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Mark Deliduka

Maddog Manufacturing 2014 Production Line

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Happy New Year and welcome to the newest edition of Maddog Manufacturing's newest works in progress for the year 2014. I got a slightly slow start, but then I'm trying to get caught up on a couple of older models that have been sitting around for far too long. I'll start with the aircraft I've been working on.

This is my Yak 28 that I finally took down; sanded off the cracked paint until it was smooth, and then coated the whole thing with Future. After the Future dried, I shot another coat of Tamiya bare Metal Silver over this. There's still a few blemishes, but I'm sick of this thing still sitting on my workbench, so I'm moving on. Here it is all ready for decals:


Speaking of decals, I finally got up the nerve to start applying the decals to my DC-6 Super Cloudmaster. I started with the tail colored decals and then moved on to the fuselage. You can see that the nose does not want to sit down. Later I'll try to apply some decal softener to see if it'll lay down without very many wrinkles. I'm also going to see about getting that same orange color in paint to see if I can use it to touch up anything that needs it. I already do need to touch up one decal that lost a part of itself on the tail when I bumped this thing.

Here it is so far. I stopped here because I want to apply a clear coat over these before I go on. I'll probably cover this thing at least three times in clear coats before I am done:



Moving on to my armor side of the factory, we find the Stuh 42 showing more progress. I got the upper hull all finished up here:


Here is the cannon for this beastie:


Next I added the gun mount to the inside of this lower hull. The main gun will snap into this mounting here:


This is simply a 'mockup' of all the major assemblies all dry-fit together to give you an idea of how this is looking so far:


Next I pulled out my Br-86 locomotive and shot some paint on the lower chassis:



Lots of places to touch up. I later did just that, shooting into every nook and cranny I could. I then set it aside and after it was dry, I hit every patch of unpainted plastic I could see.

While that was drying I shot paint on the boiler and the cab, as well as the coal bin. After that dried, I shot some Panzer Dark Grey over parts of it to modulate the color a bit. I overdid it some so I later toned down the grey with some more black misted over it. Here is the locomotive dry fit together so you can see how it looks now that it is painted:



This is almost ready for decals and some finishing touches.

And that is the start of my New Year's model production. More to come soon. I'm trying to get as much done as I can before I start my next job on the 6th of January. Can't wait!

Meanwhile, thanks for looking in; comments are welcome.

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Guest PetrolGator

Cool train man. I love the complexity of the thing. What kit is that?

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Thanks Chris. The train is the Hobby Boss kit. They've also done a Br-52 locomotive, and a WC-360 locomotive; both of which I've also built. The Br-52 was even more complex than this Br-86. I do hope that Hobby Boss comes out with some more locomotive and other train cars (like flatcars), especially armored locomotives. We'll see.


Stay tuned for more.

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Hi, Mark,


As you might expect, I'm anxiously awaiting the finished DC-6B. You might get close enough with square bottle Testors orange paint so that a little tinting will create a match. Good luck. This is one big bare metal bird! The decals for the engine cowlings should be fun, too. :smiley14:



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My apologies guys for not responding sooner. I've been so incredibly busy lately.


Chris, I'll probably try some light weathering as I'm not real sure how to weather up a locomotive. I'll try to do something though.


Thanks Ed! I do have some of that orange from Testor's in the small bottles. I hit the loose nose decals with a Micro Sol solution and parts of it smooth out while other parts got all wrinkled. I'll have to take a pic for you. I do have a spot to touch up with the paint on the tail. As for the engine cowling decals, I'm seriously considering passing them by altogether. I don't need the hassle x4 I had with the nose one. Hey, it may not be accurate, but if my skills ain't up to it; I ain't gonna push it! I'm still undecided; I'll let you know.



Meanwhile, here's my latest update....

First off, I did get some decals on some other models I've been holding off on. I managed to fix the Yak 28 where the paint had cracked, and afterwards, I applied the decals:


Now I can clearcoat this again, then do a more satin finish before adding the landing gear and other detail parts.

