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Nationals Themed Group Build 1: The Great War

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Gil, Chris, you guys are really coming along well. I do like the wood color on the aircraft; I've used that technique myself for wood on some of my models. Way to go guys, these are looking good. I'm hoping to have more done on my last two projects for the Group Build today.

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Guest PetrolGator

Further water work. I've also added two 3" AA guns near the bridge. These little things were made of up FIVE bits of PE and a resin gun barrel...


I've added teased cotton for what will be under the water. What you see now is a sealed base layer with some needs of touch up due to unseen air bubbles (easy fix at this stage.)


Further work tomorrow will focus on the main turrets and launches.


Keep in mind that I will be adding spray to the model once I've finished the ship itself.







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I put a few more parts on the carriage. The part sticking out is "R38" but it doesn't look like what it ought to. It is where the traversing wheel goes. The white block inside the carriage is explained next.




And what should be on the other side of the trail is a gearbox of some sort. You can see a hint of it in the instructions, but there is no such part in the kit - not on the parts list, not anywhere. I faked it with a block of plastic.






Then I put on the breech lever. It is too long so I trimmed it down. The problem is that if I had the cradle at full elevation, the breech lever conflicts with the carriage.




Getting close now ... but probably nothing will happen for a week due to some town business.

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Guest PetrolGator
I finally have some reportable progress. I've put a lot of work into the sea base, though the plaster did, sadly, chip in a few areas. That's an easy fix, though. I'll be adding more wave caps to the surrounding sea and spray once I finish the ship herself. I've finished painting the turrets and added decals from masters given to me by the master, Jim Baumann. Jim, thank you again. I couldn't be where I am without these. One of the Northshore club members here made me the decals.

I'm hoping to get her launches fitted tomorrow and I may even throw on the crane booms. Once that's done, I'm hoping to get her crewed, railed, and rigged. I'll then finish the sea base, stain and clean up the base. Final addition will be her ensign, of course. :)

Pictures taken with my iPhone, so forgive the resolution.






Black turrets ARE really shiny due to a few layers of Future. I had to blend in the damn decals. I still need to dry brush them with a bit of German Grey to help give 'em a little more visual interest. I painted the main turret tops with a flat black, hit them with a wash, then dry brushed with the same German Grey. I'm not sure exactly what color they were, but the affect is a dark grey in person.

Comments welcome.

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John, your resourcefulness in finding out the details is making this more and more realistic looking. Way to go!


Chris, that ship is coming along. I like the technique you used to make the turrets look dark grey. Most impressive.

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Guest PetrolGator
So, I finally finished the PE on the turrets putting me at oh, only a few days behind schedule. Artist Hobby provides a VERY detailed but intense little hanger (?) for Tiger's spotting plane (sadly, not included.) I was struggling with whether or not to cover it in canvas, and ended up choosing well, partial.


Here's the structure, minus top. The PE base is incredibly detailed and fragile.


Turret sitting on the deck. Note that the back of the hanger was position a WEE too close to the aft superstructure. I'll uh, turn her to the side to keep that less obvious.


Old trick. Cover the panels in Elmer's and let dry overnight.


Here's the dried hanger canvassing. The panels left open will have Elmer's blotted at the top to simulate rolled canvas. This will be painted with ENAMEL black. Using acrylics will dissolve the glue. Note the brass showing on the barrels. Blame my tweezers. I'll touch it up once the hanger is done.


Aft turret. You can see the tick marks on the side.


Forward turrets, showing PE and weathering. I'll take clearer pictures once she's done.


Starboard side, aft view. Note the turned gun turret.

All for now. I'm hoping to have the turrets installed today. I'll need to drybrush a bit of lighter grey on the ladders to blend them, finish the hanger, and touch up paint here and there. Once that's done I'm starting work on her launches.

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Where'd you get that HUGE toothpick!? :P


Got the painting done on my two, except for touch ups...


The wings and the rudder of the Albatross are all lozenge camo, so it's a lot of decals for them! The cabanes and the gear struts are just "stuck" in place for the moment. That zig-zag blue/white pattern was a tedious thing to mask too!


GIL :smiley16:

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Guest PetrolGator

Damn, Gil. I was hoping to see you.

I took some pictures with my nice camera after I painted and installed her launches. There is, obviously, a TON of work to be done....
I left a few of the panels on the "hanger" un-canvassed. I've got little bunches of the raised canvas simulated with painted white glue as well. It's REALLY hard to see.
Forward turrets. No. 2 has the demarcation lines.
Fighting top. I REALLY need to bend all that flimsy PE into shape before rigging. I keep hitting it with my hand.
I love bow views. They always make a battleship look intimidating.
...aaand the ship in profile. I placed the main crane on... just because. It'll need some painting.
Tomorrow, I add the rest of the lifts, cranes, etc! I might even add some rail and crew!!
The end is in sight!!
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Guest PetrolGator
Small update. I've used some brass wire to create crane booms as per photographs I have of the Tiger around this time. I've also started adding Eduard crew members and some small bits here and there. Some of the figures are leaning, on account of unequal glue distribution. I'll occasionally right them while setting, but some just were stubborn. They'll be removed this afternoon and re-placed.


