanks for looking in.

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Short run kits with short shot pieces...lovely combo.


Make em work Duke, you always do!


The "Tweet" is looking good along with the helos. The "Mudhen" is overall gray anyway.


Quit monkeying around with the motor and get that car done.


The ammo carrier is pretty cool looking also; it should look nice when finished.



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Thanks for the compliments and motivational speech Bill! I just have a small amount left to do on that motor and then I should be able to finish my Monkeemobile. Meanwhile, I'll do my best to make everything work.


Thanks again Bill!

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