Next I decaled the ancient Airfix CH-53G that I'm doing in German markings. This was an experiment that taught me something: usually I add decal film to the older decal sets especially from ESCI, Airfix and MPC. Well, this time I didn't. On all the other decals precoated with decal film (ostensibly to keep them from shattering) I had the worst time getting them to lay down and stay in place. They would always peel and curl away. Even Solvaset wouldn't lay them down.

This time, I put the decals on without the decal film and they went on like Cartograf decals! So smooth and no sign of cracking or shattering! Check it out:


It is missing the two rotor blades on the tail rotor. I'm going to keep building this until I finish it and then I'll worry about those stupid blades.

That's all I got done on my aircraft, now on to my armor. I started a number of models for a couple Group Builds and made some progress on others I had already had started. I'll begin with the ones I started for the Great War Group Build here on the IPMS USA Forums. This is for those here who have not been following it.

The first model I started was RPM's Mack AC "Bulldog" cargo truck. I didn't get many pictures of this while I was working on it; I was too wrapped up in getting it built, so here it is all mocked up where I stopped working on it:


The next model is Emhar's Mark IV "Male" tank. Incidentally, this is the first Emhar kit I've ever built. I've been breaking ground building kits from companies I've never done before such as Emhar, Attack, ModelCollect etc. Anyway, back to this little model; I started with the driver's and commander's cupola:


Next I assembled the main body; or at least the first part of it, then I added the cupola:


Then it came time to assemble the six-pound cannon and install them into the sponsons. The instructions said to glue them into place, but I wanted my guns to move. So, the first thing I did was to cut some styrene strip and glue them into place; trapping the gun inside the rotating drum:


Now they'll be able to elevate. Making them traverse was a more difficult proposition. I came up with the idea of adding some styrene strips to the sides, making them angle behind the rotating drums and gluing them into place with reinforcing pieces. Here is the start of the first one:


Here is the end result:


Now both guns traverse as well as elevate.

Moving right along, I re-started this model for the Shelf Queens Group Build on the Missing Lynx Braille Scale Forums. This is the Roden Sdkfz 4/2 rakatenwerfer. I added some of the detail parts and hatches on the main body of this thing. Then I assembled; or rather engaged in battle with the running gear on this model. After a couple setback, I finally prevailed:


Then I decided to do something easy on this model: I assembled the rocket launcher assembly:


On another Forums, I'm doing this machine gun wagon for a Group Build there. I finally got almost all the P/E on this model:


After this I realized I needed to do a base for this since I need to glue the horses to something before I could add the reigns. Gee, what to use? Hmmm.... there was a section of 1/8" thick plastic card sitting there, so I cut a section; shaped it, then added some "landscaping":


I haven't dumped the loose flocking off that yet. I should be able to get that done in a day or so. I'm so close to finishing this I can taste it!

Then I found an old JB Models L-118/M119 howitzer in a box. I knew I had already built the L-118 for my British Army, all that was left was to build the M-119 for the US Army. So I figured, Why not? Ten minutes later I had this thing all built and ready for paint:


And finally, for the Great War Group Build here on the IPMS USA Forums, I also started this Mirage V-105 German WWI torpedo boat that I'd gotten in our Distressed Kit Auction. The hull went together first, with the decks added for stability:


Then I started on the bridge:


I want to do a bit more filling and sanding before I go any further on that bridge.

That's all I have for now. Thanks all for looking in; comments are welcome.

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I don't know how you do it.


Time machine :smiley2:

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Ya got the "machine" part right! Duke is like a buildemlbot! :smiley20:


GIL :smiley16:

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Ya got the "machine" part right! Duke is like a buildemlbot! :smiley20:


GIL :smiley16:



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LOL! You guys are a scream! How do I do it? I just sit down and allow myself to get lost in the work. Hobby Days help; getting away to a Hall where I can build uninterrupted by outside issues, either alone or with fellow modelers, helps me get a lot of work done. And yes, I do sleep. Working with power tools fixing people's houses requires it if I want to keep all my fingers.