I'll be adding additional figures and deck bits today. Ideally, Tiger will get her crane booms fitted with stretched sprue for cable and railing. If I'm REALLY productive, I may even start the general rigging process.

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I've started adding the lozenge decals to the wings...


As you can see, the ones on the top wing have been applied in diagonal strips. The lower wings were each simply covered length wise with one decal cut to size. That bare spot on one end is not a mistake! The ailerons were covered separately and added to the wings, so the decals on the ailerons in the pic will be (and already have been) removed. Separate pieces were cut to fit them and have since been added. These "top color pattern" decals came from the spares box, so I'm not sure who's they are...but they're almost impervious to Solvaset! I doused them no fewer than TEN times over a couple of hours to get the overhanging sections to wrap down around the edges.


I'll give them until Wednesday to dry and then apply the bottom color lozenge. After that has dried, then all of the rib tapes need to be applied (despite the lack of ribs on the bottom wings!). After that, the markings decals can be applied to finish the scheme. So, there's still a fair way to go, and I haven't even tackled the rigging yet!


By the way, the Nieuport has been gloss coated and is now ready for decaling too! Cheers!


GIL :smiley16:

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Guest PetrolGator
Small though time consuming update. I've been trying to get railing on this thing. Between a brand new puppy and a frustrating PE set, well, it's on. I need to still do some work to unify some railing, but that'll be easy.

Note that I've attached some rigging to the ship. I've trailed a new way to use REALLY fine stretched sprue. It's working, so far.

Crew have been added. All that is left is clean up, rigging, finishing the base, and then the sea. My last act will be to add her colors.

I feel like this model has gone decently. There's a lot of messiness that I'm rather unhappy with. Still, she looks like a masterpiece from a distance... just won't win any shows. :big_grin:









Oh, and yeah, I lost a barrel. I'm on the hunt...

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Great work, gentlemen!




I've resigned to the fact that I've probably thrown away my PE belts for the Eduard Albatros Dr.1, so I ordered a set of seats with belts from Barracudacast. While I was there, I ordered a set of wheels, too. We'll get this bird done eventually.

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My modeling time has been about a piece a day, and I'm in no rush ....


Anyway, this is about done. Today I got the last few parts - the brakes ad the travel-lock - on and will paint them tomorrow ...






And that may do it. I know I said I'd brew-up some kit & tools for it, but frankly my interest is low ... not helped by purchasing the Resicast kit of the same gun. It is more accurate, has more detail, and a limber to boot.

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That's coming along nicely John!


Got all of the lozenge decals and rib tapes on the Albatross...


The bottom pattern decals were only slightly less brittle than the top ones. Luckily, the rib tapes performed normally, being merely tedious. Interestingly, there are NO ribs on the wings! To space the tapes I put one in the center and one on each wingtip to start. I then put one at the midpoint between each of those, and then continued "halving" spaces until it looked ok. I decided I only needed to do that half as much on the bottom wing since I was tired of applying decals by then! The chipped edges will have to be touched up with paint, as matching decals are too impervious to solvent to wrap around the edges! All that's left to be applied now are the German crosses. Then I need to figure out where all of the locator holes I drilled are, since the decals pretty well covered them up...


I also got the Nieuport decalled....


Those lozenge decals on the Albatross must be Roden products, because THESE decals were marginal at best! They're not opaque enough and also too brittle to conform to the curves easily, even on the top of the wing! Solvaset had little to no affect on them either. In fact, the stripes for the rudder performed so poorly I just peeled them off and decided to paint it! Another anomaly were the "posters" for the wings. They're very nicely printed, but printed on regular paper instead of decal paper! The real ones were "shellacked" onto the wings and I guess Roden wants you to do the same thing; and never mind the out of scale thickness to them! I cut them out and stuck 'em down using liberal coatings of Future. Also, note that the "12"s and the Hat in the Ring insignias for the fuselage are too big, even compared to their own drawings in the decal instructions! Sheesh.....


I'll be glad to get these done, hopefully by my next club meeting on the 15th.


GIL :smiley16:

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Guest PetrolGator
Update! Construction of the ship is finished. I'm going to touch up a few lengths of railing here and there (brass) and then hit her with a matte varnish to eliminate any glue spots, shininess, and bring her together. Once that's done, I'll add some more lengths of sprue between the awning supports with matte varnish, add her naval ensign, finish the water and base, then done!







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