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You keep cranking them out DUKE! I'll keep admiring your work and puttering on!

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Thanks Mark! I'm doing my best. Meanwhile I'm following all your work as well.

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And now for the latest from Maddog Manufacturing. This weekend I was able to get a lot of work done at St. Crispin's Hobby Day. I'll start with the aircraft I've been working on that has been giving me a fight. This is my Yak 26 interceptor that is finally on it's landing gear:



It was still wet when these pics were taken so I've got it sitting up on a bottle until they are solid enough to hold this plane. Now for some touch up painting and then adding the armament and this will be done.

Moving along, I got a lot done on several of my armor models. To start with, I managed to get a little further along on my Morser 18. A little further along from here and I'll be able to add the little easily-breakable detail parts:


I also worked on my Japanese truck and trailer set, getting the decals on and doing some preliminary weathering. I wanted to seal the decals before dullcoating these and finishing off the weathering:



This truck set is now finished and can be seen in the Armor Forums with one other completed model. feel free to check them out after this.

Another project I was working on was my WWI Mark IV tank for the Group Build here on the IPMS USA Forums. This little beastie is all completed now; just waiting for paint:



Finally, I was able to get my Br-86 Locomotive completed. All that is left now is to touch up the paint and then I can add the decals and weathering:



I really like the interior of the cab. I just had to shoot a pic of that before I closed it all up:


Next, for a little variety; and to add to the IPMS USA Great War Group Build; I completed the assembly of my Mirage V-105 German Torpedo boat:



It's a pretty basic model; I'm not doing anything fancy to this. I'll be painting it up next.

That completes the in-progress models, I also started up two new ones. This first one is for the Modern Armor Campaign on the Modeler's Alliance Forums. It is the Fujimi Type 10 modern Japanese Tank. The plastic is so brittle and hard that I feel like I'm working on a toy. Still, it is looking pretty good so far:


Earlier in the day, I went with a friend to a local Hobby Shop where I picked up some paints and two of the new RevellAG T-90 Russian tanks. I got one to make Russian, the other will be Indian. I did get one of them started; working on the suspension and the upper hull a little, and then building the basic turret:


And that was my latest work on all my models so far. I hope you enjoyed this tour. Thanks for stopping in, comments are welcome.

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Okay, another small update. I got some extra work done on some Group Build subjects as well as made some progress on some shelf queens that have lingered too long.

Let's start with my aircraft.

This is the old MPC CH 53G that I made German. The main rotors got finished here. You can see how big they are!


Here's a mockup of the CH-53G with the main rotors on and ready for dullcoat:


Well, that's now done. You can see the finished... or rather 'finished as far as it can be right now'...pics in the Aircraft Forums.

Now on to the Armor.

I painted the Mack Truck I'm doing for the WWI Group Build. After painting it, I found out how many more pieces I have to add to it!


Next I also painted the Mark IV Male tank I'm doing for the same Group Build:


Later I clearcoated this Mark IV and then added the decals. Meet "Flypaper":



Now it's time to dullcoat this and weather it up.

Next up is my Dicker Max. I got the inside and the main hull all completed, then finished the gun assembly:


The upper fighting compartment walls are just dry-fit into place to see how this looks.

Here you can see a bit of the interior of this models:


Later on, I shot a basecoat of Panzer dark Grey:


The upper fighting compartment is still only dry-fit on top.

Now to get that one further finished.

And finally, I managed to get the Locomotive all touched up and I modulated the base coat some as well:



After that, I shot some gloss clear on the side and then applied the decals when it was dry:



The swastika under the Eagle was molded in two parts. That was interesting trying to get them to look right.

Now to shoot a dullcoat on this and find out how to weather it a bit. Then I'll be able to call it done.

And that is my weekly update for this past week. I hope to get a couple more of these done before next week as I have a couple jobs coming up and may not get to the workbench much while they are happening. Meanwhile, feel free to check out my three finished models in the Aircraft and Armor Forums.

Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Things are coming along fine on all projects. Any updates with the STUG? Was hoping to see more progress on that one. Love the detail on that kit.


Chris :Smile_sceptic:

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Thanks Chris! I managed to get a set of instructions from someone for the StuH 42 so I may be able to start that up again soon; once I get my printer running again. Meanwhile, I also found a Dragon StuG IV Late version that I'll also be starting up as well.


Stay tuned for more.

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Thanks Chris! The train has been a pretty fun model to build.

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Okay, I've had a great week this past week with plenty of time to work on my models; especially at Hobby Day. This is going to be a bit of a lengthy update, so keep all arms and legs inside the tram while it's moving and enjoy the tour!

Let's go to the Maddog Manufacturing's Hanger first.

I'll start with a model that has been sitting for awhile. This was supposed to be a simple build, but I misjudged this Eduard kit. This is the 1/72 scale L-39 that I've been working on and I just couldn't seem to get past the cockpit! Now I am, as you can see in this pic:


I'd forgotten to get a picture of it before I closed it up inside the fuselage; I was just so happy to have the cockpit done!

Here is the fuselage all closed up finally:


I've already tried test-fitting the main wings; this is gonna give me problems.

Next I decided to try and practice some bare metal finish some more. So, I pulled out this 1/72 scale Hasegawa F-86 in Japanese markings that I found in the stash. It's a simple enough kit that I hope to complete quickly so I can try again to do a good bare metal finish on it. Here is the cockpit and the main wing all assembled so far:


Next I painted the cockpit and then applied the decals:


Now that is all set aside to dry.

The next aircraft I started was a 1/72 scale Hasegawa F-4 Phantom II in Iranian markings that I got at the IPMS Nationals in Colorado. This is being done for an Out of Box Group Build on another Forums.

Naturally, I started with the cockpit, and also glued the four pieces together for the nose cone:


I then painted and decaled the cockpit of this model:



Next I assembled the rear fuselage of this plane:


Later on I'll get the cockpit closed up in the forward fuselage and put the forward and rear fuselage assemblies together.

That's all for my aircraft so far. Now lets head to the armor assembly line in the next post...

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Welcome to the second part of our tour in the armor section of Maddog Manufacturing.



I'll start out with my Mack truck that I've been trying to get done. I tried to put the roof on the cab, but found that it was too wide. No matter what I did I couldn't get that thing to fit:


So, I did some quick measurements and then started to scribe a line through the one side:


Here it is cut down to size:


After a bit of sanding and then fitting, I got this roof put in and then added some Mr. Surfacer 500 to the seams to blend everything in. It still needs to be sanded in this next pic, but I've already done that. This next pic also shows all the other detail parts that I had forgotten to add to this before I painted it:


Here it is all test fit together so you can get an idea how it is gonna look:


Next up are a couple German armor models from WWII. I'm building a StuH42 and a StuG IV for a StuG Group Build on another Forums. These are both 1/72 scale Dragon models. First up, I got the StuH 42 all completed and ready for paint. This one is sitting in my spray booth right now:


This is where I am with the StuG IV. I assembled the lower hull and the upper hull section and added the roadwheels:


This third one is a 1/72 scale Dragon Panzer IV that I started for another Group Build called German Steel on another Forums. I've had this one for awhile, so I felt it was time to finally build it. That Group Build gave me the perfect excuse to start this. Here is the lower hull with all the details added to it:



Next I built the gun and mantlet:


Parts of it are not glued into place yet.

Finally, I also assembled the upper hull for this:


I hope to get the turret done pretty soon, as well as add all the roadwheels.

Speaking of Panzer IV's, once again I found this little Airfix Panzer IV that I'd started about 2 years ago and then set aside and forgot about. Upon seeing this, I figured it was high time that I finally finished this little beastie. Here it is all finished and waiting for it's turn in the spray booth:


That would make a good comparison shot with the Dragon one when they're done; especially since the Airfix is actually in 1/76 scale.

One more WWII item is another piece of German equipment that I've had sitting for awhile. I'm tired of this thing being on my workbench so I took it out and glued all the detail bits on it. This German Morser 18 is also now sitting in the spray booth ready for paint:


Moving right along, I have been working on three modern tanks to add to my tally. Two of them are for a Modern Armor Group Build on another Forums, the third one I've been wanting to build since I got it.

Here's the first of the Modern Armor Group Build entries, the Japanese Type 10 tank. In this pic you can see that it is ready for the spray booth:


Since I was also doing the Swedish Leopard for this Modern Armor Group Build, I figured it was high time I got it going too. I started by cementing the hull together:


I added the roadwheels next to the lower hull and detailed it out a bit more:


This is the main gun after I got it built:


Next I went though one of the most convoluted systems for gluing a turret together; but I succeeded and the gun still elevates. This is a shot of the tank all together so far. I still have to add the sides of the turret to this model:


Finally, this is another of the two Revell of Germany T-90 tanks that I bought some time back. I want to make one Indian and one Russian. Earlier I started the one, here is my start on the other one. This one as the hull assembled with all the roadwheels on it and the additional armor and other detail parts as well. I also had built the basic turret on this; I still have to add the details on the turret before this is ready for paint:


The upper hull is only sitting on the lower hull right now.

Now that we've finished with the armor tour, if you look out beyond to the Maddog Manufacturing Shipyards, you'll see that the German V-105 torpedo boat has gotten its first coats of paint. I painted the lower hull first, then masked it off to paint the upper hull and upper works:


That completes my report on my latest progress on all my most recent work. Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoyed the tour. Comments are always welcome.

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I'm doing my best to emulate you Duke! I'm currently building FOUR at the same time! I still won't get them done as fast as you, but hey, I'm trying! :D



GIL :smiley16:

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That's awesome Gil! Between the two of us, we'll really fill the tables at the next Nationals!

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Well, it's been awhile and I have yet to post my progress from the previous week. Since I'll be leaving for a week and a half and may not even have internet access during that time, I'm posting this all now. Now, on with the tour....

We'll start in the Hanger where I started a new aircraft. I realized some time back that I've never built a Gloster Meteor, so when a friend at my IPMS meeting was selling some old Frog kits, I pulled out a Meteor (among others) and later on decided to get it started:


There was no cockpit to speak of in this old kit, so I put the pilot in his seat, added the seat to the floorboard and then closed everything up (including some nose weights) inside the fuselage:


I had also glued the wings together and dry-fit the tail planes on.

Next I was working on my Fujimi Japanese F-86 that I was hoping to make into a decent looking mode with potentially the smoothest BMF yet to date. I may have just given up on that, considering how difficult the fit of this beastie is. If you look closely, you can see where I had to carve out a section in the canopy rail/cockpit deck in order to fit in the pilot seat and still let this thing close properly:


On the bottom, you can see how the cockpit assembly fit cause the wing to be difficult to glue in. Here you see where I glue the rear portion of the wing assembly to the fuselage:


Once it was dry, I glue the other end so that it all fit flush. Then I moved on....

My next model was one that still gave me as much trouble. I'd never built an Eduard kit before this, but I was expecting better. Here the fuselage is all glued together and the wings are added on:


You can see how much trouble that wing root is gonna give me....

Okay, moving on to all my armor, here is the latest.

I'll start out with a little M-119 artillery piece from JB Models that I'd started some time ago. I painted the basecoat on it and saw where I still need to clean up some seam lines:


Next, I got some more progress done on one of my two Modern Armor Group Build subjects: the Swedish Leopard II. Here it is all ready for its basecoat:


Of the two models I started for that Group Build, I expected this one to give me the most trouble due to it being an over-engineered Revell of Germany kit. It has been a breeze to build compared to this other model: Fujimi's Japanese Type 10 model. Here you can see it after I primed it:


If you look closely at the above pic, you'll see two major issues that I hadn't noticed before this; until I tried to add the side skirts to this. One: the tracks and wheels stick out too far for the side skirts to go on this. Two: I had put the drive sprocket on the front instead of the back where it is supposed to go!

Okay, out comes the nippers.....

I removed all the wheels and tracks, drive sprocket and idler and switched the idler and drive sprocket to their proper places:


Next I re-attached all the wheels, making sure that this time they were far enough in to allow the side skirts to go on:


Here is the final shot of this tank ready for touch up and the rest of the camo pattern:


Maybe now I can start getting somewhere with this little tank without having to take two steps back for every one I take forward!

Speaking of taking two steps back before taking one step forward, I was putting the gun on to my gun mount on the StuG IV. Well, the way the instructions explained how to do it was not clear, so I had to rip out the gun mount assembly to rebuild it. In the process of trying to re-position the two side pieces that are supposed to trap the gun so that it elevates; I lost one side. So, after looking for 45 minutes and finding nothing, I finally said "____ it!" and started to scratch a new side piece. Here it is sitting next to the one that I still had:


It didn't need to be pretty, just functional...

Here's a shot after I rebuilt it:


Now it's holding the gun just fine:


And one final shot of this model ready for paint:


Speaking of ready for paint; I tried to also get my Dragon Panzer IV ready for paint as well. I did get all assembly done except the running gear:


That should be easy. I had also already painted the tracks for these three Dragon kits black.

Finally, I'd mentioned that I was building two T-90's; one Indian Army, one Russian Army. Here are the two sitting side-by-side ready for paint:


I did shoot a basecoat of green on the Russian T-90 here:


I haven't basecoated the Indian one yet; I still need to find an appropriate tan color to use.

Well, that's all I have so far. It will be awhile until the next update; I have alot of cleanup to do in my Hobby Room after the earthquake over the next couple days. Then I'm heading out to Florida for the funeral of a very good friend on Monday. I expect to be back in California a week and two days from Monday.

Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome and will be responded to before I leave. If I have a chance to check in while in Florida; I'll post then.

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Well, here we are with the latest update so far. All of the aircraft were done at Hobby Day this past weekend. This is a short update since all I did was get three of four aircraft to the painting stage. The fourth one is my Phantom which needs a repair to one of the ejection seats (since been completed), after which I'll add the canopy, mask it and have it ready for paint.

This first one is a Hasegawa 1/72 scale Australian Aardvark I've had sitting for far, far too long on my bench. Finally, I have the canopy on, wings installed, burner cans installed and now she's ready for paint:


Next is my ancient 1/72 scale Frog Gloster Meteor. This is the first ever Meteor I've ever built; now I have to get the WWII-era one. This will be bare metal finish:


Moving along to the first ever Eduard kit I've ever built; the 1/72 scale L-39 that will be in Iraqi markings. I finally (I hope!!) got the wing roots satisfactory enough to make this look smooth; it was real tough filling those gaps below the engine intakes:


Finally, the Iranian F-4 Phantom that needs the ejection seat fixed. Otherwise, I got the wings finished, the front fuselage/cockpit assembly is installed and the tail surfaces are on. Once I fix the ejection seat (already done) and paint the ejection seat handles; I'll be able to close up the canopy and mask it for painting:


Finally here is another look at the Pirate Ship I snapped together over my vacation, along with the sails I plan on putting on the masts. Maybe after that I just might rig it!





Well, that's all I have for this short update; hopefully this week I'll be able to get some more models done.

Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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